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USM Oracle/PeopleSoft MidAtlantic Regional Conference Gettysburg College – June 2, 2009.

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1 USM Oracle/PeopleSoft MidAtlantic Regional Conference Gettysburg College – June 2, 2009

2 Enterprise Business Systems Coordinator Salisbury University Provide inter-departmental analytical support for all Student Administration areas Liaison between end users and developers Provide end user training for University staff, faculty and students

3 University System of Maryland affiliate located on Marylands Eastern Shore 4 academic schools housing 43 undergraduate/5 post baccalaureate certificate/13 graduate programs Approximately 8,000 student, 1,500 faculty and staff SU implemented PS HRSA and Financials v8 beginning with HR and Admissions in 2002, finishing with CR in 2004. SU currently uses Financials v8.9 and CS and HRMS v9. Financials upgrade occurred during the Summer of 2006. CS and HRMS upgrades occurred in December of 2007.

4 Rumors Mass Change is going away! Realities Oracle has no timeline or plan for its discontinuation Similar to Query Manager, Mass Change is a powerful tool for generating sql code and interacting directly with the Oracle/PeopleSoft tables. Mass Change can be used with other delivered engine processes or by itself

5 Just the Basics This presentation covers only a very basic introduction to Mass Change, why you might want to consider using it, its component pieces, setup and operation. The focus is on two simple from scratch examples (no delivered scripts, no groups, no complex join conditions or operations, etc.).

6 Mass Change processes … can be used in place of invasive system modifications or projects can be used to change or correct one or many table values online and without the use of behind the scene sql scripts require little or no attention during patches and fixes installations, and/or upgrades

7 Mass Change process … missteps can be deadly, especially for trigger- happy users settings/runs involve several page and tab navigations settings are not validated results must be validated by query (no companion reports)

8 Grade Roster Access (Instructor) Clearing Schedule of Classes LMS fields Clearing Student Groups Deleting individual or multiple table entries in preparation for ID Deletion Assigning Deans List and/or Latin Honor markers Populating graduation/degree GPAs for new graduates

9 Preliminary Research - should any other table changes be made as a direct result Trial Build - use a test environment for the initial process build Test - both the process and any/all online processing that depends upon the changes Involve a Developer - for research and build Move/Copy To Production – when the process is perfect

10 Types - define records and actions Templates - define selection fields Permission List Security Definitions – define selection criteria Prompt Records – most closely associated with Definitions Groups – one or more Definitions

11 SU instructors grade online - graded rosters are approved by instructors, posted by Registrars office SU schedule of classes build is decentralized across more than 20 academic departments where Instructor Access is not always coded with a consistent Approve

12 Set Instructor Access to Approve

13 Main Menu > PeopleTools > Mass Changes > Types

14 Define Records/Tables and Actions

15 Define Actions/add custom SQL

16 Main Menu > PeopleTools > Mass Changes > Templates

17 Select/define Criteria

18 Add Template to Users Perm List Main Menu > PeopleTools > Security > Permissions and Roles > Permission Lists

19 Main Menu > PeopleTools > Mass Changes > Definitions


21 Generate SQL

22 Define/link Prompt Records Main Menu > PeopleTools > Mass Changes > Prompt Records

23 Main Menu > PeopleTools > Administration > Translate Values Values defined within the translate table will automatically become visible in the Translate Mass Change View (XLAT_MC_VW)

24 Main Menu > PeopleTools > Mass Changes > Process Mass Change


26 SU frequently uses Student Groups for mass transcript generation and enrollment appointment purposes After use, Student Group data is considered useless Although CS delivers a mechanism for inactivating Student Group members in mass, no process for removing members exists















41 Ross Leisten Enterprise Business Systems Coordinator Information Technology Salisbury University/Maryland

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