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We will face Objections

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1 We will face Objections
What are the most common objections? How should we handle them?

2 It’s a Skeptical World Out There
Questions and Concerns do not equal Rejections. Do not get defensive. Remember your own experience. Remember the experience of 90% of successful leaders.

3 Objections to Health Supplementation
“I don’t believe in popping pills.” “My doctor says as long as I eat a healthy diet …” “My parents have never taken supplements in their life. Look how healthy they are.” “Supplements are a waste of money.” “I am already on bee pollen, or chlorophyll, etc.” “I am on medication, I cannot take supplements.” “So many pills a day? I will get overdosed!”

4 Objections to the Business Opportunity
“That sounds like illegal pyramid selling.” “I won’t have the time to do this business. “I have gone through it all before.” “I’m never good at selling!” “Nobody ever makes money in MLM.” “People who do network marketing are crazy!”

5 Objections are usually …
Genuine questions in disguise. A case of misinformation A way to avoid making a decision.

6 Do Not Argue Share your experience. Don’t Preach.
Win an Argument, Lose a Downline Your Role: 1) Acknowledge 2) Identify 3) Empathise 4) Resolve Share your experience. Don’t Preach.

7 For Example: Practise, practise, practise.
Acknowledge: “I see you don’t believe in taking nutritional supplements.” Identify: “Do you think they are not necessary?” “Have you had a bad experience before?”… etc Emphasise: “So, you are concerned that they may not be safe. I feel the same way too.” Resolve: “That’s one reason I choose USANA. Would it help if I show you …” Practise, practise, practise.

8 Four REAL Questions on Supplements
Do supplements really help me? How are USANA products better than what I am taking? Are they safe? Are they good value for money?

9 Four Real Questions on the Opportunity
Is this a legitimate business? Can I really make money? Do I have the skill and support to succeed? Is USANA the right company for me? How Do We Answer?

10 1. Do Supplements Help Me? Learn to explain: Why cells need complete nutrition to stay healthy. It is difficult to get all we need from today's fast paced lifestyles and inadequate diet Supplements fill the gap. Everyone can benefit

11 2. How are USANA products Different?
Science-based nutritional supplements Not fad-based. Not herbal medicine. Trusted by third party experts UTAH 2003, 2004, , 2007

12 3. Are USANA Supplements Safe?
HSA does not certify supplements Explained the company behind the supplements: - Dr. Myron Wentz: his expertise, his commitment. - In-house manufactured: Pharmaceutical GMP. - Athlete’s Purity Guarantee Safe in Combination? Safe with Medication?

13 Health is Priceless. Re-align Priorities.
4. Can I afford USANA? It is expensive … when compared to poorer quality products. Potential medical / surgical / hospital cost. Consider: Expenses on “luxury”. Health is Priceless. Re-align Priorities.

14 5. Is USANA a legitimate business?
Learn to explain: Difference between network marketing and illegal pyramid schemes. Pyramid Scheme Network Marketing Earns primarily from sales. Earns primarily from recruitment. Easy to re-sell products. Very difficult to re-sell. No inventory loading. Heavy inventory loading.

15 #1 for 9 Straight Years Consistent Integrity
Distributor’s Choice ( ) Consistent Integrity

16 6. Can I really build residual income?
ABSOLUTELY! But only with FAIR Compensation Plan. USANA’s Binary Plan Helps the Average Person succeed The Average Person can Succeed 2 to 4 legs Carry-over volume Group-volume based Re-Entry Reasonable Request Weekly Commission

17 7. Do I have the Skill to Make it?
YOU (the sponsor) are there. Company Support. Starter Kit USANA Web sites Company training Quarterly publications Downline Management System Web Hosting International conventions Prospecting and Presentation Aids. Belief and Persistence

18 8. Is USANA the right company?
Jan-02 Mar-02 May-02 Jul-02 Sep-02 Nov-02 Jan-03 Mar-03 - May-03 Date Average Dollar Value of $1000 invested 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 Stock Performance NASDAQ USANA Russell 2000 World class products. Excellent 14-year track record. Solid financials. Great management integrity. Fantastic growth potential. A company you can trust

19 Use Experts Read. Research. Add your favourites
Myron Wentz’s “The Invisible Miracles”. Lyle MacWilliam’s “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements”. Ray Strand’s “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know…”. Robert Allen & Mark Victor Hansen’s “The One Minute Millionaire”. Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Anthony Robbins’ “Awaken the Giant Within”. Read. Research. Add your favourites

20 You Can Overcome Objections
1) Acknowledge 2) Identify 3) Empathise 4) Resolve Believe in Yourself. Share the Vision.

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