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Designed for the motivated High school and College Athlete.

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1 Designed for the motivated High school and College Athlete

2 Goal: We strive to enhance one’s strength training program with alternative equipment and offer added support by technology we have today. “Hence” achieving improved athletic performance.

3 The range of this training system is unique in its improvements but simple to perform. The TRX is a set of nylon straps that create body weight resistance. Simply lock the straps to any elevated fixture, pull-up bar, door, or tree branch and you can start your training! The TRX is a supplemental plan for athletes or it can be a single program for people at every level of fitness.

4 The TRX is scalable to all ability points and stages of rehabilitation. Whether it is used for the rehabilitation or avoidance of musculoskeletal injuries, the TRX can be used to train for mobility and joint stability in multiple planes of motion. Available at Cost- $200

5 Effective for both upper and lower body training. Use Superbands for assisted chin ups and dips. Provides resistance for walks, shuffles, lunges and more Use during weightlifting to overload the body and add leverage to your lifts

6 Cost $20-$50 Latex bands available in different levels of resistance. Used in Physical Therapy for rehabilitant purposes. Thera-Band® Exercise Bands Added resistance for optimal muscular hypertrophy. Available at

7 Heavy Duty 10 gauge steel with 1/4' thick feet and solid steel uprights! Breaks down easily for Quick transport or storage Pull harness is included w/superior shoulder padding for a comfortable fit not matter you size or weight you are pulling. 5 minute assembly. Only two bolts! Great for Strength Training Goals and Anaerobic Power Training Full Body Workout!!

8 Cost- Range from $200- $400 (depending on quality and size of sled) Available at

9 Offering discounted cell phone rates and plans!!

10 Cell phones now have all the power and technology of a computer in the palm of you’re hand! We need to take full advantage of this technology that we carry! We Offer discounted cell phone rates and plans!!

11 Free downloading Helpful tips and advice Exercise and Routine Data Basing for easy logs Easily create own workout routines base on built-in exercises or custom exercises.

12 Ability to setup Super- Set Exercises. Adjustable sets for each exercise. Support multiple routines. Easily switch among Bulking,Cutting,Gener al and Sport Specific routine

13 Through alternative strength training equipment and the use of the GEFIT app accomplishing one’s athletic goals can be that much easier.

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