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Introducing SMART Board 8070i-G4 Interactive Display.

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1 Introducing SMART Board 8070i-G4 Interactive Display

2 8070i-G4 What’s New 70” HD e-LED display Presence detection
Slimmer profile weighs 47lbs less! 70” HD e-LED display Presence detection 6 1/4” (15.8cm) Integrated audio

3 8070i Back View USB Type A and Stereo 3.5mm out USB 3.0
USB ports can be disabled for security OPS slot Extension module w/ USB 2.0 and HDMI Display and Video I/O

4 8070i OPS Slot Offers the flexibility of expanding the system’s capability by installing an OPS with custom operating system specifications. OPS can be secured with a Kensington lock and features a cover plate Aesthetically more appealing for Enterprise. No unsightly cables or room PC required.

5 8070i Extension Module (XTM)
Full HD Fits in the OPS slot Future support for USB 3.0 HDMI & USB 2.0 HDMI-1, HDMI-2, and DisplayPort will support 4k.  All three of these are on the main I/O panel

6 8070i I/O RS-232 HDMI in (x2) DVI-D in VGA in (x2) VGA out
Composite video S-video in Display Port in Guest laptop

7 8070i VESA Mount 800 x 400 mm Wall mount bracket must have a minimum depth of 41mm for all features on the back of the panel to clear the wall Weight: 215lbs (47lbs less than Gen3 8070i)

8 8070i-G4 Specs 70” e-LED panel Size: 67 3/8” W x 43 ½” H x 6 1/4” D
DViT Quad-touch technology Optimal resolution 1080p HD Contrast ratio 4000:1, Brightness (typical) 400 cd/m2 Two integrated 15W speakers OPS slot

9 8070i-G4-SMP Content Price & Availability
4th Generation SMART Board 8070i SMART Meeting Pro Room 4.0 software SMART GoWire with Meeting Pro Personal Edition 1.0 auto launch cable Infrared remote control XTM extension module USB cable, USB extender, HDMI cable, CAT 5 USB extender2 , display power cable Price & Availability $10,999 USD MSRP Available to order May 15th - Shipping in July

10 8070i-G4-SMP Summary What’s new Supporting features Technical proof
Benefits New Improved LED Panel Thinner/Lighter Panel Higher Contrast : Deeper Blacks, Brighter Whites, more vivid colors e-LED (vs LCD before) 47lbs lighter 3 inches slimmer than Gen3 Easier to install Higher quality images Lower cost of use (power) Best in-class Touch & Feel New smoother touch surface Glare/Shadow-free Etched glass Pleasure to use Better adoption Customizable solution OPS Slot Camera connectors Audio connectors A wider variety of connectivity options PC free Fully integrated solution Future Proof collaborative software investment Supports SMART Software Maintenance Includes 1 year software maintenance for Meeting Pro. Peace of mind Better IT investment

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