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WELDMENTS Steve Ostrovsky – TPM – CSW (PISTEW).

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1 WELDMENTS Steve Ostrovsky – TPM – CSW (PISTEW)


3 Weldment Topics Weldment Profiles - Setup 3dSketching & How to Select Lines Groups v Members Custom Profiles Custom Properties (Tab Builder) Wood Weldment w/ Sheet Metal Weldment with no Members Drawings – Cut Lists, Single Bodies

4 Pictures can also be presented more dramatically in widescreen. Widescreen Pictures

5 Weldment Profiles - Setup Setup network location for Weldment Profiles Folders must be setup in correct order Tools > Options > File Locations > Weldment Profiles Design Library SolidWorks Content CTRL+Click to download

6 3DSketching & Sketch Considerations Quick 3DSketch Tips Sketch line & selection considerations Planar Connected end to endIndividual Segments Disconnected Parallel Cant select at intersection

7 Groups & Members Order of selection in groups determines how segments will be trimmed First selected will stay full length Last select will be trimmed to meet first

8 Custom Profiles Use existing, modify Use Dimensions to drive Description From scratch – Save As Library Feature Asked to create simplified library feature part – NO After created – Add Sketch to Library No Green L and you get Empty Library Feature error when using profile

9 Custom Properties Property Tab builder Must select Cut-List Item to apply Weldment Custom Form otherwise it will default to part form Adding Properties to Profiles Bulk Property Update via Weldment Feature Multiple Materials

10 Wood No real profile database exists – create your own Can use Weldments without using Structural Members

11 Weldments & Sheet Metal New to SolidWorks 2010 Sheet Metal parts now get a Cut-List Multiple Sheet Metal bodies in one part

12 Weldments without Weldments Dont always have to use structural members to take advantage of Weldment tools Insert just the Weldment Feature Turns off Merge Result Insert > Part Inserts part as if it were welded – custom properties follow over Cut-list turn into psuedo part BOM

13 Drawings – Cut Lists, Single Bodies Cut Lists Relative View - detailing

14 More Info …



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