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Here is a short presentation on Australian Animals

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1 Here is a short presentation on Australian Animals

2 Success Criteria We wish to achieve:
To be able to answer all questions that we are asked. To make people interested in our PowerPoint and most importantly Killean P.S. To make people understand the Main stages of an Animals life cycle.

3 Australian Pelican The Australian Pelican is found all over Australia.
It can live in freshwater or saltwater.

4 Australian Snakes There are lots of different snakes for example: the Red Bellied Snake, Black Snake, Tiger Snake, Brown Snake and the Sea Snake. The Red Bellied Snake lives in Eastern parts of Australia.

5 Bats There are lots of Bats in Australia but we focused on the Long Eared Bat which was first seen in the Western Area of Australia. Did you Know it was first seen in 1806?

6 Saltwater Crocodile Reptile!!!!!
It lives in the Northern Coast of Australia. It has been said that it can grow up to 7 metres long! Did you know it is the worlds largest Reptile!!!!!

7 Dingo's Australian Dingo's can be found all over Australia but mostly in the Outback. They are like Wild Dogs in a Desert. They eat dead Animals?

8 Wide Tail Eagle They are found in Northern Australia.
It lays 2 or 3 eggs from April to September and normally 1 Eagle survives. Its wingspan is 2.5 metres long. Did you know that a Wide Tail Eagles nest can be up to 3 metres deep and 2 metres wide?

9 Fin Whale They live in shallow waters close to the shore.
They are 19 metres to 20metres long. It weighs up to 70 tonnes.

10 Great White Shark Its size ranges between 3.5 metres to
5 metres long. It weighs 1300 kg. The Females are larger than the males. They have an average 2800 teeth in each sharks mouth and they have three rows of teeth.

11 Huntsman Spider It is found in southern east of Australia.
They can bite and if they do it will cause extreme pain and swelling. Did you know the female huntsman lays 200 eggs at once?

12 Bluebottle Jellyfish It lives in Australia and New Zealand.
Its tentacles release a deadly poison. Its colour changes from blue to pink

13 Kangaroos They live all over Australia. When adults are breeding they normally fight each other face to face using there front paws and there hind legs to kick.

14 Koalas They live in Southern and Northern Australia.
The Male koala is larger than the female Koala. Southern Koalas are larger than Northern Koalas.

15 Brown Bellied Snake Lizard
It is a very rare animal which is a legless Lizard that grows to be 10 centimetres {4 inches} in length. It is a rich fawn colour with a darker side and a light grey brown belly

16 Mountain Pygmy Possum The mountain pygmy possum prefers to live in altitude ranges from 1400m to 2200m. This extreme environment is very cold and makes studying this species rather difficult.

17 Fairy Penguin This penguin is found along the southern coast of Australia. The female penguin lays eggs and incubates for 39 days. They weigh around 1 kilo.

18 GOODBYE!!!!!!

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