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SPACE SUITS by: Pratik,Kaitlyn,Christie & Kritika.

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1 SPACE SUITS by: Pratik,Kaitlyn,Christie & Kritika

2 Main parts of a space suit 1.The hard upper torso covers the astronauts chest 2. Maximum absorption garnet that collects urine produced by the astronauts liquid 3.Inflatable bladders are in the suit which fills the suit with oxygen 4. From the orbiter these bladders inflate automatically and reduces cabin pressure and inflate during entry

3 Do astronauts have to were space suits in space ? They wear orange space suits for lift off and landing.They wear the white space suits when they leave the spacecraft.The rest of the time they just wear their normal clothes.

4 Safety measures of space suits Parachute pack,helmet, gloves,boots,partial-pressure suit and equipment. Life raft, secondary oxygen pack,hard upper torso,and urine collection device.Cooling systems,radiation monitors,and alarm if failure is detected.

5 Do you think space suits are comfortable? YES because it is not to hot because space is really cold so its just not too hot and not too cold. Your also protected it looks puffy so its comfy and padded. NO because it will be really itchy and it will take long to get used to.For example imagine yourself bundling up to play in the snow you have to put on many things like snow boots, glove, snow pants, scarf's, big jackets,and hats, if you have an itch you cant itch it under the layers,since the space suit is hard and bulky you cant itch it.

6 How would you make the suits better? 1.I would make it better by making it more lighter and more stronger also have built in weapons and cup holders 2.I would make the spacesuit bullet proof so that meteorites can't break through the space suit so the astronaut won't die instantly 3.I would put layer of cotton for comfort and a net to keep the cotton in place and not float around in space

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