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Reptile Identification Turtles, Lizards & Snakes March 2013.

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1 Reptile Identification Turtles, Lizards & Snakes March 2013

2 Seasons Fishing license required for all reptiles and amphibians. No Closed Season: 1 daily & possession limit 1. No Open Season: Zero daily & Zero possession limit.


4 Bog turtle (Endangered Specie) First turtle on PAs endangered species list.

5 Common Snapping Turtle With a PA fishing license may take 15 per day with a possession limit of 30. Open Season 7/1 to 10/31. Snapper soup is considered a delicacy. One of the largest PA turtles.

6 Eastern Box Turtle (Specie of Concern.) Now protected in Pennsylvania. Terrestrial turtle, but will seek out muddy areas during the heat of summer.

7 Map Turtle (No Closed Season) Prefers slow moving rivers and large lakes.

8 Midland Painted Turtle (No Closed Season) Most widespread turtle in North America.

9 Spotted Turtle (Specie of Concern) Fairly common in its range.

10 Wood Turtle (No Open Season) Terrestrial turtle that hibernates in water during the winter months.

11 Stinkpot Turtle (No Closed Season) Gives off an offensive musk smelling yellowish fluid when scared. Short tempered.

12 Red-bellied Turtle (Threatened Specie) One of PAs largest turtles, 10 – 12 inch upper shell length.

13 Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle (No Closed Season) (Western Pennsylvania) Fully aquatic, only leaves the water to lay eggs.

14 Red Eared Slider (Invasive Species) Native to southern United States.

15 Lizards and Skinks

16 Northern Coal Skink (Northern Pennsylvania) (No Open Season) Above: Young have blue tails.

17 Five Lined Skink (No Closed Season) Above: Young have bright blue tails. Above: Female guarding nest. Left: Adult male during breeding season. Right: Adult tail turning grey.

18 Broadhead Skink (No Open Season) Below: Female Below: Male. Map Blue: Verified in 2000. Brown: Historic range.

19 Northern Fence Lizard (No Open Season) The only spiny lizard in Pennsylvania. Length: 4 – 7 inches. Else where in the world, up to 72 inches. Below: Female. Below: Male.

20 Snakes

21 Eastern Garter Snake (No Closed Season) Length: 18 – 26 inches.

22 Black Rat Snake (No Closed Season) Above: Young. Length: 42 – 100 inches. Diurnal: during the cool months. Nocturnal: during the hot months.

23 Northern Black Racer (No Closed Season) Above: Eggs and Young N. Racer. Length: 36 – 60 inches. Diurnal: during all active months.

24 Northern Ringneck Snake (No Closed Season) Length: 10 – 24 inches.

25 Eastern Hognose Snake (No Open Season) Widens it neck into a hood to scare off enemies. Plays dead. Length: 18 – 45 inches.

26 Eastern Milk Snake (No Closed Season) Length: 24 - 48 inches.

27 Northern Redbelly (No Closed Season) Length: 8 – 10 inches.

28 Eastern Smooth Green Snake (No Open Season) Length: 14 – 20 inches.

29 Queen Snake* (Water Snake) (No Open Season) Feeds exclusively on crayfish. Length: 15 -36 inches.

30 Northern Water Snake * (No Closed Season) Length: 24 – 50 inches.

31 Northern Copperhead *** (Permit Required) Length: 24 – 36 inches. Fishing License & Permit Required. Season: 6/8 – 7/31 One copperhead annually.

32 Timber Rattlesnake *** (Black Phase, Candidate Species) (Permit Required) Length: 36 -50 inches. 6/8-7/31 One annually.

33 Timber Rattlesnake*** (Yellow Phase, Candidate Specie) (Permit Required)

34 Eastern Massasauga*** (Endangered species) Length: 20 – 30 inches.

35 Total Species on Quiz! 11 Turtles 4 Lizards 13 Snakes

36 Basic Restrictions. A fishing license is required to catch or take reptiles and amphibians from either the waters or lands of the Commonwealth. Unless otherwise indicated, reptiles and amphibians may only be taken by hand, hook, snake tongs, turtle hooks, traps and nets less than four feet square or four feet in diameter. It is unlawful to take, catch or kill a reptile or amphibian through the use of firearms, chemicals, explosives, winches, jacks or other devices. It is unlawful to damage or disrupt the nest or eggs of a reptile or to gather, take or possess the eggs of any reptile in the natural environment of this Commonwealth.

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