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Making it easier… ServiceOntario Showcase Ontario 2006.

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1 making it easier… ServiceOntario Showcase Ontario 2006

2 ServiceOntario In Person Online By Phone making it easier…

3 Everyday, were making it easier for Ontario businesses and individuals to access government information and services ServiceOntario

4 In Person making it easier…

5 Everyday… 64 ServiceOntario Centres 51 Registry Offices 70 self-serve kiosks 42 libraries provide information and services… and SO much more… to clients across Ontario In Person

6 Online making it easier…

7 Online Everyday… 20,000 Ontario customers go online to find: – information from all Ontario ministries – over 400 forms – birth certificates …guaranteed! – and SO much more...

8 By Phone making it easier…

9 By Phone Everyday… 2,200 citizens call ServiceOntario to: – get information and directions to the right ministry – ask for help on our website – register a business – buy a publication… – and much, much more…

10 ServiceOntario Access Value Quality Trust … Every time!

11 ServiceOntario making it easier

12 Showcase 2006 Bob Stark, CEO ServiceOntario ServiceOntario

13 ServiceOntario Showcase 2006 Bob Stark, CEO ServiceOntario

14 Introduction Making it easier… Retail Expert & Best in the world… ServiceOntario of the future? – Whats does the customer have to look forward to? – Whats in it for you?

15 Making it easier… An invigorated mandate Cabinet support and budget IT foundation to support our clients present and future needs Talented, skilled staff A new vision to pursue

16 ServiceOntario of the future What is retail expert going to look like… – To the retailer: ServiceOntario – To the shareholders: the Ontario government and its ministries – To the customer – To staff

17 Vision Be recognized for meeting or exceeding customer expectations with our service, solutions, leadership, and people… Every time!

18 Service Offerings New & enhanced services that are integrated to create an outstanding service experience Brand Strong brand positioning & excellent value propositions Customer Service Effective & integrated channel development with superior customer service in all channels Cost Effective Service Delivery Operational excellence & effective process management in our service offerings Partnerships Reliable, accountable & agile infrastructure supporting strong delivery partnerships High Performance Organization Highly skilled & energized people with superior team attitudes & desire to achieve results Whats it going to take…

19 Government services are still not perceived to be easy to access – 33% of citizens agree that they can readily access the government services they need. – 29% feel that they cannot readily access the services they need. Citizens who are able to complete their service experience on the first contact provide higher value ratings than others Citizens give consistently lower value ratings to more complex service experiences What People Are Thinking

20 Value How do we deliver?

21 Linking Employees and Customers The Value Chain Increase Employee Engagement Improve Customer Satisfaction Improve Organizational Performance Increase confidence & trust in public institutions

22 The Client Experience Customer Satisfaction Performance…

23 The Client Experience What is Important to Customers…

24 Value Chain Principles Employee satisfaction results from several factors, the most important are: – Fairness of management – Quality of ones peers in the workplace – Opportunity for personal growth on the job – Capability – the latitude to deliver results to customers – Levels of customer satisfaction achieved in customer-facing jobs (the mirror effect) – Monetary compensation.

25 Today, were enhancing customer experience: Ministry of Transportation online transactions Land Registry Office e-registration technology Enterprise Content Management System ServiceOntario of the future

26 Results: What People Are Saying Well done! I wish all government application processes were as easy and user friendly. Thank You Excellent. Very seamless registration process. Best of all, its one- stop-shop to get 3 things done. Its a revolution in government services! Good work getting all 3 levels of government to work together. All I can comment is its easy and I save a huge amount of time. I just wish you could do this for your passport too. Your service allows an individual to do the work themselves at a greater cost reduction. Plus the ability to contact you directly. Dont change a thing!!!! This state of the art service is really great as it saves time and efforts. I wish you good luck for the future Phases of this initiative.

27 Tomorrow, what will the ServiceOntario experience look like? Who knows? You? E-mail, and a destination website Wireless mobility –crackberries –bluetooth –etc. ServiceOntario of the future

28 Were on our way… ServiceOntario… Wont you join us? Questions?


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