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GET THE FACS Faculty Automated Contract System. Becky Mundschenk Senior Application Developer/Analyst Wim Bosma ImageNow Systems.

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1 GET THE FACS Faculty Automated Contract System

2 Becky Mundschenk Senior Application Developer/Analyst Wim Bosma ImageNow Systems Cindy Lyons Assistant Budget Director PRESENTED BY

3 AGENDA Introduction to FACS Project Overview System Highlights Benefits Summary Questions AGENDA


5 TOWSON UNIVERSITY PROFILE Public University near Baltimore, MD Approximately 22,000 students 848 full-time faculty and 795 part-time faculty 1,357 full-time staff and 471 part-time staff 7 colleges and 64 academic departments 64 undergraduate majors and 50 graduate programs TOWSON UNIVERSITY PROFILE

6 ADJUNCT CONTRACT PROCESS Approximately 6,000 contracts prepared and processed each year Stages of approval and processing – Appointee > Chair > Dean > Provost Budget > Human Resources > Payroll ADJUNCT CONTRACT PROCESS

7 PROCESSING BEFORE FACS High volume of paper documents Contract delivery by US and interoffice mail Weeks from initiation to payroll complete Labor intensive No way to validate information High risk for errors and misplaced contracts PROCESSING BEFORE FACS

8 Duplicate effort and data in colleges and administrative offices Delay in processing contract cancellations Contracts not secured until manually scanned into ImageNow No reliable method for tracking contracts and reconciling payments PROCESSING BEFORE FACS

9 FACS PROJECT Timeline – Completed in 8 months Design and Development – Accomplished by a team of experienced technical staff Testing and Training – Successful collaboration among Academic Departments, Chairs, Deans, Provost Budget, Human Resources and Payroll Implementation – System enthusiastically adopted by the majority of users FACS PROJECT

10 FACS PROCESSING Appointee selection Appointee provisioning Contract creation in PeopleSoft Appointee acceptance PDF sent to ImageNow Dept Chair approval College Dean approval PBO approval HR processing Payroll processing Start End FACS PROCESSING

11 FACS TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS PeopleSoft Bolt-On System Custom Components for Contract Creation, Processing, Tracking, Security and Printing XML Publisher Templates generate Contracts in PDF form Contract content stored in a table of text fields ImageNow for Workflow Approvals and Document Storage PeopleSoft Queries for Data Review FACS TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS









20 CONTRACT TEMPLATES Template Types – Adjunct Faculty – Offload – Per Student – Summer – Minimester – Special Summer Minimester CONTRACT TEMPLATES


22 IMAGENOW WORKFLOW ImageNow Mail Agent captures and indexes contracts from PeopleSoft Routing rules move Workflow documents to the appropriate Approvers E-Mail notifications are sent to Approvers when contracts are available for approval

23 IMAGENOW WORKFLOW Grants Office, Department Chairs, Deans, and Provost Budget Office approve or reject documents ImageNow iScripts are used to update PeopleSoft with the current contract status and capture the history of status changes by approvers




27 MULTIPLE CONTRACT APPROVAL PeopleSoft Query Route Multiple Contracts Simultaneously

28 CONTRACT PROCESSING Departments create and void contracts Provost Budget Office reviews contract data, adjusts the funding source and processes cancellations Human Resources uses contract to enter or update job information Payroll uses contract for payment processing CONTRACT PROCESSING



31 FACS SECURITY Combination of delivered and custom roles, permission lists and department security. Custom Department Security maintained by Provost Budget Office Coordination of security changes between PeopleSoft and ImageNow done by Provost Budget Office FACS SECURITY



34 OTHER FACS FEATURES Automated Email Notification for Appointee contract acceptance Automated uploading to ImageNow for workflow and document storage “Opt Out” option for Appointee contract acceptance via paper form Printable PDF contract for Appointee and Departments Data capture of Appointee citizenship, education and other employment Custom queries for reviewing contract data by department, college, contract status and other criteria OTHER FACS FEATURES

35 FACS BENEFITS No paper required Secure system Only takes seconds to create a contract Electronic approvals Document immediately stored in ImageNow Processing from contract initiation to completion possible in 3 days Contract status is visible and trackable Instant cancellations

36 FACS BENEFITS Data stored in central location Queries can be used to review multiple contracts at a glance Data available for analysis of workload, enrollments, dual employment, teaching credentials, US citizenship and contract duplication Departments can reconcile contracts created to verify all have been entered


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