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Ego Zlin, Ltd U Pekárny Zlín – Štípa Czech Republic

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1 Ego Zlin, Ltd U Pekárny 438 763 14 Zlín – Štípa Czech Republic

2 Biobox EBXT-06 with decontamination module

3 Utilization of Biobox EBXT - 06
For the isolation of patients with highly contagious diseases For patients with weakened immunity system (burns, bone marrow transplantation) Application in hospitals, airports, ports, boarders, crissis situations

4 Description of Biobox EBXT - 06
Biobox with inflatable tubular construction is inflated in 45 sec. Total time of building up and preparing the Biobox for use is 15 minutes Main chamber - place for patient Airlock The filter ventilation unit FVJ with HEPA filters and source of UV light

5 Advantages of the Biobox
Fast and operative realization Full protection against transfer infection Variability of use - utilization indoors and outdoors Possible decontamination after use or change isolation chamber Also available variant with solid framework

6 Air circulation Air is distributed through double ceiling
Air circulates around the doctor to the patient, then is aspirated by the biological filtration unit (BFU) BFU captures and destroys all viruses and bacteria The air in the chamber is changed every two minutes.

7 Decontamination module

8 Description of decontamintaion module
extens the biobox EBXT-06 rather the decontamintaion shower. have two independent water circles.: the one is for deposition of decontamination mixture. The sekond for their washing. The deposit is realized by 5 jets. Module is trough-way placed before the transition ckamber of biobox

9 Accessories of decontamination module
connecting collar of decontamination module kit for water distribution

10 Biobag EBV - 30

11 Utilization of Biobag EBV - 30
Transport of patients to the stationary hospital from place of event Transport of patients with highly infectious disease Protection for patients with weakened immunity Protection for rescuers and medical staff

12 Places of application Airports Hospitals Emergency cars Boarders Ports
Crises situation (infectious diseases, accidents, etc.)

13 Description of Biobag EBV - 30
Vacuum mattress (for fixation during transport) 3 large windows for observation A special hermetic zipper 4 port inputs (cannula, ventilation, monitor, infusion) 1 input to support breathing 2 pairs of rubber gloves 2 belts to fix the patient during the transport A filter ventilation unit with HEPA filter

14 Biological protective suit EBO-10

15 Description of EBO-10 Gas-tight protective suit with supply of filtered air Under suit assured overpressure automatic regulation of voluminous air flow, minimal value 120 dm3 / minute

16 Thank you for your attention

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