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Common terminology, as well as established techniques and methods – key success factors of Requirements Engineering The contribution of certification Presented by: Bogdan Bereza Stefan Sturm IREB GmbH

2 About us Author of this presentation: What is the IREB GmbH?
Stefan Sturm, Managing Director of IREB GmbH What is the IREB GmbH? Operating company of the IREB e.V. What is the IREB e.V.? International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e. V. What is e.V.? Eingetragener Verein or e.V., a registered voluntary association in Germany Presenter: Bogdan Bereza, owner of Victo ( Memeber of IREB Supporter Board Member of Polish IREB Board (

3 The importance of RE testing stage up to 100 times higher programing up to 20 times higher RE x Publications reveal that software projects still fail or have cost and/or time overruns Numerous studies show that about 60% of the errors of system development projects originate in the RE stage. Effort to fix a requirement defect: I don’t want to anoy with another veriosn of the CAOS report of the standish group, but still too much projects fail or have cost and/or time overruns. The studies show that this is mostly caused by poor RE. Poor RE leads to missing, incomlete or errornous requirements! You all know that the effort to fix bugs is much more expensive if you do it in the development stage or even in the testing stage. So it is quite obvious that you need to set a strong focus on the RE stage in order to avoid as much errors as possible! BTW: The Slides says software projects, but RE applies as well to many other kinds of projects especially in systems engineering!

4 Requirements Engineering
A subject area with a long tradition 20th IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference – Chicago 2012 19th REFSQ conference 2013 12th ReConf 2013 in Munich with over 400 participants But...

5 Requirements Engineering
Is it really well established? You are the Protagonists! Chasm Yes, but… But… If… I‘ll run amok if… No, because… Because… Because… Protagonists Antagonists OpenMinds CloseMinds Source: Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck, ReConf

6 Requirements Engineering
Time to overcome the chasm! Requirements Engineering is getting started Number of attendees in conferences increase Number of certified professionals is growing fast The profession “Requirements Engineer” has been officially acknowledged in the first country (Switzerland) Increase efforts by setting quality standards improving the application of RE demonstrating the value of RE

7 Requirements Engineering
The problem Customers, suppliers and development partners talk past each other when defining requirements Consequences (incomplete) Incomplete Requirements Ambiguous Requirements Missing common understanding of Requirements Different prioritization of Requirements Conflicts between project partners Time and cost overruns Missing, wrong or „gold plated“ functionality

8 Requirements Engineering
Certification – How does it help? Why not “just” Training? Training Provides the fundament for Know-How acquisition Is a recognized form of qualification Is part of employee motivation Certification Common definition of terminology to improve communication and Know-How transfer Provides an international recognized fundament for training Training Providers align their trainings to a “standard” – the syllabus of the certificate Motivates professionals to improve their skills Motivates companies to invest in training Offers a possibility to companies to demonstrate their expertise

9 Good certification gives profession prestige in IT industry eyes
Example: testing profession ISEB CTFL (British) introduced 1999 ISTQB (international) started 2002 Now ISTQB has issued more than 295’000 certificates worldwide Got 48 Member Boards The uderstanding and prestige of testing has grown considerably! In Poland: approximately 6000 certificates And RE is more important than testing…

10 The IREB The IREB history 2006 2007 2011 2012 2013
International experts from business, research and education gathered in Nuremberg to form IREB Development of the CPRE certification scheme syllabi examination regulations glossary exam questionnaires Release of the CPRE Advanced Level (AL) modules Requirements Elicitation & Consolidation Requirements Modeling Release of first CPRE Advanced Level (AL) in English 2006 2007 2011 2012 2013 Foundation of the IREB e.V. as a non-profit organization Release of the CPRE Foundation Level (FL) Foundation of the IREB GmbH as operating company of IREB e.V. Foundation of the IREB GmbH as operating company of IREB e.V. + 12,000 CPRE FL ~ 500 CPRE AL certified practitioners worldwide Started in Europe Austria, Germany, Switzerland Fouded in 2006 In 2007 release of FL In 2011 release of Als In 2011 fondation of IREB GmbH – operating company Ne dof 2012 over exams in 40 countries

