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Eco 8, Practical intelligence

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1 Eco 8, Practical intelligence
Energy saving simulator with Altivar

2 Eco 8 estimates your energy savings in pumps & fans applications
By adding a speed drive in your installation instead of electromechanical flow control Taking into account all datas of your installation As the energy efficiency for fan or pump systems depends on the control method used, a speed drive is especially efficient when the system is running with partial flow.

3 Eco 8 main benefits The tool provides financial figures for assessing the profitability of purchasing ALTIVAR Simulate the possible savings on your installations adding a variable speed drive instead of electromechanical devices Select the suitable Altivar product according to : The mechanical and electrical datas The duty cycle of your installation Calculate how long it takes to get a return on your investment Estimate how much reactive energy you could save

4 ECO 8 is not a contractual tool
The accuracy of the results is affected by the accuracy of the inputs datas. Results should be used only for estimating purposes. The results of this calculation program must not be used as the basis for guaranteed energy savings.

5 Customise your Eco 8 tool
Select : File, then Customise Select : Your language Your currency The price of energy

6 Eco 8 allows you to describe your project
Define the project characteristics Select the application Define the electrical characteristics Define the air flow or water flow cycle time Get the final results and ROI

7 Step 1 : Define the project characteristics
Fill all the boxes

8 Step 2 : Select the application
Choose you market : That will propose the right drive selection (ATV21 or ATV61) Select fan or pumping

9 Step 2 : Some advices on pump datas
With vane control, make the right choice according to your installation : HMT : Pump head at 0 flow Z : Total dynamic head = static head + friction head of installation For transfert pump : Z ~ 0 (no static head) For high elevation, the ratio is closed to 0,85

10 Step 3 : define the electrical characteristics
Choose the product protection : IP20 or IP54 Select the voltage Select the motor power Current, cos phi, efficiency, price of electricity are filled automatically (could be adjusted) Select the price of total project

11 Step 3 : Some advices on installation price
You have to give a price evaluation to your customer, but ………….. you don’t know the price of installation ! One of the method could be : Use the list price of the IP54 solution This price could represent the drive + installation cost

12 Step 4 : define the operating time
Select the operating time reference Fill the right cells for each flow rate

13 Step 4 : Some advices on cycle time
All the final results are strongly linked to the cycle time, but sometimes, the customer doesn’t know the real cycle time ! This software can give you only an estimation of the savings, that’s to say, to decide if it’s interesting to invest…… So, if you don’t know the cycle, you can propose 2 simulations : One optimistic One pessimistic This is a simple way to limit the investigations

14 Step 5 : get the results Show the differences of energy consumption :
with or without speeddrive Show reactive energy you could save with speeddrive - avoid the use of capacitors bank - reduce your energy penalties Give the time of return on investment (payback period, 1-2 years is acceptable)

15 Step 5 : Print your results
To be integrated in the commercial proposal (Word file) To keep a record on your proposal

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