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Strength and Conditioning for the College Athlete Scott Bryson.

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1 Strength and Conditioning for the College Athlete Scott Bryson

2 The Problem Not enough equipment for more than one person to use an object at one time Or the equipment isnt up to date or possibly not able to be used anymore.

3 Goal: To bring in new equipment and software to achieve better results for the student athletes. Bring in new, more up to date equipment to ensure a more pleasant and effective work out. Use new software to keep track of workouts better.

4 Equipment/Software Needed Intensity Workout app Weight lifting belt Deadlifting suite Dip Belt Crossfit equipment

5 Intensity- Workout Tool for Strength and Conditioning Description- Gives you workout programs to do like circuit training or rep based workouts such as benching and bicep curls. Keeps a log of all finished workouts to keep track of progress. Purpose- To keep tabs on your progress and to give you ideas for your workouts. Motivate you throughout your workout Cost- $1.99 Place to purchase- The app store on your smart phone

6 Weight Belt- Premium elitefts P2 6.5mm Single Prong Power Belt Description- 3 inch leather strap that goes around your waste/stomach area. Purpose- Power belt is to keep your posture correct while also providing stability while you are lifting very heavy weight. Cost- $68.75 Place to purchase- 299&pid=5853 299&pid=5853

7 Metal IPF Deadlifter Description- a tight fitting suit to assist you in deadlifting heavy weight. Purpose- To assist the athlete by helping them stand more up right while deadlifting. When you get to a certain spot you are stood more up right by how the suit fits and how tight it is. Cost- $162.50 Place to purchase- 203&pid=727 203&pid=727

8 Rouge Fitness Dip Belt Description- 3 inch wide heavy duty nylon with 4 inch wide back for comfort. Purpose- To add extra weight while doing dips to gain strength from the extra weight. Also great for pull ups for added weight for maximum performance. Cost- $49.00 Place to purchase-

9 Rouge Crossfit Training Equipment Description- Everything youll need for a starter kit for a crossfit program. Purpose- Crossfit is a new way of training to gain strength and also get conditioned. Can have different students working at different stations than can switch within a certain time. Cost- $2,725.00 Place to purchase-

10 Bibliography Page cid=203&pid=727 cid=203&pid=727

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