11 The IREB The board International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB)
Members of the board Personal board members: Renown experts from industry, research, consulting and education Supporting Members: Committed persons in the field of RE Activities of the board Elaboration of the curriculum, glossary and exams for the „Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering“ Translations of the artifacts: English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil) Publishing of articles, textbooks and references Reknown experts Speakers at international conferences Chris RUPP keynote at IEEE RE 12 in Chicage Peter Hruschka “The atlantic Sytems Guild” with Tom de Marco and Suzanne Robertson Suzanne Robertson Academics Supporting Memebers

12 Stefan Sturm Managing Director IREB GmbH
The IREB The IREB GmbH Operating Company of the IREB e.V. Facts Since April 1st, 2011 100% owned by the IREB e.V. Activities Organizational support for the board, workgroups and supporting members Coordination of IREB tasks such as Elaboration of the curriculum and the exam questions for the CPRE Coordination and organization of training providers and certification bodies Marketing of the CPRE certificates Press and media releases Publishing of articles Stefan Sturm Managing Director IREB GmbH

13 The Polish Board Dr Anna Piwońska, Politechnika Białostocka
Dr Anna Piwońska, Politechnika Białostocka Magdalena Wawryn, Cyfrowy Polsat Dr Włodzimierz Dąbrowski, Politechnika Warszawska Dr Bolesław Szomański, Politechnika Warszawska Marek Kucharski, Vice President of Parasoft Przemysław Kowalczuk, Politechnika Warszawska Dr Krzysztof Wnuk, Lund University Bogdan Bereza, Victo Michał Wolski, MODESTO

14 The Polish Board Promote IREB CPRE
What we do Promote IREB CPRE Translate syllabi (FL is available for download) Translate examination questions At KKIO 2013, there are three session presentaions by members of Polish IREB Board (besides sponsor presentation and workshop)

15 International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB)
The CPRE The principles of the certification Training Providers IREB GmbH International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) Trainees / Exam candidates Conform to the rules of ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Allocation of tasks to clearly separated and independent organizations ensures fairness and neutrality. Certification Bodies

16 The CPRE Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
Personal certificate for requirements engineering not time limited Three step certification program Foundation Level Advanced Level Expert Level CPRE Foundation Level accessible to everyone, as there are no prerequisites FL AL EL Details about FL later

17 To follow the completed Advanced Levels
The CPRE Three level certification program CPRE Expert Level EL To follow the completed Advanced Levels CPRE Advanced Level Mastering and using methods and techniques Specialization in one or more modules: Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation – released in 2011 Requirements Modeling – released in 2011 Requirements Management – in progress AL CPRE Foundation Level Fundamental understanding of domain, methodology and available techniques FL The modules Most important education in RE worldwide - besides the university education!

18 The CPRE Foundation Level Fundamental understanding of RE Languages
FL Fundamental understanding of RE Languages Syllabi and exams currently in English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish - Chinese in preparation No prerequisite Companion Book Available in English, German and Portuguese (Brazil) Different to other certifications in the field! Improvment aof the application

19 The CPRE Advanced Level Released Modules Module in work Languages
AL Released Modules Requirements Elicitation & Consolidation, March 1st, 2011 Requirements Modeling, March 1st, 2011 Module in work Requirements Management, planned for 2014 Languages Syllabi and exams currently in German and English (the latter for Requirements Elicitation & Consolidation only) Prerequisite CPRE Foundation Level certificate

20 The CPRE What makes the CPRE unique?
No prerequisites for the CPRE Foundation Level - everyone can strive for it! No recertification International acceptance – more than 12,500 certified in 46 countries Based on the knowledge of real RE experts Check publications on RE of the board members! Reinvestment of the revenues of IREB in the development and the spread of the CPRE Support of our partners to foster excellence in RE Techniques and Methods develop slow No need for recertification Like drving license No Accreditation of TP’s as others do. Relay on the expertise of our partner AND the market! We are not looking for revenue!

21 The CPRE The goals The goals of the CPRE are… … to cross the chasm!
…to establish a common terminology in RE …to provide international accepted techniques and methods for RE …to provide an international accepted base for training in RE …to improve the current practice of RE …to add value to the skills of the professionals … to cross the chasm! Techniques and Methods develop slow No need for recertification Like drving license No Accreditation of TP’s as others do. Relay on the expertise of our partner AND the market! We are not looking for revenue!

22 Polish industrial RE Conference coming?
Very difficult to convince IT industry it is needed… However, we have managed to convince IDG / Computerworld … who are experts on marketing and promoting such events to industry It will take place in the first quarter of 2014 Welcome to our site:

23 Any questions? Discussion

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