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Pollution Control Systems

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1 Pollution Control Systems
June 13th, 2006 Subtitle (Arial 22 to 24) Pollution Control Systems Bringing you a World of Experience in Clean Air Solutions Dumitru Manea Global Power Sales - Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova - Add text to be highlighted here -

2 Table of Contents ALSTOM Environmental Control Systems
Our Technologies: Power applications Industry applications Special presentation for FOREN Neptun, June 2006

3 Listed on Paris, London, NY Stock Exchange
ALSTOM today Sales €13.7 bn* Orders €15.8 bn* Order backlog €27 bn* Employees Present in 70 countries Listed on Paris, London, NY Stock Exchange * FY 2004/05 figures ALSTOM – The future every day

4 Core competencies Two core businesses : Power Rail Transport 4

5 Power Turbo-Systems/ Power Environment Power Turbo-Systems
Turnkey plants Steam turbines, generators Gas turbines Power Environment Utility boilers Environment control systems Hydro turbines and generators 5

6 ALSTOM Market position
World leader in Transport World leader in Power World Number 1 in Air Pollution Control

7 Table of Contents ALSTOM ALSTOM in Romania
Environmental Control Systems Our Technologies: Power applications Industry applications

8 POWER: History in Romania
ALSTOM has been the first company who transferred its technology in Romania for the 330 MW units in 1968. This transfer of technology allowed Romania to develop on its own its energetic sector and industry. A large number of these units ( between 10 and 330 MW) produced under license in Romania have been exported in the world contributing to the recognition of the Romanian industry

9 ALSTOM in the Region Significant industrial presence in Romania
ALSTOM ROMANIA/ BULGARIA/ MACEDONIA/ MOLDOVA Jacques Chevrier - Country President Global Power Sales Jacques Chevrier / Dumitru Manea ALSTOM Power Service G. Sirakas / A.Dumitriu ALSTOM Transport G.Stanciu / A. D‘Amade ALSTOM Power Romania SRL Bucuresti (G. Sirakas) ALSTOM Transport Romania S.A. Bucuresti (G.Stanciu) ALSTOM General Turbo S.A. * Bucuresti (J.Chevrier) * JV (51% ALSTOM / 49 % General Turbo SA) 2004/2005 ALSTOM Power Bulgaria A.D. Sofia (D. Wiesner) Sales: 70 M€ Employees:1962 Significant industrial presence in Romania

10 Table of Contents ALSTOM Environmental Control Systems
Our Technologies: Power applications Industry applications

11 Environmental Control Systems
Our Business Air pollution control systems & products for power & industrial applications A business driven by increasingly strict emissions regulations Business opportunities are in new plants & retrofitting existing plants

12 Environmental Control Systems
Our R&D Capabilities Dedicated R&D facilities in Sweden, manned by highly-skilled teams offering: Applied physics / Fluid dynamics Chemical engineering Analytical laboratory Instruments / measuring techniques Laboratory for pilot plants and flow model testing Experimental workshop for test equipment and special services Largest reference portfolio

13 Table of Contents ALSTOM Environmental Control Systems
Our Technologies: Power applications Industry applications

14 Applications: Power & Industry Power applications
Dust / particulates emission control Sulfur Oxides (SOx) emission control Wet Limestone technologies Sea water technologies Dry / semi dry technologies Nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission control

15 Dry Electrostatic Precipitators Wet Electrostatic Precipitators
Power Applications: Particulate Control Technologies Dry Electrostatic Precipitators Wet Electrostatic Precipitators Fabric Filters Supplied to date: treat more than 17,000,000 m3/h of flue gas Meets the latest world standards for particulate emissions control Over 150,000 MW installed worldwide Flexibility of design Extensive experience with low sulfur, high resistivity ash coals (>1012 Ohm•cm) 18,000 MW of operating experience Improved performance* Lower first costs* Higher running costs* *) When compared to ESPs technologies

16 Power Applications: Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization
Over 38,000 MW of experience 25+ installations in the last 10 years From 400 MW up to 1,300 MW and up to 6 % sulfur coal SO2 removal efficiencies greater than 98 % Availability greater than 98 % Success with high sulfur fuels (4.5 %) Commercial products such as gypsum or by-products for landfill Low cost/optimal design New and retrofit projects High S (>2%) Medium S (1 - 2%) Low S (< 1%) 450 800+ MW 250

17 FLOWPAC : New generation of Wet FGD
No need for slurry circulation pumps No flue gas sneak age High SO2 removal efficiency High SO3 and particle collecting Very high gypsum quality High S (>2%) Medium S (1 - 2%) Low S (< 1%) 450 800+ MW 250 FLOWPAC Absorber

18 FLOWPAC Compact Design
Halved height Smaller footprint (pumps house) Allows indoor installation Typical open spray tower FLOWPAC h < h/2

