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Energy-efficient Skirting Board Heating

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1 Energy-efficient Skirting Board Heating
Your Logo Here Energy-efficient Skirting Board Heating Bob Squirrell, Managing Director, Technology Marketing Management Representing Climaboard® from Frog srl on an International basis.

2 Titania Café, Pafos

3 At the Office

4 In the bedroom

5 Climaboard® in Church Protecting precious frescos and tapestries

6 Energy-efficient Skirting Heating
Efficient heat delivery – 100% Highly responsive – 1.0 Even heat distribution Unobtrusive Retrofittable Works with gas, oil, heat pumps (or just electricity)

7 “Like the gentle warmth of the sun”
Great feeling of comfort at low average temperature No hot or cold spots Heats from the lowest point upwards Doesn’t deplete oxygen in the room No “hot foot” syndrome

8 Quick and Efficient Control
Rapid warm up only .266 litres/metre of water doesn’t need to heat the floor slab It’s its own heat distribution system no pipes to hide heats the room, not the ceiling

9 Easily retro-fitted Uses standard 15mm components
Fit to radiator provisions Surface mount where no provisions No need to replace floor Electrical resistance version needs no boiler

10 The Coanda Effect - Columbia Encyclopedia
Named after its discover, Romanian aerodynamicist Henri-Marie Coanda ( ) “Coanda effect or wall-attachment effect, the tendency of a moving fluid, either liquid or gas, to attach itself to a surface and flow along it. As a fluid moves across a surface a certain amount of friction (called “skin friction”) occurs between the fluid and the surface, which tends to slow the moving fluid. This resistance to the flow of the fluid pulls the fluid towards the surface, causing it stick to the surface.” - Columbia Encyclopedia

11 The Coanda Effect - applied
Fit skirting to exterior walls Warms and dries the wall Forms insulating layer Heat radiates from the walls Warmed air circulates Works well even on badly insulated walls!

12 No Hot or Cold Spots

13 How does it compare to radiators?

14 How does it compare to UFH?
Quicker response No slab to warm up (or cool down!) Much less water to warm More even temperature distribution Can use with real wood floors No problems with carpet underlay Easily retrofitted Easier to install, repair or modify

15 How does it compare to other skirting systems?
Highest output in a compact system, about twice the power of Thermaskirt (ΔT=50K of W/metre) Needs less Runs more efficiently Uses standard 15mm copper piping Water only ever in contact with copper A standard plumbing solution for every situation Aluminium fins warm the air internally Lower surface temperature - <43oC at 80oC Flow Flexible mounting of components Less noise

16 Cut-away Section Shows pipes, fins, backplate, top profile, mounting clips and front panel

17 Connecting sections Use standard solder, push-fit, compression or press-fit connectors (must be less than 23 mm OD) e.g. Cuprofit (details)

18 Connecting at corners Use 2 x elbow with appropriate connectors

19 Connecting flow to return
Use “U” connector with choice of solder, push-fit, compression or press-fit connectors

20 Neater Corners Use for internal or for external corners

21 Ending runs Use ready-made RH and LH end pieces

22 Electrical Inserts 200 W/meter
Use where wet systems are just not possible

23 Other colours available
RAL colours Special Colours Wood Effect

24 How much will I need? Method 1
What room volume? What insulation standard? What heating method? What water temperature? Minimum local temperature? Estimate with Excel Calculator (Available on request)

25 How much will I need? Method 2
Assume approx 20cms per M3 Typically about 2 walls out of four (for very large rooms, use method 1) Apply wherever possible to exterior walls 2 walls on corner rooms Minimum 1 on others For aesthetics use empty Climaboard® for the remaining wall space

26 Example layout from central manifold

27 Provisioning from Scratch
Laying the pipes Pictures courtesy of Leaf Buildings, Athens.

28 Provisioning from Scratch
Siting flow and return at room corner

29 A DIY Refurb project Use of under-floor board space for services
Hep2o plastic pipe and fittings Cuprofit slimline connectors Thermally-actuated valve Wireless thermostat Controller in adjacent room

30 A DIY Refurb project Thermally-actuated system
Danfoss TWA-A actuator ( RA-FN valve (Pulsar Direct)

31 Specifications Materials
Polypropylene (PP) backplate, 15 mm copper pipe, heating grade aluminium fins and extrusions Dimensions Height 140mm, width 30mm Water capacity 0.266 litres/metre Average water flow 0.133 litres/second Air in transit 0.133 l/s DeltaT=50K (tested to EN442-1 & EN442-2 at Politecnico di Milano 27/03/2002) Thermal output of the tested model: 1834 W (229.25W/metre) Maximum length per single circuit 40 metres Source of heat energy Any

32 Availability Call Technology Marketing Management +44 208 144 9597 or

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