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913.888.0772 | Making Your Site Mobile-Ready Presented by: Mark Werner & Chris Smith.

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1 913.888.0772 | Making Your Site Mobile-Ready Presented by: Mark Werner & Chris Smith

2 Why Mobile?

3 Explosive Growth

4 Dominance in Information Gathering

5 Convenience of mobile commerce

6 Multi device is the new standard

7 What is Mobile-Ready? The ability for your constituents to engage with your institution at any time via any device

8 Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps Mobile Web = based on web browser Mobile Apps = based on the native device operating system Mobile web is our priority: Leverages our clients investment in iModules browser- based web technology Availability and compatibility across devices Greater reach and easier to find - Google it Easier to maintain and support There is no one-size fits all solution. Mobile apps will be enabled by future iModules API enhancements

9 Two Mobile-Ready Options Template Design Hybrid Design Both options utilize new flexible forms capability Both require content to be curated for mobile

10 Mobile-Ready Template Design Lower cost offering with easier to manage content Based on standardized mobile templates to present content Uses device detection in iModules platform to determine viewing device, then delivers the appropriate template Includes both smartphone and tablet templates with some branding customization

11 Mobile-Ready Hybrid Design Advanced design option that builds three separate design displays for desktop, tablet and phone Uses CSS media queries to determine (query) the device and then adjusts template to the appropriate break point Provides clients greater control over the branding look and feel of the mobile interface

12 Adaptive vs. Responsive iModules Mobile Web utilizes both adaptive and responsive web tech Use of breakpoints for tablet and smartphone is adaptive For display below smartphone, the template is responsive New flexible forms are responsive to the device Lot of overlap of these technologies and their definitions The differentiation is a highly technical conversation – the main thing is what works for your institution!

13 Mobile-Ready Benefits Deliver an intuitive mobile experience to your constituents Maintain a consistent message and brand for your institution Make it easier for your constituents to connect, consume and support the institution Provide seamless registration, donation, and membership transactions from any device Deploy specific mobile-based strategies for online giving and other institutional support Eliminate the need to manage multiple websites or channels Ensure member data and transactions are collected in your iModules reporting

14 913.888.0772 | Design and Demo

15 Mobile-Ready Template Design Key Features: – Device Detection Smartphone Templates Tablet Templates – Flexible Forms – Affordable Cost Demo Site:

16 Mobile-Ready Hybrid Design Key Features: – One Template Covers Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone – Flexible Forms – Fully customizible look and feel Demo Site:

17 Choosing a Mobile-Ready Option Care should be taken when trying to decide which product is right for your organization. Here are some things to consider: – What size staff does your organization have on hand to properly support content management? – What is the size of your budget? – Does your organization have strict branding guidelines that require a consistent look and feel across all devices? – Are only certain portions of your site needed for mobile access or does the entire site need to be accessible

18 913.888.0772 | Questions?

19 913.888.0772 | Thank you! Chris Smith Mark Werner

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