19 FLOWPAC Compact design
Spray tower FLOWPAC Spray tower FLOWPAC

20 FLOWPAC Background Successful project in Karlshamn
Short project time High availability Low maintenance Outstanding performance Design Measured SO2 inlet conc SO2 outlet conc SO2 removal

21 FLOWPAC : Recent applications
Elektrenai (Lituania) : 4 x 300MW + 1 x 150MW Under construction Amager (E2) (Denmark) : 1 x 150MW Darley Dale (UK) : Lead Smelter Design phase

22 Power Applications: Seawater Flue Gas Desulphurization
Over 11,400 MW of experience Recognized as a global leader High SO2 removal efficiencies (> 98%) for medium and low sulfur coal High S (>2%) Medium S (1 - 2%) Low S (< 1%) 450 800 MW 250 800+ No reagent needed No byproduct Low power consumption Smaller footprint

23 Power Applications: Novel Integrated Desulphurization-NID
41 installations world-wide Low investment and maintenance costs Maximized reagent utilization Reduced power consumption SO2 removal efficiency greater than 95% irrespective of fuel Combination of FDA system with CFB boilers optimizes desulphurization of high sulfur fuels and gives reduced limestone consumption End products can be used for landfill, mine fill, road beds or fertilizer High S (>2%) Medium S (1 - 2%) Low S (< 1%) 450 800 MW 250 800+

24 Power Applications: DeNOX - SCR
Over 28,000 MW of experience 35+ installations in the last 10 years NOx removal efficiencies greater than 90% New and retrofit projects Urea system also available

25 Other Applications: Industry
Full range of systems for control of air pollutants (dust, SOx, NOx …) from various industries : Aluminum Cement Glass Iron & Steel Non-Ferrous Petrochemical Pulp & Paper Waste to Energy

26 Industry Applications:
Aluminum Leader in the industry 35+ installations in the last 10 years Long lasting relationship with main Aluminum producers Emission abatement for Pot Lines, Anode Bake and Green Anodes Products: Abart dry scrubber (HF emission reduction & recycling) Desulphurization - Dry or Wet

27 Industry Applications:
Cement More than 80 Installations last ten years Installations at cement plants world wide to coal mill, kiln, clinker cooler, alkali bypass, raw mill,cement mill, & other de-dusting applications. Products: Bag House - reverse air low ratio Bag House - pulse jet high ratio Electrostatic Precipitators Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction

28 Industry Applications:
Glass 30 years experience in air pollution control installations for flat -, container - and special glass, mineral wool and other Products: Particulate removal - ESP Gaseous pollutants - SO2 and Boron - Dry systems NOx control for glass furnaces - SCR

29 Industry Applications:
Iron & Steel Major applications of ALSTOM air pollution control products include applications for: Melt shop ventilation systems (EAF; LMF; AOD; Induction Furnace) Coke oven pushing emission control systems (Trav-L-Vent system) Sinter plants primary & secondary emissions Cast House ventilation and other general ventilation requirements Products: Particulate - ESP, FF Desulphurization - NID or Wet Dioxin and Furan - NID Water Cooled Duct Hot Quench Force Draft Cooler Heat Recovery

30 Industry Applications:
Non Ferrous Metals Products for Non Ferrous Metals Industry Dry Hot ESPs for primary smelting in the copper, zinc, lead, and nickel industries Bag Filters for primary and secondary gases custom-suited to specific temperature, moisture, pH, and abrasiveness requirements Wet ESps for Acid Plants Evaporative Coolers Forced-Draft Coolers Fabric Filters Flue Gas Desulfurization Plants

31 Industry Applications: Petrochemical
An extensive portfolio of solutions for: NOx SOx Particulate from refineries & petrochemical plants

32 Industry Applications:
Pulp & Paper Products for Pulp & Paper Industry Electrostatic Precipitators for recovery boilers Electrostatic Precipitators for multi fuel power boilers Electrostatic Precipitators for lime kilns FGD Systems for SOx control

33 Industry Applications:
Waste to Energy We offer cost-effective and reliable gas cleaning solutions to comply with the most stringent emission standards for plants thermally treating waste, offering various end product options and possible energy recovery Experience Years of activities Technology DeNOx SCR Wet pac Wet scrubber NID Flash Dryer Drypac Semi-dry Eco- or CT-DAS Dry Absorption 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 43 units in 7 countries treating Nm3/hr 55 units in 9 countries treating Nm3/hr 23 units in 5 countries treating Nm3/hr 124 units in 14 countries treating Nm3/hr 169 units in 12 countries treating Nm3/hr

34 Conclusion ALSTOM - Number 1 worldwide in Air Pollution Control Systems market Largest reference portfolio Significant industrial presence in Romania FLOWPAC best solution for the Romanian WFGD projects (Complexul Energetic Rovinari, Complexul Energetic Turceni, ...) A range of other technologies available for all air pollution control applications


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