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Download the Software at:

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1 Download the Software at:


3 Register for the Competition


5 Make sure to enter the Local Contest Code DEBC!! At the bottom, you can choose either of the three options based on your age/schooling

6 You can work individually or as a team!





11 You are registered! Now, open up the software and create a bridge! You can submit as many bridges as you want by clicking Choose File

12 Open up the software!

13 Read the goal of your bridge design!

14 Make sure you hit Yes, with a 4-character Local Contest Code!

15 You can choose any type of option that you want!

16 Choose your Deck material and Loading!

17 If you want, you can use a template!

18 Give a name and a project ID if you want to, and then hit finish!

19 Create your nodes first!

20 Connect your nodes by dragging one node onto another with the second tool key highlighted.

21 Test your bridge by clicking the button in the top left. Here, the bridge isnt stable enough!

22 Change the size of your bars to hold more weight!

23 Check the price and if it succeeded in holding up the Truck!

24 You can change the type of steel!

25 You can change your bar type!

26 Submit your designs by December 21. The Open Round (the first round of competition) will end by that date! Then, the top ten scores will be invited to the Final Round at the University of Delaware! Cash Prizes will be awarded to the winners!!

27 The goal is to build the bridge that passes the load test at the lowest cost. You can submit as many times as you want. You can check the scoreboard at: BC.htm BC.htm For more information, go to Questions? Contact Martin Kurian at or Vickram Rajendran at

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