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“Better Living Through Renewable Resources!”

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2 “Better Living Through Renewable Resources!”
Thermobotics, LLC is a maker of Nano Coated Heating element and provider of Thermal Management Solutions. We are, in a sense help you “Put The Heat In where you want it and Take The Heat Out when you don’t need it!” Thermobotics is your Green partner. We offer full Turnkey Design & Manufacturing Solution in a One-Stop-Shop which takes you from conceptual designs to mass production with focuses on being - “Flexible”, “Responsive”, and “Collaborative”. We offer precision components and solutions for the Telecom, Household Appliances, Automotive, Office Automation, & Commercial products as well as Industrial components which you see and use every day at our lean, vertically integrated, diversified Manufacturing facility. Thermobotics is a leading thermal solutions provider. We provide Standard and customs design solutions for the Solid State Light Emitting Diode, Computer and Server Market. Our Coolers are 2-phase heat exchangers allowing high levels of power dissipation with zero power consumption and no CO2 emissions. Our Objective is: “To enhance the success of our product manufacturers by exceeding their component needs in terms of ”Quality”, “Delivery”, and “Cost”, through continuous improvement and customer interaction. “Better Living Through Renewable Resources!”

3 Nano-Coating Heat Technology
NCHT is a NANO-Metal Coating Heat Technology Maximum Surface Power Density : 50W/cm2 94% Efficiency in Transforming Electric Power INPUT to Surface Heat OUTPUT! NCHT HEATING SURFACES: Give off FIR heat NO  electromagnetic waves on element heating surfaces Surface Thickness 50~500μm NCHT Advantages Unique Heating Element Designs Very LOW Power Consumption Low EMF Levels = Low Interference Fast Surface TEMPERATURE Rise Thermobotics, LLC

4 NCHT For Consumer Products
When it is applied on to Flat Surfaces When it is applied on Honey Comb Surfaces When it is applied on Tubular Surfaces Thermobotics, LLC

Instant Heating Iron Instantly heats up when held in hand. Unlike conventional irons, the surface uses ceramic glass and will leave no harmful surface contaminants on the cloth being ironed. Instant Hot Water Dispenser Only 10 SEC to boiling water (100 ℃). Flexible setting of any TEMP level to supply hot water for various needs such as 85 ℃ for coffee brewing. Water yield:600ml/min. (100 ℃) Power:220 Volts / 3000 Watts Thermobotics, LLC

It only takes 3 sec after turning on the tap for the water to heat up to a preset temperature level. Could save Big for Hotels & Hospitals in eliminating the broiler.

Battery powered - portable & convenient Takes 15 sec to 200 ℃, lasts over 1 HOUR Portable Hand Warmer Battery powered - portable & convenient Set TEMP at 42 ℃, lasts over 14 HOURS. Thermobotics, LLC

8 NCHT for Medical Uses Beds, Microscopes, Operating Tables IC Bottles, Heat Lamps, Acupuncture Needles

9 NCHT for the Environment Solar Heating and Cook Systems, Plant Green Houses, Sattelite Monitoting Systems

10 NCHT for Industrial Applications Commercial & Industrial Boilers, Painting Booths, Heat Treatment Ovens

11 NCHT for Defense Needs No De-icing, No ice on Windshield, Warm Gloves & Boots

12 Innovative NCHT Consumer Products
Transparent Toaster Direct observations on how your bread turns light to brown during toasting Thermobotics, LLC

13 Innovative NCHT Consumer Products
Transparent Oven THREE SIDES (TOP/R/L) CAN BE HEATED SURFACES FOR MORE UNIFORM COOKING OF LARGE SERVINGS From Freezer to Table is now possible. A 2lbs chicken take 45 minutes.

14 Innovative NCHT Consumer Products
TRANSPARENT GRILL Demonstration: Egg Frying on 12V Passenger Car Power

15 Innovative NCHT Consumer Products
PORTABLE Rice Cooker Power Source - a 12V DC connector from a dashboard receptacle will boil 350 cc of water in less than 20 minutes.

16 Innovative NCHT Consumer Products
PORTABLE Hair Dryer (Battery-Powered) PORTABLE Personal Fan Heater

Thermobotics, LLC

18 Working Principle of HeatPipe
Transfer Heat 2500 times faster Zero Power Comsunption, No Carbon Emission

19 HeatPiped Coolers 2 Phrase Evapulator

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