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________________ Me duele... L/O: To talk about which body part hurts.

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1 ________________ Me duele... L/O: To talk about which body part hurts

2 Prueba – El cuerpo A.Write the article infront of the following words: 1.garganta2. oídos3. pies4. piernas 5.espalda6. muelas7. brazo8. mano B. Write the meaning of the words in (A) in English C.Write the Spanish for the following body parts: 1.2. 3. 4.

3 Answers… 1. La garganta4. Las piernas3. Los pies2. Los oídos 5. La espalda6. Las muelas7. El brazo8. La mano B. 1.Throat2. Ears3. Feet4. Legs 5.Back6. Teeth7. Arm8. hand C. 1. La boca2. La nariz3. El estómago 4. Los ojos

4 In Spanish, to say that something hurts, you use the verb dolerse. You need to learn two important forms of this verb: Me duele = is hurting/hurts (singular) Me duelen = are hurting/hurt (plural) Eg/ My arm hurts = Me duele el brazo My legs hurt =Me duelen las piernas

5 Listening Listos 2V pg.93 Ex 3a IN ENGLISH 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Listen to the people say what hurts and write down in English which body part it is Listos 2V p. 118 Ex 1a Copy out 1-8 and match with pictures a-h The arms The stomach The feet The head The throat The teeth

6 _________________ Dolerse L/O: To use other parts of the verb dolerse to state what is wrong with other people. STARTER: Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word 1.Me ________ los hombros 2.Me ________ los oídos 3.Me ________ el estómago 4.Me ________ los pies 5.Me ________ _____ ojo 6.Me ________ _____ pierna 7.Me ________ _____ espalda 8.Me ________ _____ manos

7 You can use other parts of the verb dolerse to say what is wrong with other people: His/her ____ hurtsLe duele ________ Eg/ Le duele la cabeza – his head hurts If you include a name or a person, you must include the word a before it: Eg/ A mi padre le duele la cabeza – My Dads head hurts A Jack le duele la cabeza – Jacks head hurts

8 To practise creating sentences using the other parts of the verb, draw a picture and label. Either… 1. Draw a speech bubble to use the first person Me duele la cabeza 3. Give the person a name and write about them (dont forget a) 2. Use the third person to write about them Le duele la pierna A Pedro le duele el estómago

9 The Past Tense To create the Past tense in Spanish: 1.Start with the infinitive (-ar, -er, -ir) 2.Take off the last to letters to find the stem 3.Ad the following endings: ARER/IR I…éI…í He/she…óhe/she… ió We…amoswe…imos They…aronthey…ieron Comer to eat Eg/Me duelen los dientes porque comí demasiados caramelos My teeth hurt because I ate too many sweets

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