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2011-2012 SUPPORT STAFF SERVICE PROJECT Illinois Valley Food Pantry

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1 2011-2012 SUPPORT STAFF SERVICE PROJECT Illinois Valley Food Pantry

2 Easter Basket Distribution April 4-12 Collected food and monetary donations to help fill the need for an estimated 600 Easter baskets. $267.77 246 lbs. Cookout July 13 $555.86

3 Cereal and Macaroni & Cheese Drive July 27-August 17 IVFP expressed a specific need for these two items. Collected 55 boxes of cereal 100 boxes of macaroni & cheese 131 lbs.

4 Penny Wars September 12-October 6 TEAMSNET PENNIESTOTAL Jalapeno Penny Poppers$129.27$208.47 Full of Cents$48.41$82.21 Pennies Talk$17.90$134.00 Copper Crusaders$4.13$64.53 Penny Pinchers$-6.69$51.21 Penny Warriors$-26.32$80.48 Retail Therapy$-28.53$166.57 TOTAL$787.47 A special thank you to Ida Brown for baking her famous pies for the winning team!

5 Zombie Photo Contest & Raffles October 26-30 6 photos submitted Lobby voting took place on Oct. 26 & 27 and at the theatre production of The Haunted Halloween Show on Oct. 28-30. Voting options: Cash or food donation Raffles were available at the theatre production $504.15 128 lbs. A special thank you to the Theatre Department for advertising our event and allowing us to have a table at their production.

6 Zombie Events (continued) Photo Contest Winner Zombie eating her dog Brianna Purcell (Daughter of IVCC student Jackie Heim) Brianna spending her Bookstore gift card. A special thank you to Jan Vogelgesang for donating the Bookstore gift card for this event.

7 Food for Fines November 7-18 Each item donated was used to pay $1.00 in overdue fines up to a maximum of 25 items to pay $25.00. Jacobs Library forgave $95.50 in fines 137 items collected 107 lbs. $2.00 donation to the IVFP

8 Craft Fair November 30 Proceeds raised from vendor fees, raffles, a bake sale and gentle used holiday items. $1,500.07

9 Food Fight January 30-February 10 Winning team determined by the most items collected. Teams and Totals Administration – 230 Faculty – 625 Support Staff – 755 Students – 81 1,691 items 1,516 lbs.

10 Great Book Giveaway February 29 Proceeds collected through raffles and donations for books. Raffles: $167.00 Donations for Books: $517.71 Total: $684.71

11 Lasagna Dinner March 14 The idea for this event came from Country Catering. The lasagna was DELICIOUS! 150 meals sold $402.75 A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO COUNTRY CATERING. THE VALUE OF THEIR GENEROSITY IS PRICELESS!

12 Thank You!! IVFP Project Team Sandy Beard Theresa Carranco Lorri Foockle Kim Herout Diane Kreiser Sheri Mitchum Sherri Popurella Sherry Stickney Mary Tully Eileen Twardowski Jan Vogelgesang Dawn Watson Shipping & Receiving Raeleen Bartolt Lolita Schmitz For providing us with storage space and assisting us with the packaging & delivering items for several events. Country Catering For donations to the Cookout and the Lasagna Dinner and participation in Penny Wars. IVCC Professor Paul Leadingham, his welding classes, and Doris Leadingham for their numerous raffle donations. A special thank you to IVCC student Travis McLaughlin for his creations. The endless generosity and support of the Support Staff, Faculty, Administration, Students and IVCC Community Facilities For meeting all our set-up and equipment needs for all events.

13 Total Donations to the IVFP 2,128 lbs. Total monetary donations: In 2011, Feeding Americas valued a pound of food at $1.66. Value of our food donation: $3,532.48 $4,754.78 Total pounds of food collected:

14 $8,287.26 Total Value Of All Donations to the IVFP

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