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The Third International Fire & Safety Conference & Expo

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1 The Third International Fire & Safety Conference & Expo
Crisis Management Systems - Stephen Johnson

2 - Stephen Johnson
GOOD EVENING & WELCOME Stephen Johnson MIFireE Over 31 years Fire & Rescue service experience Worked on behalf of the British Government and United Nations, in the UK, Middle East and Kosovo, in the field of Operational Emergency Preparedness and Response. Developed and delivered a variety of training innovations for public and private establishments. Developed and delivered Leadership/Incident Command mentoring Programmes worldwide Advisor and assessor to numerous UK Fire & Rescue Services on Incident Command. - Stephen Johnson

3 - Stephen Johnson
“SHUKRAN” - Stephen Johnson

4 - Stephen Johnson
SHARED VISION Message Kuwait Fire Service Directorate : The aim of the Kuwait fire service directorate is to provide necessary protection to life and property from fires, collapses, events and natural disasters and their prevention. The vision approach of the Kuwait fire service is ranked first in distinction among the government agencies and the civil bodies in Kuwait. - Stephen Johnson

5 Mabrook, You’ve come along way!
- Stephen Johnson

6 History of Major Disasters & Incident Preparedness
Emergency Management Systems 2. Advanced Communication Technology 3. Global Awareness, Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness 4. Pro-active Strategies 5. Rights and Community Based Approach 6. Disaster Preparedness 7. Effective Action - Stephen Johnson

7 History of Major Disasters & Incident Preparedness Cont…
The 1948 Civil Defence Act The Local Government Act 1972 The Civil Protection in Peacetime Act of 1986 The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 Perceptions of emergency planning changed towards the end of the 1980s for two main reasons. - Changes in the world situation after the cold war. - there was a succession of tragic events in the UK during the late 1980s May Bradford City football stadium fire Dec 1988 Clapham rail crash Aug Manchester airport Boeing 737 fire Dec 1988 Lockerbie Air Disaster Mar 1987 – Herald of Free Enterprise capsizes Jan 1989 Kegworth Air crash Nov 1987 – Kings Cross fire Apr 1989 Hillsborough tragedy Jul 1988 – Piper Alpha Aug 1989 Marchioness sinking - Stephen Johnson

8 History of Major Disasters & Incident Preparedness Cont….
Failings in risk assessment and appropriate prevention mechanisms. Lack of joined-up planning. Poor inter-agency co-operation, collaboration and command and control Response deficiencies in handling casualty enquiries, communication procedures, providing material and psychological welfare to survivors and relatives. Our study of major incidents around the world has lead us to develop bespoke Crisis Management Systems - Stephen Johnson

9 Introduction to Crisis Management Systems
BE WARNED….. There is a tension between planning for a crisis and dealing with a crisis. The more elaborate the plan, the more likely it is to be ignored!!!! We need living, workable plans that link Operational Procedures to the training of our personnel. OUR PEOPLE ARE THE KEY!! - Stephen Johnson

International Accreditations of Standards & Procedures Strategic Operational Risk Analysis & Mapping Emergency & Contingency Planning – Industrial Sector DAY 2 Mr. Bob Mckee Mr. Orlando Hernandez Mr. Donald Garringer Building a National Response Capability for Disasters Promoting Community Safety in the Home DAY 3 Mr. Brian Ward Mr. Peter Dartford - Stephen Johnson

11 - Stephen Johnson
To Conclude… Enjoy your Conference. “Shukran” - Stephen Johnson

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