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Global Issues Practice Final

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1 Global Issues Practice Final

2 An individual’s viewpoint on a topic influenced by their culture:
Cultural diffusion Perspective Ideology Ethnocentrism Cultural relativism

3 Which statement is correct?
French is race; white is ethnicity Black is race; Zulu is ethnicity Spanish is race; Latino is ethnicity Latino is race; American is ethnicity None are true

4 Which element of culture reflects the values of society?
Economic system Government system Social organization Arts and literature Customs and traditions

5 Which statement is not true about families?
Extended families are larger than nuclear families Nuclear families consist of just the parents and children Families pass down cultural values Most American families are patriarchal where the father is the main authority figure Families vary based on societies

6 What is an effect of cultural diffusion?
Ethnocentrism becomes more common Trade breaks down Aspects of one culture blend into an existing culture Political systems become more oppressive Cultural barriers become more apparent

7 Determining which goods and services to produce, distribute, and for how much is which system of PEGS? Political Economic Geographic Social None

8 Determining who has power in and society and how they came to power is which system of PEGS?
Political Economic Geographic Social None

9 Which economic system has the majority of businesses owned/controlled by private individuals?
Communism Socialism Capitalism Marxism Traditional

10 Which economic system has the majority of industries and companies owned by the state/government?
Traditional Communism Socialism Capitalism Market

11 Determining the effects of a country’s location and resources is:
Political system Economic system Geographic system Social system None

12 Which vocab term best describes the political cartoon?
Cultural relativism Cultural diffusion Ethnocentrism Perspective Ideology

13 Which is not a standard of living indicator?
How many people can read and write How long people are expected to live based on the year they were born How many children a woman can have in her lifetime How many goods and services are produced by a country divided by its population How many children die before their first year

14 Which factors are used to determine a country’s GDP?
Who has control over the economy How many taxes people pay during a year How much a country owes in loans How many goods and services are produced How much a country spends in one year

15 Which does not affect the healthcare of a country?
Clean drinking water Access to medicine Adequate sanitation Literacy rates GDP per capita

16 What is one conclusion to draw from the chart?
When fertility rates are high, infant mortality rates are low When fertility rates are low, there is no change for the infant mortality rate Infant mortality rates naturally go up depending on GDP per capita When the fertility rates are high, so are infant mortality rates There is no correlation

17 Looking at age, sex, income of a population would be which term?
Population growth Ideology QOL Demographics Information technology

18 Which is a standard of living indicator?
Child mortality rate Fertility rate Infant mortality rate Population growth Access to information

19 Which of the following is not true about SOL?
It is measurable Takes into account material comfort Determines happiness of an area Can change yearly Correlates with HDI

20 Choose the answer that best matches the map:
The population density is mainly concentrated where there are more jobs Population density is the result of people having many children Population density is scattered to where there are industrial centers Population density seems to develop where there is access to water and/or resources Population density occurs in mostly democratic countries

21 Choose the answer that best matches the map based on infant mortality rates (IMR)
IMR are higher in corrupt nations IMR is lower in industrialized countries IMR is higher in areas where there is more medical care IMR is higher in areas where the literacy rate is high IMR is highly affected by natural disasters

22 Which answer best supports why European countries colonized Africa?
Africa had superior weapons African governments were similar to European countries European countries supported African development European countries wanted resources and spread their culture European countries wanted to help Africans

23 What was an effect from European Imperialism?
Strong, democratic governments Ability to access and utilize natural resources Reliance on cash crops Use of loans that improved their infrastructure Improved social system including medical care and education

24 Which is a true statement about World Bank loans?
Most nations repay loans quickly Loans are typically used to develop better education and medical centers Leaders who misuse loans are punished severely Loans are given to countries who do not rely on cash crops Loans typically hinder development in a country

25 Which statement best reflects what directly led to these photos:
Negative population growth Imperialism Containment policy Urbanization Human right violations

26 Which best reflects the main idea of the political cartoon?
The future looks bright for Africa The only way they can unite is through outside influences Africa is plagued by many problems Africa’s main issues are hunger and poverty All of Africa’s problems result from imperialism

27 Which is not a reason for desertification?
Drought Overgrazing Poor living conditions Poor farming techniques Poor irrigation

28 What term is best seen in this political cartoon?
World Bank Population growth Desertification Interdependence Multinational corporations

