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Storm Products - Confidential Cable Solutions Group Capabilities Summary January of 2004.

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1 Storm Products - Confidential Cable Solutions Group Capabilities Summary January of 2004

2 Storm Products - Confidential Today's Cable Solutions Custom Cable & Assembly Unique Composite Constructions Rapid Bid & Prototyping Design & Engineering Forget Huge Minimum Purchases Test & Measurement Belden (plus) Equivalents Inventory Management

3 Storm Products - Confidential Manufacturer of Cable & Assemblies Electronic UL/CSA hook-up wire & cable, low capacitance cable, seismic cable. Custom application composite cables combine {optics, power, high fidelity data, audio and video, fluid & air, coax, thermocouple, sensors, etc.}

4 Storm Products - Confidential Wire & Cable Prototyping is Our Specialty Wire & Cable Development: Fully Customized Fast Commodity Modification Progressive Development Attractive Minimums Flexible Scheduling Personalized Service Project Manager Assigned +50 Years Experience

5 Storm Products - Confidential Cable Solutions Wire & Cable - Types: Custom Hook-Up Wire Multiconductor Twisted Pair Low Skew Balanced Pair Coaxial Hybrid Composite Planar UL, CSA, CE, Mil-Spec

6 Storm Products - Confidential Cable Solutions Wire & Cable - Conductors: Fine to Very Heavy Gauge Copper & Copper Alloys Copper Clad Steel Plating in Tin, Silver, Nickel Solid to Very Flexible Stranding Tinsel Wire Thermocouple Wire Magnet & Litz Wire

7 Storm Products - Confidential Cable Solutions Wire & Cable - Insulations: PVC (soft, rigid, lead free!) FEP, PTFE, PFA, Tefzel Expanded PTFE Non-Halogen Compounds Thermoplastic Rubber & Alloys Polyurethane Polyolefin (PE & PP) Silicone Cross link - Thermoset Mica & Fiberglass

8 Storm Products - Confidential Cable Solutions Cable Shielding Helical Braid Served/Spiral Foil w. Drain Wire Ultra-Flexible Composite Shields Copper Aluminum Mu Metal Conductive Polymer

9 Storm Products - Confidential Video Inspection Cable High fidelity cables easily handle the rigors of in-pipe inspection environment.

10 Stage Lighting Cables Cable Types: Six Circuit Multicable DMX Control Cable Hybrid Power & Control Scroller Cable Camouflage Cable Socapex Extension Cable Rigging fly-cable Speaker & Microphone Cable Winch Cable Internal Wiring Edison Power Cable

11 Storm Products - Confidential Medical Diagnostic Cables Cable Types: Breakout / Fan Cable Fine Strand Limp Cable High Isolation Cable Multi Media Cable Electrosurgical Mobile Diagnostic Cable ECG & EEG Lead Wire Catheter Cable Laser Systems Cable Sterilization Tolerant

12 Storm Products - Confidential Umbilical & Tether Neutrally Buoyant Aramid Braid or Cordage Composite Insulations Are Tough & Light Weight Optical Fibers High Tensile Conductors EMI & RFI Shielding Miniature Versions Private Label Color Match ROV Umbilical Cable

13 Storm Products - Confidential Packaging & Kan Ban Kan Ban/JIT Deliveries Anonymous Drop shipping Inventory Management Safety Stock Packaging Bagged & Tagged Spooled & Boxed Shrink Wrapping Kitting Inventory Solutions

14 Storm Products - Confidential AutoCAD 2000i Visio Technical Cable Design Tooling Design Configuration Control Manufacturability Inspection & Test Design & Engineering

15 Storm Products - Confidential Mechanical Testing –Abrasion & Flexure –Temperature Cycling –Accelerated Aging –Cold Bend –Vertical Flame –UL Confirmation –Tensile –Elongation Cable Assembly Testing – Capacitance & Loss – Insulation Resistance – Cirrus Tester – Continuity, Shorts, Hi-Pot –Troubleshooting Test & Measurement

16 Storm Products - Confidential Time Domain –TEK 11801C TDR & Digital Sampling Oscilloscope –HP 8131A Differential & Single Ended Pulse Generator 150 ps rt @ 500 MHz –Differential & Single Ended Impedance –Risetime Degradation –Time Delay & Skew –Crosstalk –VP Frequency Domain –HP 4396B Network Analyzer –HP 4380A Test Set 8 Port 10KHz to 1.8 GHz –Attenuation –VSWR –Group Delay –Impedance Test & Measurement

17 Storm Products - Confidential Geophysical/Seismic Shipboard Marine Automation / Robotics Control Electronics Industrial Laser & Machining ROV /Sub-Sea Aviation Navaids & Runway Lighting Telacom & Datacom Heavy & AG Equipment Video & Vision Systems Medical Diagnostic Semiconductor Industrial Cleaning Equip. High Fidelity Sensors Stage Sound & Lighting Markets Served

18 Storm Products - Confidential Applied Materials Ericsson Radio Motorola Alcatel USA Rockwell Automation Lockheed Inuktun Medtronic Texas Instruments Bell Helicopter Caterpillar Boeing Halliburton Siemens Valmont Industries In-Tank Customers

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