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The M1 The A Team. Francisco Ceja Erika Rodriguez Jaqui Almaraz Ryan Tuazon Robert Ruiz The A Team.

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1 The M1 The A Team

2 Francisco Ceja Erika Rodriguez Jaqui Almaraz Ryan Tuazon Robert Ruiz The A Team

3 Abstract The main idea of our product is to create a means for people to easily manage and watch their media. The M1 is an all in one media device which significantly improves the functionality of current network media players such as Apple TV and D-Links Media Extender. The primary additional features are the ability to easily copy all of your DVDs and music CDs to the device, the ability to record television, and the ability to easily sync videos, music, and pictures with your phone, mp3 player, and computers. Erika Rodriguez

4 Claims Easily view, manage, and organize all media on your network of media devices (i.e. PC, Mp3 player, cell phone, or laptop). Capability to sync media devices Wireless (Wi-Fi) Ability to extract and compress DVDs and music CDs Copyright protected DVD extractions which are limited to four copies to prevent piracy. Includes DVR (digital video recorder) No monthly service fee for DVR service Custom built web interface for purchase of music and movies. These features make this the ultimate tabletop media device Ryan Tuazon

5 Similar Products Apple TV D-Link Media Center Extender Ryan Tuazon

6 Functions Watch wide range of supported digital video formats (i.e Mp4, DivX, AVI, etc.). Includes a terabyte hard drive that allows you to transfer your media onto the device. HDMI output for HD content Flash media console View photos on TV for slideshows Wi-Fi to send and receive media from other devices. DVD/CD recorder to burn media to disk (with some restrictions). Optional: Blue-Ray player at additional cost. Francisco Ceja

7 Materials 1 Terabyte Hard Drive. WiFi network adapter. 10/100M standard LAN controller. Powerful processor for handling HD content. Touch-screen Remote Control. Software: Multiple Video and Audio codecs for viewing different media types, mobile device drivers (for syncing capabilities), and proprietary GUI (Graphical User Interface). Francisco Ceja

8 Costs of Developing Manufacturing Break Down (For one million M1s): Subassemblies, Components, Parts, and Other Materials: 50% 99,800,000.00 Equipment, Plant, Energy (Facility and Machines being used): 12% 23,952,000.00 Indirect Labor: 26% (Administration and/or Executives):51,896,000.00 Direct Labor (People Directly Associated with making Part):12% 23,952,000.00 Financial Breakdown of Product being Sold Per Item. Selling Price= 499.00 Sales, Marketing, Taxes and Misc. = 40%-199.60 Profit=20%- 99.80 Estimated Manufacturing Cost= 40%- 199.60 *Assembled and built in China, Guangzhou Competitors projected Sales range from 5.3 million to 12 million In order to cut down on manufacturing costs and compete with competitors we need to assemble and build our product in China. Robert Ruiz

9 Projected Profits Projected Production for First Year: 1,000,000.00 pieces for first year (8%-18% of what are competition are producing) Total Income: $499,000,000.00 Profit: $99,800,000.00 Starting Cost: 399,200,000.00 Projected Expenses (Not Including Manufacturing Cost): 199,600,000.00 Estimated Manufacturing Cost: 199,600,000.00 Robert Ruiz

10 Market /Client Base Jaqui Almaraz

11 Product Life Cycle (Longevity) Present 2008: Market Introduction Stage cost high sales volume low no/little competition - competitive manufacturers watch for acceptance/segment growth losses demand has to be created customers have to be prompted to try the product Future: Growth stage costs reduced due to economies of scale and sales volume increases significantly profitability public awareness competition begins to increase with a few new players in establishing market prices to maximize market share Jaqui Almaraz

12 General Summary Overall: The M1 will offer All in One capability for media viewing and management. This is the ultimate tabletop media player for 3 primary reasons: 1. Ability to extract and compress DVDs and music CDs. 2. Includes DVR service with no monthly subscription fees. 3. Capability to sync media devices Ryan Tuazon

13 Works Cited "Inside Apple TV." 26,March 2007 9 Dec 2008. Ogg, Erica. "Apple TV: Whence the profits?." 7 June 2007 9 Dec 2008 profits/2100-1041_3-6189513.html profits/2100-1041_3-6189513.html Kalpakjian, Serope. "Manufacturing Engineering and Technology." 7 June 2007

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