29 Which is not an effect of globalization?
Cultural diffusion especially from Western countries Interdependence Acceptance about all countries and cultures Growing economies Development of trade blocs like NAFTA

30 Underdeveloped industrial base, high fertility rate, reliance on cash crop, lower standard of living: Developed nation Developing nation Typically a(n) African, Asian, or Latin American country Typically a(n) US, European countries B & C

31 Which IGO would deal with a global issue such as a disease, conflict, human right violation?

32 Which characteristics match the population pyramid?
Country A is a developing nation Country B has a solid population growth Country A has a low rate of urbanization Country B has a lot of conflict and disease Country B has a rapid population growth Country A Country B

33 Which Unit 3 term is explained:
The US imports coffee from three main countries. Each company sets their own prices and determines policies. While some Congressional members would prefer better working conditions, they do not support banning these companies as they do not want to put any trade restrictions in place. NAFTA Fair trade Free trade Tariffs Boycotts

34 Which Unit 3 Economic System is Described:
To improve the American car industry several members of Congress voted to place tariffs on Japanese cars. Which economic system is not being practiced? Command Capitalism Marxism Socialism Communism

35 Which is not a characteristic of guerilla warfare?
Advanced weapons Surprise tactics Smaller groups Developing nations Hit and run attacks

36 Which right(s) are guaranteed through suffrage?
Right to vote Right to protest Right to participate in the government Right to a fair wage Right to adequate healthcare

37 Which right violation occurred during the Disappeared?
Right to movement Right to participate in the government Right to adequate housing Right to an education Right to marry and have a family

38 Which term best fits the scenario?
When Raul Castro became the leader of Cuba he began to privatize businesses instead of just state owned industries. Which economic system relies on individual ownership and control? Communism Socialism Marxism Capitalism Feudalism

39 Which relationship is correct?
Liberty; more human right protections Suffrage; more human right violations Education; more human right violations Democracy; more human right violations Nationalism; more human right protections

40 Which criticism is accurate about the UDHR?
It is too long It is too punitive It is too short It is too specific It is too Westernized

41 Which NGOs were created to protect and promote human rights?
Amnesty International and the United Nations Amnesty International and Red Cross Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Amnesty International and NAFTA Amnesty International and WHO

42 Which term is being described in the scenario below?
Sally enjoys working at the Parks and Recreation department and living in an eco-friendly apartment building nearby. She also shops at Fair Trade grocery stores and buys clothing from certain websites. Her ability to choose an alternative lifestyle reflects: Suffrage Nationalism Democracy Liberty Anarchy

43 Which government system has high instances of human right violations?
Democratic governments Oligarchies Governments that have established and follow constitutions Where many political parties are able to participate Where leaders have total control

44 Which is not true pertaining to the UDHR?
The goal was to punish WWII war criminals The goal was to make every country similar to the US The goal was to reduce arm development and use The goal was to reduce racism and establish moral responsibility The goal was to reduce US having to become involved in other countries’ affairs

45 Why do human right violations occur in Latin America?
Roman Catholic influences from colonialism prohibits religious expression Indigenous peoples are gaining too many rights There is opposition to the government The military is too weak to get involved Education is not a focus anymore

46 Which statement is true about the Nicaraguan and Cuban revolutions?
There was little international involvement The US was concerned about the spread of fascism The US did not feel a need to get involved in Nicaragua but instead with Cuba because of their close proximity The US only got involved with the Soviet Union established military bases in both countries The US felt under the Containment Policy both countries were a threat

47 Which of the following was not an action seen during the Cuban Revolution?
Increased trade with the USSR Improved education and healthcare US trying to overthrow Castro Development of nuclear weapons facing the US Key industries turned over to a select few, wealthy individuals

48 The development of NAFTA was opposed by which group the most:
US Republicans Contras Sandinistas Zapatistas Soviets

49 The purpose of the Monroe Doctrine was to:
Stop the spread of communism Eliminate colonial influences, such as religion, from spreading throughout the New World Overthrow Castro and put into place a US supported leader Remove nuclear weapons from Cuba Allow the Western hemisphere to develop without outside involvement

50 Which event would AI and HRW most likely get involved?
Nuclear development in Cuba US trade embargo with Cuba Nationalizing key industries Refugees fleeing to the US for asylum Dissidents awaiting trial without due process

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