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Vancouver Utilities - Details

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1 Vancouver Utilities - Details
Mainframe Migration Tools to convert JCL, COBOL,& DATA General Purpose Data Utilities For Unix, Linux, or Windows Replacements for Mainframe Utilities SORT/SYNCSORT replaced by uvsort IEBGENER/IDCAMS replaced by uvcp

2 5 Parts to Conversion JCL conversion to Korn shell scripts
COBOL porting to Micro Focus Data conversion EBCDIC to ASCII VU Testing & Debugging Aids Mainframe Data Utility Replacements

3 JCL Conversion - Highlights
DDN/DSN converted to Export DDN=DSN SORT/SYNCSORT converted to ‘uvsort’ IEBGENER/IDCAMS converted to ‘uvcp’ GDG files converted to ksh functions Console logging Micro Focus COBOL animation made easy Replacements for Ditto, Dyl280, Easytrieve $RUNDATA/$RUNLIBS testing/production Laser scripts, 132 cols x 66 lines on 8½ x 11

4 Notes re Hyperlinked Samples
Hyperlinked samples begin on next slide Click hyperlinks (Red) to view sample files Returning to slide depends on your browser IE – use your back button, do not kill IE displays both PPT & HTML samples FireFox – kill the browser (X) Firefox downloads PPT to run on your desktop And honors the hyperlinks to samples on web

5 JCL Conversion Example #1
sample JCL & script (1 step COBOL) Korn shell script equivalent

6 JCL Conversion Ex#2 (SORT)
Sample SORT conversion to uvsort - original mainframe SORT step - equivalent uvsort in ksh script

7 SyncSort conversion to uvsort
Syncsort functionality at lower cost INCLUDEs,OMITs,SUMs,OUTREC,etc. Uvsort sels, dels, sums, mvcs, etc. sample INCLUDE AND/OR conditions

8 JCL Conversion #3 (GDG files)
GDG files supported by ksh functions exportgen0, exportgen1, exportgenp sample JCL & script with GDG files

9 IEBGENER & IDCAMS IEBGENER converted to ‘uvcp’
IDCAMS REPRO converted to ‘uvcp’ IEBGENER & IDCAMS JCL sample Korn shell script equivalent

10 COBOL porting to Micro Focus
Not much to do, but saves manual editing Insert EXTERNAL on select/assign stmts Translate to lower case except in quotes more modern appearance easier to edit with unix/linux editors (vi,etc) Insert detail file status test code For Micro Focus extended file status display

11 Data Conversion Translate EBCDIC to ASCII
Preserving packed/binary fields Correcting zoned signs to ASCII standards Conversion jobs generated from copybooks and LISTCAT file specs 1 script to generate all conversion jobs 1 command to convert all data files

12 Data Conversion Example
Conversions generated from copybooks Sample copybook (citytax1.cpy) CobMap record layout from copybook Sample cobmap ( Data conversion job (uvcopy) Sample uvcopy data conversion (citytax1.uv)

13 Data File specs from LISTCAT
LISTCAT info completes conversions added to copybook/cobmap/uvcopy job Data filename, file type, Indexed keys Sample LISTCAT & extracted control file uvcopy job completed by control file

14 Converting files for RDBMS
Convert data to pipe delimited text files Packed/binary fields edited signs & decimals Packed/binary fields unpacked & edited Conversion jobs auto-gen’d from copybooks SQL loader control file also generated Sample pipe delimited output file Sample uvcopy job to perform pipe delimit Sample loader control file

15 Conversion Directories
For JCL,COBOL,& Data conversions Conversion Libraries Data directories for testing or production sample test data subdirs

16 Scripts convert All JCL/COBOL/DATA
jcl2ksh5A – convert All JCL to ksh cnvMF5A – convert all COBOL to Micro Focus gencnvC - generate all Data conversion jobs uvcopyxx pfx2/* - execute all data convert jobs

17 Scripts to convert 1 JCL/COBOL/DataFile
jcl2ksh51 – convert 1 JCL to ksh cnvMF51 – convert 1 program to MicroFocus gencnvB – convert 1 datafile to ASCII genpipeA – convert 1 file to pipe-delimited uvcopy pfx3/datafilename – execute 1 conversion job

18 Testing & Debugging Aids
uvhd & uvhdcob – data file investigation Browse, search, update, print, etc uvhd – sample EBCDIC file display uvhd dat1ebc/custmas1 r256s3a uvhd – sample ASCII file display uvhd dat2asc/custmas1 r256s3 uvhdcob – sample record display uvhdcob dat2asc/custmas1 maps/custmas1

19 COBOL Cross-References
xcobcall1 – list called programs in each program xcobcall2 – crossref programs calling any 1 program xcobcopy1 – list copybooks in each program xcobcopy2 – crossref programs using any 1 copybook - please see xcobcopy2 (most useful cross-reference) cobfiles - COBOL files report organization, access, open-mode, recsize, copybook,

20 JCL Cross-References xjkshfile1 – list datafiles in each JCL/script
xjkshfile2 – crossref programs using any 1 datafile xjkshprog1 – list programs in each JCL/script xjkshprog2 – crossref JCL/scripts using any 1 program Jobflow reports – generated from JCL+COBOL Show file I/O from step to step in multi-step jobs Sample jobflow report

21 Converting DYL280 to uv… Sample#1 – file init (write 1 blank/zero rec)
Mainframe DYL280 code Equivalent uvcp Equivalent uvcopy Sample#2 – add records to an indexed file

22 Pre-Programmed uvcopy jobs
table2 – table summaries by arguments Table entries limited only by memory Table dumped at EOF in argument sequence Percentages on every line of 100% total line Sample input data file Sample table summary report Operating instructions & console displays uvcopy job equivalent

23 Replacements for Mainframe Utilities
(Dyl280,Easytrieve,QuikJob,Ditto,etc) uvqrpg – Report Generator up to 8 control break fields & total levels up to 100 accumulators per level built in sort Sample input file Sample output report Sample uvqrpg code

24 End of Conversion Details
Thank You for your interest in the Vancouver Utilities for Mainframe Conversion Also see Conversion Overview at: Return to UV Software Home-Page:

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