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Jayridzuan bin JaafarSW 08 Mohamad Afiq bin Mohd Sani SN 085801 Muhammad Al Aziim Bin Mohd AzharSN 086572 Mohd Isa Bin MohamadSN 090886.

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1 Jayridzuan bin JaafarSW 08 Mohamad Afiq bin Mohd Sani SN 085801 Muhammad Al Aziim Bin Mohd AzharSN 086572 Mohd Isa Bin MohamadSN 090886

2 Cyber Café owned by Wirajaya Sdn. Bhd. Existing – only have ground floor (Gaming) New – add one floor above (Business) Project Background

3 Identify and investigate the structure of the Wirajaya Cyber Café areas. Determine and prioritize the Wirajaya Cyber Café business goals. Identify technical requirements of the Wirajaya Cyber Café network. Identify the cost for a new network or network upgrading of the Wirajaya Cyber Café. Investigate Network Monitoring Software of Wirajaya Cyber Café. Design logical and physical network diagram of Wirajaya Cyber Café. Objective

4 To have an efficient and high performance network system on both floors Overcome network system weakness -frequency of downtime network -Slow response time Average Room Size: 30x25 Connection type: Wired Location: Ground Floor Scope

5 Potential end users Analysis USER LIST NUMBER OF USER & NUMBER OF PC APPLICATION Ground Floor Customer 30Games Cashier 1Cashier Software First Floor Customer 10 Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Cashier 1Cashier Software

6 Diagram of Relationship IT Maintenance Cashier Customer

7 Business Goals: 1.Reduce operating cost 2.Improve Communication 3.Offer better customer support 4.Provide more Security Prioritizing Business Goals Priority (%) Reduce operating cost 30 Improve Communications 20 Offer better customer support 25 Security 15 TOTAL 100

8 Ground Floor Network Devices: 2 TP-Link 16-Gigabit Easy Smart Switch (TL-SG1016DE) Dlink Modem Cabling matters: CAT5e UTP cable Hardware: PC: Acer Printer: Canon Laser Shot LBP6000 CPU Model: 30 CPUs (Intel® Core2 Quad Q6600 CPU 2.4Ghz) Tables: 31 Chairs: 31 Technical Requirements (Existing Network)

9 Network services and network applications: Network service : Streamyx Network Applications: Email Internet Explorer Microsoft Word 2007 Microsoft Excel 2007 Adobe Reader Network services and network applications provided by the company: Network service: Streamyx Internet Service Provider(ISP): TMnet Technical Requirements (Existing Network)

10 Newly Added Network devices: 150Mbps Wireless Range Extender TL-WA730RE 300 Mbps Wireless and Router TL-WR941ND Hardware: PC: HP CPU: 11CPUs(HP Pavillion P6-2420I PC Series 20 Desktop Computer Black) with supported Network Card Printer: 2 HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 6525 e-All-in-One Printer Furniture: Computer Desk: 11 Table: 2 Chair: 11 Technical Requirements (New Network)

11 ItemQuantityPrice(RM)Total(RM) HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 6525 e –All in-One Printer 2599.001198.00 300Mbps Wireless N Router TL-WR941ND 1119.00 150Mbps Wireless Range Extender TL- WA730RE 168.00 HP Pavilion p6-2420I PC Series 20 Desktop Computer Black 111338.0014718.00 Computer Desk 1150.00550.00 Chair 1125.00275.00 Table 230.0060.00 Total(RM) 16988 Budget

12 OpManager Network Monitor Best Feature of OpManager Network Monitor: Monitor availability and performance, analyze traffic usage and manage configurations for routers, switches, firewalls, WAN accelerators, wireless access points. Monitor server virtualization; Supports VMware and Hyper-V: Monitors over 100 deep performance metrics by leveraging VMwares API and WMI. A live graphical representation of your complete network diagram that helps you quickly spot network performance bottlenecks. Manage your network easily with industry standard management protocols. Zero consultation required to get it up and running. Network Monitoring Software

13 SANS Analyst Program Best feature of SANS Analyst Program: Develop an intelligent monitoring landscape. Plan for diversity. Include encrypted trafc. Distribute monitoring. Optimize network trafc. Centralize management. Network Monitoring Software

14 Decided SNMP Tool: OpManager Network Monitor Reasons: customizable dashboard gives an immediate snapshot of complete network health and devices that need your attention Provide the real flexibility and insights need to manage the network. For SANS Analyst Program : Most switches cannot feasibly support more than one or two SPAN ports, which in many cases may not be adequate to gather all the required subnet trafc in a large environment. Trying to scan more than two SPAN ports makes these systems unreasonably slow and negatively impacts, or even shuts down, the trafc ow. Comparison

15 Network Diagram (Logical) CURRENT

16 Network Diagram (Logical) NEW

17 Network Diagram (Physical) CURRENT

18 Network Diagram (Physical) NEW

19 As a conclusion, our group has gained experience and knowledge in designing the network and satisfied with the suggestion of new upgraded network design for the Wirajaya cyber café. This project also helps us to increase our knowledge and understanding on how to implement a new network design. Other than that we also learnt ways to design a new and better network. This project also shows us the problems that can occur in a network and how to overcome it. To be good in design a network or become an officer in network company are highly knowledgeable on network and we are really wanted to work in networking field in the future. We hope this project could give a good start for us to begin pursuit a career in network analysis and design knowledge. Conclusion

20 Pictures



23 1 st Floor (New)

24 Q & A

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