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Civil Engineering Club - sponsored by ASCE What is Civil Engineering Club? After-school club for High School students Recommended for Students with expressed.

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2 Civil Engineering Club - sponsored by ASCE What is Civil Engineering Club? After-school club for High School students Recommended for Students with expressed interest in engineering/STEM Student Centered Activity Based Vehicle for creating a sustainable partnership

3 Get Section/Branch Support Recruit Volunteers Find a school/recruit a faculty advisor Register with ASCE Plan with Faculty Advisor Club Launch Ongoing Planning Weekly 60 minute Club meetings Site Visit Rinse and Repeat Plan for next year Evaluate and Report Club Finale Get Supplies Fundraising? Event with ASCE student chapter? Civil Engineering Club - sponsored by ASCE How does the Club work? *

4 Faculty Advisor Lead Engineer Supporting Engineer Volunteers Other local companies, schools, and organizations that provide support Teamwork is key! Civil Engineering Club - sponsored by ASCE

5 Benefits of establishing a CE Club Fun! Invites new engagement among ASCE members Advances the Profession Promotes ASCE & Civil Engineering Generates Good Will in the Community Civil Engineering Club - sponsored by ASCE

6 Civil Engineering Club - sponsored by ASCE Key players in this educational partnership StudentsSchools ASCE volunteers provide expertise and personalize the experience! Students bring interest in engineering and enthusiasm! High schools offer support and a faculty advisor

7 Civil Engineering Club - sponsored by ASCE WANTED: Fearless Leaders!! Students Schools Desire to lead Passion! Ability to work collaboratively YOU! Volunteers Time


9 Why is outreach so important for HS students? Creates Real World Connections Creates Awareness of Civil Engineering Provides Role Models and Dispels Stereotypes Develops Technological Literacy Builds Students Self Identification with Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Club - sponsored by ASCE

10 ASCE Hawaii Clubs Presentation Created by Jon Young ASCE Hawaii CE Club Coordinator and Outreach Chair

11 Hawaii Club Goals Develop an organization Provide an uniform experience Share resources Interact between schools

12 Hawaii Club Presentation Club activities Club schedule Newsletter

13 Goals for the Students The club activities will accomplish the following goals: Learn the design process Improve problem solving abilities Improve written and spoken communications Improve time management Practice team work and respect for others Show appreciation Value giving back to your community Learn about college – opportunities, meet students

14 Club Activities

15 Club Meetings After school 60 to 90 minutes long Twice monthly Meeting Agenda Items: Club Business Guest Speakers Brain Teasers (i.e. SO ND JF ??) Activity (i.e. marshmallow tower ASCE Module (i.e. bridges) Design Contest (i.e. parking lot layout)

16 University of Hawaii Campus Visit Visit Holmes Hall -- UH Manoa Campus – Learn about the college – Engineering labs – Classrooms – Meet college students Priority are Juniors

17 Career Shadowing Visit Consulting Companies – Small group – 5 students maximum – See the inside of a consulting firm – Learn what engineers do – Understand the other professions that are needed to operate a consulting firm Priority are Seniors

18 Site Visits Possibilities: – Construction Sites – Existing Facilities – Manufacturing Sites Where Applicable – Discuss the design process Possible Site Visit: Rail Project in Kapolei

19 Service Projects Club members are encouraged to participate in service projects to give back to the community Join the ASCE Student Chapter on their service projects Opportunity to meet UH students Hahaione Stream & Street Clean Up

20 Guest Speakers All speakers: – High school – College – Explain their decision Topics: – Careers – Project affecting their school – Other topics of interest to the clubs Guest speaker once a quarter

21 ASCE 2013-14 Engineering Module Water Module: Water Sense Activity -- 1 meeting Engineered Water Supplies Activity -- 1 meeting Irrigation Activity -- 1 meeting Water Filtering Activity -- 2 meetings Optional speaker, field trip, or community service activities -- 1 – 3 meetings The Saint Louis School club participated in the testing of the Irrigation Activity

22 2013-14 Design Contest Parking Lot Layout Design: Practice Lot -- 1 meeting Lot #1 and regulations -- 1 meeting Lot #2 and report format including costs -- 1 meeting Lot #3 and judging score sheet -- 1 meeting Select lot and CPM schedule – 1 meeting Work on project -- 1 – 4 meetings Top 3 designs will make a presentation at the end of year gathering This years parking lot to layout


24 Club T-Shirt Design Contest One design for the Hawaii clubs Club shirts will be in their school colors Design contest between clubs 2012-13 Club t-shirt: design by Farrington High School

25 Club Schedule

26 1st Quarter Club sign-up Club meeting (2 per month) Guest speaker UH campus visit (juniors) Club t-shirt design contest Start ASCE module Service projects (on-going)

27 2nd Quarter Club meeting (2 per month) Guest speaker Site visit Complete ASCE module ASCE student chapter fun and games Service projects (on-going)

28 3rd Quarter Club meeting (2 per month) Guest speaker Career Shadowing (seniors) Start design contest Service projects (on-going)

29 4th Quarter Club meeting (2 per month) Guest speaker Complete design contest Service projects (on-going) End of year gathering

30 End of Year Gathering Welcome and acknowledgements Design contest presentations 3D tic tac toe competition Awards: – 3D tic tac toe competition – West Point Bridge Design contest – Judges assessment of design contest entries – Design contest awards Lunch

