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Revision Log Revision Date Version Name Description 2014/11/3 1.0

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0 Best-value projection
Acer X152H Best-value projection - Product Brief -

1 Revision Log Revision Date Version Name Description 2014/11/3 1.0
BM Cay Lin First release

2 Contents Product segment Value proposition Key selling points
Product views Specification

3 Product segment Large Venue
Project crystal clear images with sufficient brightness at banquet halls or large conference rooms. Essential Enjoy videos and photos with family and friends. Education Perfect for teaching and learning. Home Larger, brighter cinematic experience. Portable LED Carry your ideas in your pocket to share wherever you go .

4 Best-value projection
Value proposition Acer X1 projectors deliver SMB or classroom presentations with impressive graphics and clarity. Handy installation utilities make setup easy, and power-management solutions save energy. These projectors also feature 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness, so they can depict deep, lifelike visuals. To top it off, these all come for budget-minded value. Best-value projection Expressive projection Enhanced usability Eco-friendly functionality *Specifications vary depending on model

5 Best-value projection
Key selling points Best-value projection Expressive projection 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio presents sharp, fine detailed visual, allowing users to adjust the level of display detail required for the usage scenario 3000 ANSI lumens high brightness and contrast ratio project crystal-clear, vibrant images from long distances onto the screen Acer color technology Enhanced usability Convenient settings and advanced features improve usability and installation flexibility Quick response/ smart adjustment/ reliable security/ full support Versatile connectivity Eco-friendly functionality Acer EcoProjection technology reduces standby power dramatically With the world leading ExtremeEco technology, the power consumption of the projector can be reduced up to 70% and the lamp life can be extended as well Up to 10,000 hours lamp life (ExtremeEco mode )

6 Expressive projection
1080p wide format resolution: When most of films are made in wide format, wide format projector can avoid annoying black bars and fully present video contents. Wide format projector The best film watching format Completely present the full view of contents Fully present the contents with black bars 4:3 Projector Full screen but the contents are cropped 4:3 Projector

7 Expressive projection
1080p wide format resolution: Users can browse more web contents on a wide format projector, no need to do extra horizontal/vertical scrolling XGA 1080p Wide Format Display more contents

8 Expressive projection
DLP® 3D Ready for theater-like 3D enjoyment experience DLP® 3D Ready kit, featuring advanced software that enables high (120 Hz) refresh rates to render a flicker-free 3D experience. Acer X1 projector and a PC or an A/V device supporting 3D output deliver a flicker-free 3D experience. The DLP® 3D kit features DLP® Link™ 3D glasses for seamless 3D data transmission! X152H supports HDMI® 1.4a 3D specifications; a compatible player and display are required to display 3D content PC supporting 120 Hz output plus 3D SW player installed NTSC DVD player + HQFS DVD or Blu-ray 3D player + Blu-ray 3D disk Acer X1 projector DLP® Link™ 3D glasses

9 Enhanced Usability Ease of Use
Multimedia Compatible Office & PDF reader Photo Video Music Acer Wireless Projection1 Projection wireless through eDisplay or Mirroring Display Ease of Use Connect Acer Wireless Adapter to projectors Choose eDisplay or Mirroring Display for further wireless projection. 2. eDisplay3 Handy Applications Split quad screen Multimedia compatible: Photo/Document projection with sketch Music and video streaming projection Camera projection Web browser with sketch Connect Dropbox 1. Mirroring Display2 Direct screen projection via Android 4.2 or Windows 8.1 devices Wireless projection are only available via Acer wireless adapter Mirroring Display->Wireless Display = Miracast . Download eDisplay app/eDisplay management for PC from Acer official website.

10 Enhanced usability Quick response Smart adjustment Reliable security
Full support Digital connectivity With MHL capability, smart device display from big screen via MHL cable while recharging. With receiving uncompressed digital signals and multi-channel audio, the HDMI® enables perfect connectivity of high-definition entertainment. RS-232 signal control A serial port for advanced control and monitoring via system manager.

11 Eco-friendly functionality
Acer EcoProjection technology Reduces standby power consumption dramatically With the world leading Acer ExtremeEco technology, the power consumption of the projector can be reduced up to 70% and the lamp life can be extended as well Up to hours lamp life Standard mode – 4500 hours ECO mode – 6000 hours ExtremeEco mode – hours Saves lamp replacement costs and ensures long-term, dependable projector use More Eco-friendly features

12 Product Views – X152H HDMI1 HDMI2 RS232 USB (Mini-B) DC Out AC-in jack
(5V/1A, USB Type A) AC-in jack Audio out

13 Product views – X152H Focus controller Control pad Lens
Elevator wheel Lens Control pad Remote control receiver Focus controller Ventilation Kensington lock slot

14 Specifications Model Name Acer X152H DLP®
Projection System DLP® Resolution Native 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) Maximum UXGA (1,600 x 1,200), WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Native), 4:3 Contrast Ratio 10,000:1 Brightness 3,000 ANSI Lumens (Standard), 2,400 ANSI Lumens (ECO) Projection Lens F = 2.55 ~ 2.86, f = 22.37mm ~ 26.73mm 1:1.2 Manual Zoom and Manual Focus Lamp Life 4,500 Hours (Standard), 6,000 Hours (ECO), 10,000 Hours (ExtremeEco)* Keystone Correction +/-40 Degrees (Vertical ), Manual Audio 10 Watts Internal Speaker x 1 Wireless Capability Yes (By optional MHL wireless adapter) Noise Level 30 dBA (Standard mode), 27 dBA (ECO mode) Input Interface HDMI/MHL (Video, Audio, HDCP) x 1 HDMI (Video, Audio, HDCP) x 1 Output Interface PC Audio (Stereo mini jack) x 1 DC Out (5V/1A, USB Type A) x 1 Control Interface USB (Mini-B) x 1 RS232 (D-sub) x 1 Weight 5.1 lbs (2.3 Kg) Dimensions 289 x 235 x 92 mm (11.4" x 9.2" x 3.6")


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