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1 The Materials are: Reading : Advertisement : Blue Café Intensifier Vocabulary Writing.

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1 1 The Materials are: Reading : Advertisement : Blue Café Intensifier Vocabulary Writing

2 2 BLUE The Café of Cilandak Great Star Band Playing COUNTRY& WESTERN Every Thursday Night and Sunday Afternoon Buy one glass of Blue Ginger Squash and get one free valid throughout the night or afternoon LUNCH 25% off Try our beef-steak & short rib Cilandak Golf Jl. Raya Arteri Cilandak Telp. 744 1862 – 744 1863 Open Until Midnight

3 3 1.Why do people go to BLUE café? listen to country music and play golf have lunch and play squash drink the ginger squash eat beef-steak and beef burger

4 4 2.Which statement is false according to the text? a.We can listen to Great Star Band on Thursday night. b.We can listen to Western songs on Sunday morning. c.We can get beef-steak as BLUE cafe special menu. d.We can get 2 glasses of soft drink by paying for one glass only.

5 5 3.LUNCH 25% off. What does it mean? a.The lunch menu is reduced in 25 plates. b.The lunch price is reduced from the fixed price. c.25 waiters are out of lunch. d.25 dishes are served for the guests.

6 6 4.How many times the customers can enjoy the band while they are eating? a.Once a week. b.Every weekend. c.Twice a week. d.All nights.

7 7 5.What time does the café close? a.At noon b.At 6 c.At 11 pm d.At 24

8 8 INTENSIFIER Definition Intensifier kata yang digunakan untuk menguatkan arti kata sifat (adjective) dan kata keterangan (adverb). Kinds of Intensifiers enough; very; too; quite; rather

9 9 Explanation A.enough Berarti cukup dan ditempatkan sesudah kata sifat (adjective) atau adverb. This clothe is clean enough to go to the mosque. Selma isnt old enough to live alone. Have you taken enough fruits for your family?

10 10 B.very Digunakan untuk menguatkan arti: Di depan adjective Tina is very smart. Di depan adjective + Noun Mr. Suryo is a very discipline principle. Di depan adverb My mom always takes care of us carefully.

11 11 C.too Artinya terlalu dan ditempatkan di depan kata sifat (adj) atau kata keterangan (adv) untuk menunjukkan more than is desirable (melebihi dari yang diinginkan) Dito is still too young to work in a company. The car is too expensive for us. The situation in that room was too dark for us to see the robber clearly.

12 12 D.quite artinya sungguh dan digunakan di depan kata sifat, kata keterangan, dan kata kerja yang bersifat positif. His sister is quite nice to us. She speaks quite clearly. I am quite clever in Math, but Geometry is not my best.

13 13 E.rather Berarti agak dan digunakan dengan negative words dan menunjukkan negative idea. This movie is rather boring. I had better have some fresh air outside. The test was rather complicated. I could not finish it well. She is quite smart but rather arrogant. This house is quite good but rather expensive.

14 14 1.Mother: Have you prepared all the things, honey? Yuni: Yes, Mom. But we dont have … sugar. Mother: Dont worry. Ive bought it. a.too b.enough c.many d.quite

15 15 2.Father: Well, your new car looks good. Son: Thanks. It runs well but … noisy. a.too b.rather c.enough d.quite

16 16 3.Lara: Why dont you eat your soup? Revi: I cant eat the soup. It is … hot. a.too b.enough c.much d.quite

17 17 4.Wati: Where do you live, Ifa? Ifa: I live in Pekayon, Bekasi. Wati: Is it your own house? Ifa: No. I rent it. I dont have … money to buy a house. a.too b.enough c.many d.quite

18 18 5.My sister Andy is … smart but she is rather lazy. a.not b.enough c.rather d.quite

19 19 V o c a b u l a r y

20 20 1.Atik: What else do we need? Iwan: Two litters of rice. Atik: Okay. Lets go to the …. grocer b.fishmonger. c.chemistry d.grocer

21 21 2.Tina: What can I do for you, Mom? Mother: Go to the … and get me some aspirin. Ive got a headache. a.bookstore b.drugstore c.chemistry d.grocer

22 22 3.They want to make some soup but they dont have any meat. They have to go to the …. a.cashier b.fishmonger c.butcher

23 23 4.We can get a lot of … and some … at the greengrocery. a.salt – sugar b.mutton – beef c.tomatoes – oranges – tea

24 24 5.Ita: Okay. We still have to buy some squids and prawn. Lets go to the ….! Rudi: Its over there! a.butcher b.fishmonger c.chemistry store

25 25 6.In the supermarket the price is …. We cannot bargain. a.expensive c.fixed d.low

26 26 W r i t i n g

27 27 1.A. It slowly walked to the open air. B. A little deer came from a thick bush. C. Fortunately, it could jump and quickly ran away. D. Suddenly a tiger burst from another bush to attack the deer. a.ABDC b.BCAD c.BADC d.BACD

28 28 2.A. How do you feel? B. Would you like any help? C. Well, do you usually get injection? D. My stomach ached all night. I couldnt sleep. E. Yes, doctor. Ive got stomachache. F. No. Please give me some medicine instead. a.ADBECF b.BEAFCD c.BEADCF d.BEADFC

29 29 3.A. Sewing the complete dress. B. Making pattern. C. Placing the pattern on the fabric. D. Cutting the fabric. E. Observing the picture of dresses in the fashion book. a.BEADC b.EBCDA c.EBCAD d.ECBDA

30 30 4.A. First of all, young people from the villages are looking for better jobs in the city. B. Secondly, many people think that the city is more interesting than the village one. C. There are more theaters, parks, shops in the city. D. Because they are jobless. E. Why are so many people moving into the city? F. There are two reasons.


32 32 5.A. Yes. Wed like two bowls of tail soup. B. Anything else, Sir. C. Certainly. What about the drink? D. Good morning!. Are you ready to order? E. I think. Thats all for now. F. Wed like orange juice, please. a.DABFCE b.DACFBE c.DAFCBE d.DACFEB

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