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Davisware GlobalEdge 2008 Entering a Customer Service Order.

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1 Davisware GlobalEdge 2008 Entering a Customer Service Order

2 Customer Master

3 Enter information for one (1) or more of the following: Customer Code Name City Telephone Number F8 – OK ***Note*** If attempting to record a Service Order for a New Customer the Customer Record must be set up first.

4 Customer Record Screen From this screen you can access the customers information, add equipment, and enter service orders. Note the Tabs that are available across the top of the screen. By clicking on the service order tab you can view all Open or Closed service orders and add new service orders. To switch to another customer click F6 – Find in the Navigation area on the lower right portion of the screen

5 Note the View section of the screen, This is where you can choose to view Open and/or Closed service Orders. By choosing both you will view all OPEN and all INVOICED Service Orders for the customer. At the bottom right of the screen is the section Service Order Operations. This is where you can access the service order details of any existing service order or choose to Add Service Order. F2 – Add Service Order Credit Hold info forthcoming

6 The Service Order Entry screen comes up.

7 The small file folder by some of the data fields is a Browse function. By clicking on the Envelope the data options for the field will come up for you to choose from. To Select an item from this list you must click the box on the right side of the list for the appropriate Request Code. By Selecting from the list of Request Codes the system will fill in the field on the form.

8 Enter the information for the service order in the appropriate fields. F8 - OK This will bring up the Add Schedule screen.

9 You may schedule the call to a technician for today or future date or choose to have it go to the OPENU Column for today or a future date. It is recommended that you schedule the call for the appropriate date, time and technician and select an Urgent code from this screen. Scheduling a call for current date, no technician assigned Verify Date and Time, Clear any tech info from the Tech field F8 - OK Scheduling a call directly to a technicians column Verify Date and Time, Enter the appropriate technician code in the Tech field. F8 - OK Scheduling a call for a future Date: Verify Date and Time Fields contain correct information. F8 – OK The Schedule Screen for the Service Order will appear

10 The Tabs at top of screen all pertain to information on the particular Service Order. Summary – Returns you to the main Service Order screen. ESC – Close will return you to the Customer Maintenance screen. In this case choose Summary

11 Adding another service call for this same customer: F2 – New Retains Customer Info but removes Service Call data from new record. Or Duplicate Retains Customer Information and Service call data Close Returns you to the Customer Maintenance screen. One line or Column Schedule returns you to your active dispatch board.

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