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4H-Consumer Choices 2014 Luggage.

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1 4H-Consumer Choices 2014 Luggage

2 Why Luggage? Essential for travelling Multi-use Wide variety
Range in price

3 Things to Consider When Buying Luggage:
straps Size Weight Handles Zippers Straps Wheels/No Wheels Stitching and Hardware Durability Water resistance handle zipper wheels Cross-body strap

4 Types of Luggage: Carry-On
Typically characterized by air travel Small piece of luggage that can be taken onboard Free of charge Stowed in overhead compartment or beneath seat Cannot exceed 45 inches Weight limit—about 45 pounds Usually limited to 1 or 2 per person Best for: Light travelers Avoid baggage claim Avoid baggage fees

5 Types of Luggage: Duffel Bags
Can offer huge capacities No rigid parts and can be easily stored Light in weight Typically have several zippered pockets Cross-body strap Multi-use Best for: College students Athletes Camping/Climbing

6 Types of Luggage: Travel Packs
Internal framing Shoulder straps Built-in security Hip belts Typically compartmentalized to help with organization Best for: Adventurers Highly mobile travelers Avoiding cobblestone, stairs, or uneven terrain

7 Types of Luggage: Garment Bags
Made of flexible material—able to be folded Used to transport hanging wardrobe Suits Jackets Dresses Protect clothes from dust, dirt, and smell Best for: Business travelers Maintaining wrinkle-free clothes

8 Different Luggage for Different Occasions
Depends on the length of the trip Type of travel Business vs. Leisure Depends on the needs of the consumer Depends on the age, gender and style of the consumer Depends on physical ability Carry vs. Roll

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