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Proprietary & Confidential. Place: New Delhi Date: 2 nd December 2008 Corporate Gift Pack: A Superb Option.

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1 Proprietary & Confidential

2 Place: New Delhi Date: 2 nd December 2008 Corporate Gift Pack: A Superb Option

3 Proprietary & Confidential CONTENTS Introduction Gift idea Product Pricing Positioning Packaging Value Proposition

4 Proprietary & Confidential MOSER BAER Moser Baer was established in 1983 and is now one of India's leading technology company Moser Baer is World's second largest manufacturer of Optical Storage media Moser Baer has a presence in over 82 countries Moser Baer is the first to market the next-generation of storage formats like Blu-ray Discs

5 Proprietary & Confidential MOSER BAER PHOTO VOLTAIC Enabling reliable solar power as a competitive non-subsidized source of energy HOME ENTERTAINMENT Home video titles in various Indian languages at unmatched prices Also engaged in media content creation Video content in DVD and Video CD formats CONSUMER ELECTRONICS Moser Baer has a wide range of products in CE verticals: Ultra advanced LCD TVs and DVD players Portable DVD players and Digital Photo Frames Media Players and Multimedia speakers IT PERIPHERALS Memory products:USB Drives, Memory cards External Hard Disk Drives, UPS, TFT Monitors and ODDs PC peripherals ( Keyboard, Mouse) Accessories (Headphones, TV tuner box BLANK OPTICAL MEDIA Moser Baers Flagship Business…

6 Proprietary & Confidential BLANK OPTICAL MEDIA Moser Baer is a leading player and accounts for 16% global market share Preferred OEM supplier for all 12 of the world's optical media manufacturers Launched Moser Baer brand in 2003 in the Indian market

7 Proprietary & Confidential Moser Baer manufactures the entire spectrum of optical storage media products Recordable Compact Discs (CD-R) Rewritable Compact Discs (CD-RW) Recordable Digital Versatile Discs (DVD-R) Rewritable Digital Versatile Discs (DVD-RW) Blue laser discs (Blu-ray).

8 Proprietary & Confidential Moser Baer gift collection is an innovative product which brings together products from our various divisions to offer consumers a unique offering with high perceived value. Presenting one such option…….

9 Proprietary & Confidential PRODUCT This Moser Baer gift pack is an innovative combination of 5 Optical media products

10 Proprietary & Confidential It contains 2 Super DVDs which comprise of 6 blockbuster movies for complete family entertainment and digital experience

11 Proprietary & Confidential A DVD Re-Writable in Jewel case to create an easy retrievable and portable backup of your important files

12 Proprietary & Confidential 2 Expression CD-Rs to entice consumers senses with the fragrance of specially designed perfumed recordable discs

13 Proprietary & Confidential PACKAGING This unique collection comes in a very attractive and eye catching packaging

14 Proprietary & Confidential Vibrant and colourful aesthetics are created to enhance the appeal of the product Colours are used to create the look of celebration and hence making it attractive for gifting PACKAGING

15 Proprietary & Confidential POSITIONING The gift item is unique in its proposition as it brings together a collection of diverse products

16 Proprietary & Confidential The product is positioned as a gift item which will give consumers: Instant gratification with the experience of the movie DVDs Experiential satisfaction with the use of expression CDR DVD-Rs High capacity Rewritable storage media These products do not have shelf life and hence are not time bound as any other perishable offer POSITIONING

17 Proprietary & Confidential VALUE PROPOSITION This collection offers consumers a unique offer with its innovative packaging and pricing

18 Proprietary & Confidential The product fit of the collection with the laptops is unmatched because of the high utility value The value proposition for the consumers of a gift that can be utilized along with the purchase is highly attractive VALUE PROPOSITION

19 Proprietary & Confidential PRICING The pricing offers consumers a value for money offer

20 Proprietary & Confidential The contents of the collection have a combined MRP of Rs.250 Your cost would be 30% lower than the MRP value at A cost of Rs.175 PRICING

21 Proprietary & Confidential The perceived value can be further enhanced by adding a Moser Baer USB(2GB) which has a MRP of Rs.550 The total MRP of the gift pack would be Rs.800 Your total cost would be lower than 40% of MRP value At a price of Rs.475 PRICING

22 Proprietary & Confidential The M.O.Q. would be10,000 nos or in multiples there of Lead time for delivery would be at least 3 weeks from confirmed order with payment

23 Proprietary & Confidential THANK YOU!

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