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Social Networking: The Basics…Plus a Little More January 25, 2011 by Kendra Morton Owner AllCom Marketing Communications, Inc. Hashtag: #kmdma.

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1 Social Networking: The Basics…Plus a Little More January 25, 2011 by Kendra Morton Owner AllCom Marketing Communications, Inc. Hashtag: #kmdma

2 Age of Wow


4 What is Social Networking? The grouping of like-minded individuals into specific groups –i.e. small community or neighborhood Community of interest to connect with others Two types and Face-to-FaceOnline

5 Social Networking Websites known as social sites. –function like an online community of internet users –share common interests –create a profile and begin to socialize (watch, listen, engage) The friends that you can make are just one of the many benefits to social networking online.

6 Social Networking: One to Many

7 Popular Social Networking Sites

8 What is Facebook? Free social networking site Users can –create profiles –upload photos –send status updates –keep in touch with friends and family –Create events and groups of common interest

9 Facebook: The Numbers Over 500 million active users 50% of users sign in daily Average number of Facebook friends per user – 130 200 million users access Facebook via a mobile device US Population - over 309 million … US has over 111 million Facebook users

10 What is Twitter? Social networking tool Answer the question, What are you doing? Short text messages of 140 characters called tweets Also considered a microblog –allow users to exchange small elements of content; shorter than typical blog content

11 Twitter: The Numbers Over 100 million active users 55 million daily tweets 300,000 new users a day 37% of users update their Twitter status via a mobile phone The average age of a Twitter user in the U.S. is 39.1

12 Twitter Basics What are you doing? What we do on a daily basis is hidden –Time, distance, responsibilities Share with those who want to know Bite-sized updates … 140 characters Follow the updates about people that matter and vice-versa –Friends, family –Hobby or key interest; look for the experts Best way to discover whats new in your world

13 Twitter Basics (contd) You dont have to tweet to get value Follow those you admire … your heros –Learn from what others post –Be entertained –Simply follow along Have something to say? Join the conversation Post your status, what youre up to –Why do we care? Dont listen to that. Like what you see? Retweet –Click of a button provided by Twitter

14 Twitter: Frequently Asked Questions Can I block people from following me? –Yes; they wont be able to send you messages or follow you Can I delete a tweet Ive posted? –Yes; trash icon –Cant make changes to a tweet Is my profile public? –Default set to public –Protect my updates in account settings so only those you approve can follow tweets & view profile How do I know who is following me? –Twitter sends email updates; set up email preferences in profile Can I post pictures to Twitter? –TwitPic How do I send updates? – and as texts from a mobile phone

15 Facebook: Account Set-Up Join Facebook to connect with friends, share photos and create your profile – –Fill in the blanks (name, email, password, birthdate) Encourage authenticity, age appropriate content Can hide birthday in profile settings

16 Facebook: Profile Profile info allows you to share your interests and activities Click on profile in the right-hand corner and then edit profile will allow you to edit/add to your info at anytime Heres where you will add: –Basic information –Upload a profile picture (makes it easy for people to identify you) –Feature people (i.e. spouse) –Education, work, interests, activities, entertainment, sports, philosophy, etc. –Contact information

17 Facebook: Upload a profile picture Best way for friends and family to identify you as you! Upload a picture from your computer Click on take a picture to use your web cam

18 Facebook: Privacy Settings Two types –Connecting on Facebook Controls the information your friends will use to find you –Sharing on Facebook Controls who can see what you share on Facebook

19 Facebook: Privacy Settings (contd) Connecting on Facebook –Your name, profile picture, gender, networks and username are available to everyone because this info is essential to helping you connect –Gender helps Facebook describe you (for example, "Add her as a friend"). –Networks are open to everyone so network members can see who they will be sharing information with before they choose "Friends and Networks" for any of their privacy settings High school classes, colleges, professional, groups, etc. –Other information in this section, including hometown, activities and experiences, is open to everyone by default, but you can change that

20 Facebook: Privacy Settings (contd) Connecting on Facebook Who can search for you, send you friend requests, send you messages, see your friends list, and see your education, where you live, likes, etc. Choices –Everyone –Friends and networks –Friends of Friends –Friends only This is how connections find you!

21 Facebook: Privacy Settings (contd) Sharing on Facebook Who can see what you share –Posts, family, my bio, my political views (if I entered), interests, photos, contact info, and things others post –Choices are Everyone Friends and networks Friends of friends Friends only Customize

22 Facebook: Privacy Facts Take the time to set all of your privacy settings as soon as account is created When in doubt Friends Only Dont trust the Facebook recommended settings…customize Dont accept friend requests from people you dont know – EVER! Photo album – friends only; more intimate, personal moments Pay attention to email notifications

23 Facebook: Privacy Facts (contd) Report abuse (threats, inappropriate posts/images) to Facebook using the posted Report links available Dont post trip information or specifics Dont be afraid to join public groups with similar interests; just limit what you post on the walls of these groups Be tolerant of requests…you are not the only person with your name! Dont use Facebook to harass, spread rumors, etc… social utility not an anti-social utility Its not a popularity contest … dont worry about the numbers

24 Facebook: Tips and Tricks Your Wall – Your friends may write on your wall to communicate with you; you post on your wall to let your friends know what you are up to Like Button – gives positive feedback to another about something he or she posted News Feed – continuous stream of updates about your friends activities Poke – casual gesture; just says I am thinking about you Removing a friend – go to that persons profile, click Unfriend along the left side (you will be removed from their list as well)

25 Facebook: Tips and Tricks (contd) Controlling what you see in your news feed (i.e. game applications) Hover your cursor over the post and click the x that appears Select the option from the drop down, i.e. remove post, remove application, hide, etc. Deleting a post – hover over the post, click the x Privacy settings by individual post Create the post, but before hitting share click on the lock symbol and change the privacy setting for that post Search a friend Enter name, find the right friend (a photo helps), and click on Add as friend Dont add that person if you are not sure its who you know Photos Go to your profile page by clicking on your name in the upper left corner Click on photo and then select the option you want (upload a single photo, create an album, or take a picture from your web cam)

26 A final thought … Social networking doesnt change the fact that relationships take time and it certainly doesnt replace a smile.

27 Resources Facebook privacy controls Facebook Help Center!/help/?topic=new _profile!/help/?topic=new _profile – URL shortener for Twitter and Facebook –Dont use up your character spaces for posting long web links –Simple copy and paste functionality; dont have to set up an account

28 Contact Information Kendra Morton Owner, AllCom Marketing Communications, Inc. 937.431.8769 (office) 937.478.9427 (mobile) Kendra @ Follow me on Twitter at

29 BACK UP SLIDES Back up slides

30 What is LinkedIn? Over 80 million members Professional use & networking –Connections in a job field, industry, or company Helps professionals exchange ideas, knowledge and opportunities –Establish a profile –Find experts –Stay in touch with colleagues & friends –Explore opportunities (new jobs, win new clients

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