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How does it work? (online) Assessment Tool.

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1 How does it work? (online) Assessment Tool

2 How does it work? (online) You just go into the website at anytime and put in a login code. The assessment is ‘adaptive’ so the questions get harder or easier based on each answer you give. There is no time limit and you can leave the assessment and come back later to finish it if you need to. There are around 15 – 17 questions and it takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. You can’t go back over questions once you’ve answered a section of questions and you can’t skip questions.

3 How does it work? Type your login code in the space and left-click the Log in button.

4 Are you Joan Blogs? You need to verify that you are the right person. This is to check that you’ve typed in the correct login. How it works

5 You can choose to try the practice (this doesn’t get assessed) or go straight to the actual assessment. How it works

6 Left-click on the button next to the answer you think is the right one. Then left-click on the Submit button. How it works – clicking on ‘buttons’

7 How it works – highlighting part of the text Just left-click the words you want to highlight; it will automatically highlight in yellow. You don’t have to click-and-drag.

8 You can go back to the previous question, while you are working on this piece of text - if you want to re-think your answer. How it works – going back to the previous question However, once the text changes, you can no longer go back.

9 Left-click on the button in line with the statement and under the heading you think is right. How it works – True / False and Yes / No questions Both parts of the question must be answered.

10 After completing the Practice assessment, left-click on the “Start Assessment” button. Note: You don’t actually need to do the Practice Assessment if you are confident with clicking on buttons, highlighting text, and scrolling up and down (when the text is longer than your computer screen). How it works

11 How it works – some typical questions


13 You may have to scroll down to see the whole text. Left-click and hold on the scroll bar and move it up and down to see the whole text.

14 You get a smiley face when you have finished! Left-click on View Report to get your results. How it works

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