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Group nr. 7 Violeta Gaveikaite – Bogna Borowczyk – Diana Flaccadoro –

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1 Personal Professional Project Spin Off Mobile applications for Android Market „RedY”
Group nr. 7 Violeta Gaveikaite – Bogna Borowczyk – Diana Flaccadoro – Francesco Perrozzi – Genoa 26/07/2013

2 Goal, scope & impediments
Goal: create the spin-off which is profitable. Target: females (their partners) The impediments: No investors Bugs in our App Danger of stolen concept or source code Genoa 26/07/2013

3 Motivation Easy and cheap to enter in the mobile applications market
This idea should be profitable Well-formed team Suitable legal frameworks are present Genoa 26/07/2013

4 RedY – female App Genoa 26/07/2013

5 RedY – female App Genoa 26/07/2013 Source:

6 How does it work? Menstrual calendar where you can find your period, ovulation and PMS Sending an SMS to a partner about PMS Alert about ovulation – extra safety needed Genoa 26/07/2013

7 Market analysis How many people use apps?
1.2 billion people worldwide were using mobile apps at the end of 2012. 30% growth in 5 years up to 4.4 billion users Genoa 26/07/2013 Source: Portio Research Ltd (March 2013)

8 How many mobile apps are downloaded each year?
In 2013 No. of downloads range from 56 to 82 billion. In 2017, there could be 200 billion downloads!!! 58% will be Google Android downloading 33% Apple iOS 4% Microsoft Windows Phone 3% BlackBerry Genoa 26/07/2013 Source: ABI Research (March 2013)

9 Investors Genoa 26/07/2013

10 Price of an App Women install 40% more apps than men, buy 17% more paid apps, and pay an astonishing 87% more for those apps. Sources: apsalar (april 2013) Genoa 26/07/2013

11 Timeline Genoa 26/07/2013

12 Advertising Female Magazines (e.g. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc.)
Other fields: internet (healthy lifestyle websites, blogs etc.) The best advertisement is the amount of downloads on the Android Market (5-star system) Genoa 26/07/2013

13 Monitoring and control
Survey (inside the App) 5-star system Forum / Android Market analysis Genoa 26/07/2013

14 Exit strategy No advertisement No investor GNU public license
Someone steal our idea and /or source code Bugs in our App No advertisement GNU public license Open-source software Genoa 26/07/2013

15 Team members skills Violeta Field Service Bogna Communication Diana
Engineering Francesco Marketing Medical and medical market knowledge, management of the projects; communication skills Communication and advertising knowledge. Knowledge of code structure, deep experience on common debugging and how to search, identify and correct it; independence of computing environment type. Market analysis and budget. Creator of spin-off Genoa 26/07/2013

16 Summary Final product: “RedY: an App for females”
Properly formed team and efficient work Real profit possibilities Improvement of intrapersonal skills Genoa 26/07/2013

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