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Marine Reptiles.

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1 Marine Reptiles

2 Classification Class Reptilia
Order Chelonia Sea turtles Order Squamata Sea snakes, marine iguana Order Crocodilia Saltwater crocodile


4 Sea Turtle Characteristics
Cold-blooded Strong biting jaws Carapace fused with the backbone Cannot retract heads into the shell Salt gland Return to land to reproduce

5 4 Hawaii Species Loggerhead Leatherback Hawksbill Green Sea Turtle


7 Loggerhead Large Wide head Stout neck Rarely seen in Hawaii

8 Leatherback Largest, 6 ft., 500-1000 lbs Black with white spots
Only species that lacks a hard shell Leathery ridged carapace Rarely seen on shore Feeds on jellyfish

9 Hawksbill Long pointy beak Less than 3 feet long
Used by Hawaiians for tools, jewelry, hooks Feeds on sponges

10 Green Sea Turtle Green body fat Herbivores (adult), carnivores (juv)
Up to 500 lbs 10-50 years to reach sexual maturity Males (long thick tails), females (short stubby)

11 Life Cycle and Migration
Migrate to French Frigate Shoals (males annually, female 1-2 years) Mating in waters off shore (1 month) Female comes to shore for egg laying – 100 eggs in “clutch” Leave nest (2 months) eggs start to hatch Head to sea




15 Human Impact Positive Negative Fishing lines Unattended fishing nets
Debris/pollution, oil spills Boat collisions Illegal poaching Artificial Lighting Education Enforcements of ESA Protected areas (NWHI) Research, tagging (TED) Turtle Exclusion Devices

16 Legislation that Protects Turtles
Protected under Federal and State Law Stay 20 feet away! Endangered Species Act Riding a sea turtle is illegal Fines up to $100,000 and/or prison International trade of sea turtle parts is illegal Bringing protects into USA - $20,000 fine






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