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OVERVIEW Two major initiatives Published Catalog Automated Graduation Certification.

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1 OVERVIEW Two major initiatives Published Catalog Automated Graduation Certification

2 OVERVIEW Multiple components Multiple projects Stand alone Overlapping


4 PHILOSOPHY Systematic Approach Management Style Consistency Transparency

5 PHILOSOPHY Intentional Evaluation Process Scoping Sessions Comparison Review Peer and State Institutions

6 PHILOSOPHY Deliberate Collaboration Process Focus groups Associate Deans Advisory Committee Implementation Team

7 PHILOSOPHY Phase Approach Detail Level Implementation Plans Focus on goals and outcomes Transition stages

8 PHILOSOPHY Strategic Communication Focus on Stakeholders Overlap Population – Student, Staff, Faculty

9 PHILOSOPHY Resolution process Use of Parking-lot concept Resolution process Movement to Registrar


11 Published Catalog Initiative

12 Charge

13 Transition the management of the business process from the Marketing Office to the Office of the Registrar.

14 Phases

15 I.Phase I Business as Usual2012-2013 II.Phase II Adjust ProcessFall 2013 III.Phase IIIFit Gap ReviewFall 2014 IV.Phase IVTechnical Writing ReviewFall 2014

16 Phase I - Business as Usual Complete

17 OUTCOMES Catalog published on March 1 Cosmetic application PDF/Word option available Established an advisory committee Prepared for Phase II Undergraduate vs. Graduate

18 Phase II – Adjustment Stage In Progress

19 Expected Outcome

20 AUDIENCE FOCUS Multimedia Users – Web, PDF/Word/Print, and Mobile High School – Students, Parents and High School Counselors Prospective – Recruits, Comparison Shoppers, Parents and CU Denver Admissions Team, Admitted Students – Students, Parents, Orientation, Registrars Office, Advising Units, and Other Administrative Office Current Students - Students, Parents, Registrars Office, Advising Units and Other Administrative Office Graduating Students - Students, Parents, Registrars Office, Advising Units and Other Administrative Office Alumni – Former Students and Comparison Shoppers Advising Units Staff and Faculty

21 GENERAL GUIDELINES The Office of the Registrar aligns with the University assumption that the published catalog is considered a student contract. Policy Graduation Requirements

22 CATALOG EDITOR ROLE Coordinates editing process and serves as point-of-contact and approver for school/college, department or program Two levels identified General Policy/Graduation Requirements Appointment Required

23 FUNTIONALITY STANDARDS Security Access Navigation Limitation – Linking to external websites, PDF uploading, Multimedia capability, and Mobile App

24 TEMPLATES STANDARDS Table of Contents Academic Policy Graduation Requirements Program Requirements College/School General Information

25 Timeline


27 Next Steps

28 I.Implement the new business process II.Identify Catalog Editors i.Appointment Process a.General b.Policy/Graduation Requirements

29 III.Develop Academic Policy section IV.Develop Graduation Requirement section V.Develop new sections Faculty Newly Admitted Students Transfer Students Prospective Students International Students

30 V.Roll out Communication Plan VI.Catalog Editor Training i.Coordinated dates and open workshops ii.General iii.Specialized a.Policy b.Program degree requirements

31 Questions

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