31 CE Club Monthly Newsletter Content: Message from the CE Club Coordinator Reports from each school written by the students My First Engineering Job Calendar of events for upcoming month Sponsors logos

32 CE Club Monthly Newsletter Distribution: Club members Club faculty and administration Club leaders in Hawaii and the other states University of Hawaii STEM staff Sponsors ASCE student chapter executive committee ASCE parent chapter members ASCE National CE Club staff

33 Questions? Thank You!

34 Hawaii Organization

35 Hawaii Organization CE Club Coordinator (Jon Young) Site visits/field trips (various) Career shadowing (Taka Kimura) Guest speakers (Eric Young) UH campus visit (Jon Young) Service projects (Jon Young) Design Contest (Mark Rau) End of year gathering (vacant) T-shirts (Jon Young) Fund raising (Jon Young) Newsletter (Jon Young)

36 CE Club Coordinator Represents Hawaii with ASCE National Represents the club at local activities Promotes the clubs Leads the planning effort Any thing else that is required to make the clubs a success.

37 Role of the Lead Engineer Commitment: 2 club meetings per month Attend end of year gathering Do monthly report which will be incorporated into the ASCE Outreach committee report. Get report and photos for monthly newsletter Coordinate with school Fundraise

38 Role of the Lead Engineer Attend 3 planning meetings: End of the year (late April) – Final details for end of year gathering – Discuss the past year – Discuss plans for next year Before school starts (mid-July) – Confirm plans for the year Winter Break (late December) – Progress to date – Refinements

39 Role of the Faculty Advisor The faculty advisor needs to be at the meetings. It is also important that the faculty advisor be engaged in the activities that we do as a club. The students need someone on campus that they can turn to for advice. The faculty advisor needs to encourage the students to participate in the planned activities. The faculty advisor needs to make sure that Thank you notes are sent. The faculty advisor needs to ensure that the students do the report of the meeting and other activities in a timely manner.

40 Site Visits/Field Trips Everyone needs to look for field trips. It would be good if all clubs did the same field trip, but that does not preclude clubs from doing excursions on their own. The lead person would change depending on the field trip. If more than one school attends at a time (most likely scenario), need to coordinate the field trip. Need to keep database of the field trip, company, company contact, schools attended

41 Career Shadowing Everyone needs to look for companies to participate. There is a guideline for companies to follow. Once a company has been paired with a club, the club leader or the faculty advisor will coordinate with the company. Need to keep a database of: Companies contacted and contact person Date, company and club for each event

42 Guest Speakers Everyone needs to look for guest speakers. For the club, need to keep track of: Persons contacted Speaker info: Name, contact info, high school, college, brief bio Speaking engagement and brief description of presentation. Club leaders will work with school to determine topics and will schedule speakers.

43 UH Campus Visit Coordinate available dates with the UH. Coordinate with club leaders and we may need to have more than one school visit. Develop campus visit schedule.

44 Service Projects The clubs will be invited to join the UH ASCE Student Chapter on their service projects: Work with Student Chapter on their schedule Inform club leaders of projects Get head count of participants from club leaders Inform Student Chapter of participants Clubs may do their own service projects.

45 Design Contest Plan contest Get Judges Too much to explain on a couple of slides For consideration: Different contest every year – very difficult to execute Same contest – similar to PBB Contest

46 End of Year Gathering Set date, time and place – get consensus among clubs. Reserve room Secure equipment needed for the event Find volunteers Make arrangements for lunch Set budget Goal is for the event to have basically the same agenda each year.

47 T-shirts Get t-shirt design entries from each school Get vote from club leaders and faculty advisors Once design is select, get the following from club leaders: -Color shirt and ink -Orders -Money Place t-shirt order Pick-up and distribute t-shirts to club leader

48 Other Business

49 Common Storage Area We hope to have an outreach website and Facebook page. However, we still need a less public place to save shared files. Discussion Points: Suggestions: Google Docs; Dropbox Available to Club Leaders and Faculty Advisors Directory structure Filename convention

50 Fund Raising The clubs are part of ASCE, which is a non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible Club finances will be kept by the CE Club Coordinator Each club will need to be self-funded (suggest the idea of engineering companies in the neighborhood funding the club) Each club will handle it owns expenses All clubs will contribute to the end of year gathering based on a per person cost

51 FinancialRecords All donations will be made to ASCE All expenses will be reimbursed CE Club Coordinator will keep a separate account for each club Reports will be issued monthly ------------------------------------------------------------------------- All requests for donations must be given to the CE Club Coordinator. The CE Club Coordinator will keep a master list to avoid clubs asking the same companies for donation.

52 Club Communications Farrington is using Facebook

53 Newsletter Monthly Newsletter is in 5 parts: Note from CE Club Coordinator – Jon Reports from each school – Student members My first engineering job – Jon Calendar – clubs Sponsors – Jon Goals: Get report and photos within 3 days of activity Draft newsletter out by the 3 rd of the month Review by leaders by the 7 th of the month Distributed on the 8 th of the month

54 Newsletter First Issue of the Newsletter: Introduce Schools Introduce Engineering Leaders Introduce Faculty Advisors

55 CE Club Brochure ASCE National is developing one Suggest the Hawaii clubs have one Brochures used to promote clubs

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