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Welcome to Cloud-hosted church management system - Version 2011 (Click the Next Slide icon, Previous Slide icon, or Home icon to move from page to page.

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1 Welcome to Cloud-hosted church management system - Version 2011 (Click the Next Slide icon, Previous Slide icon, or Home icon to move from page to page. Press ESC to exit)

2 Presenting RDS Connect ® features. Click on the center button to move to the beginning. You may press your ESC key to exit. For more details about RDS Advantage ©, see web site,

3 Two Ways to Use RDS Applications: RDS Advantage © church management applications are installed on your on-site server, and accessed by workstations on your network. Remote access can be used with Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or third party remote applications. Download updates from the RDS website. RDS Connect © is hosted on a Tier III data center using Cloud technology. SaSS - this is Software as a Secure Service. All RDS Advantage © applications and accounting are included. Data security, backup, updates, software and hardware administration are provided as a service. Use 32 and 64 bit Windows and Macs.

4 RDS Connect © Your complete hosted-in-the-Cloud church management system · Work from any location with Internet access · RDS Connect © is SaSS (software as a secure service) · Hosted on a Tier III data center with 256 bit SSL encryption · More time in ministry and less time managing software and hardware · Installation, updates and daily backups are done for you · Access with Windows or Mac workstations · Reduced hardware (IT) management costs · Remote Deposit Capture for contribution and receivable checks · Unlimited toll-free customer phone support · Constant Contact interfaced with RDS for bulk e-mail · Includes the powerful RDS Advantage applications (Accounting, Check-In, Library, Scheduler, more-more-more) Backed by 27 years of successful service to churches and not-for-profit organizations

5 RDS Connect ® is Cloud Hosted: Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, in which shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand. Users do not need expertise in, or control over, the technology infrastructure "in the Cloud" that supports them. Cloud computing delivers RDS Connect © applications online as if they were installed locally on their own computer, accessed by a Web browser while the software and data are stored on Tier III Data Center servers. Software as a Service (SaaS) by RDS Connect © is software that is accessed utilizing Microsoft server technology for redundancy and security, on a subscription basis. Software as a secure service (SaSS) is a variation of SaaS that provides security in the link to the service, content storage on the service, and non-proprietary format data backups and restores of data stored on the service. RDS Connect © is an SaSS product.

6 · Rapid implementation - The ability for existing RDS Advantage users to convert to SaaS quickly and efficiently. · Minimizes risk - The SaSS model alleviates many of the burdens associated with the traditional on-site model. Backups are done automatically. Little or no need for technical assistance on-site. ·Accessibility - Organizations and users can access the applications anytime, from anywhere the Internet is available. · Subscription based pricing - Subscription based pricing reduces the capital investment of on-premise pricing. This provides users with minimal capital outlay. · Scalability - Organizations can add users instantly by updating their number of concurrent users. · Security – Applications are hosted on a Tier III Data Center, providing maximum security and up-time. 256 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. · Simplified software management - Updates are on-line promptly. Spend less time managing and more time in ministry. · Unlimited and prompt phone call support included. · You are updated to the newest features at all times. Benefits of RDS Connect ® :

7 Hear what users are saying about RDS Connect: " Highland Hills was among the first to experience RDS In The Cloud. We are very pleased with the security and many administrative advantages of an off site application and data management. The implementation has gone well. It has been a pleasure to work with the RDS staff to adapt this new way of doing business. As usual, they have been very responsive to our concerns and have been very willing to consider our suggestions and ideas. - Eddie Bobo, Highland Hills Baptist Church, Oklahoma City As new users in the Cloud, we have noticed faster response times when working in our database. Logging in and out of the Cloud system is a breeze. And although, we havent yet experienced this we know we are going to absolutely love the fact that we do not have to ever again install any updates, instead this will be done for us by the good folks at RDS. However, the main benefit to our church is that our bookkeeper, who works off premises, is able to access the database from her home. This in itself is the greatest advantage to us. - Jody McBride, Covenant Community Church, Yukon, OK "I just wanted to let you know how much we love using the Cloud version of RDS. We have had several snow days this winter when I could not get to the office and the Cloud allowed me to do some necessary work from my laptop at home. I also really like not having to worry about whether my computer backups are happening. Thanks for this huge upgrade!! - Audrey Williams, The Porch Co., Nashville, TN "Within the last 2 months we have moved over to the RDS Cloud here at FBC Kingfisher. Before going on the cloud we had fallen somewhat behind on the RDS updates. A huge plus to being on the cloud is the fact that we will never have to worry about not being on the latest version ever again since these updates are automatically done for us by RDS. Another thing that gives us great peace of mind is the fact that we know all of our data stored in RDS is backed up in a remote location should anything ever happen to our computer. The system is working great for us and we highly recommend it to all! Thank you to the RDS Staff for all you do for us and for your great support that is always there for us! You are a genuine blessing to us! - Nancy Holthe, First Baptist Church, Kingfisher, OK

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