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An Integrated Approach to Measuring Human Performance.

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1 An Integrated Approach to Measuring Human Performance


3 The B-Lab concept consists of 4 major biomechanical modules that can be used stand alone or in any combination among each other MotionEMG Force Video Software Modules

4 Each software module comes pre-packaged with at least one hardware device. Below are some of the more common harware options: Clinical cDTS direct transmission system DTS research EMG and sensor systems Former Noraxon amplifier models HD USB Cam High Speed Video (100 Hz) Screen capture devices Clinical 3D MyoMotion system Research 3D MyoMotion system Instrumented treadmill Floor plates Insole system Hardware Options

5 Multi-Device Concept Measurements can be in one or all software modules simultaneously

6 3 rd Party Device Integration Third party devices such as 3D force plates, isokinetic machines and instrumented training machines are integrated via Noraxons A/D board. + AD board

7 Master Sync Concept Each integrated device is accurately time synchronized via MR3s Master sync system using a physical sync TTL scheme Master-Sync Device sync out Multi-device component 1 Multi-device component 2 Multi-device component 3 Third party sync out/in Manual start cable MR3 device family

8 Multi-Device Setup Force EMG Video1Video2 Pressure3D Animation 3D Angles Example of a multi-device setup operated in MR3. MyoMuscle (sEMG), MyoVideo, MyoMotion (3D angles) and MyoPressure are combined

9 Software Workflow MR3 operates any combination of modules in a simple to use and standardized workflow Workflow Main Action button to operate workflow Instruction Text to operate the next step

10 Flexible System Configuration The modular concept allows for a diverse set of solutions on all levels of complexity and allows for upgrades at any time. Basic Intermediate Advanced Video Analysis EMG 3D Motion Pressure

11 Designed for EMG and other biomechanical sensors, tethered or fully wireless, up to 100 meter transmission and optional data logging Research quality and FDA approved Wireless Direct Transmission System (DTS) technology Complete line of complimentary biomechanical sensors Powerful EMG processing and analysis features Numerous research and clinical reports Wireless EMG probe OPTIONS Clinical DTS 4 EMG plus 4 sensors Desktop DTS 4 to 32 channels Telemyo G2 telemetry with cabled sensors up to 16 channels MyoSystem 1400A thethered system up 16 channels Telemyo DTS 16 EMG with optional data logger myoMUSCLE

12 myoVIDEO Video recording for 2 High Definition or High Speed cameras with industry leading analysis, auto-tracking and export functions Standard model with 2 HD cameras Optional high speed cameras (100 Hz) Complete turnkey solution includes cameras, tripods, LED lights, reflective markers, calibrated back drop & software OPTIONS Standard Package with 2 HD cameras High Speed 100fps cameras ACCESSORIES + OR

13 myoPRESSURE Pressure/Force distribution analysis integrated in treadmills, floor plates and a portable insole system. Treadmills with integrated pressure platform Floor pressure plates up to 5 meters Telemetric insole system for mobile setups Automatic analysis and reporting with pressure prints, Center of Pressure and gait parameters OPTIONS MyoPressure-T System instrumented treadmill MyoPressure-P System - Floor plates different sizes MyoPressure-S - Mobile Insole system

14 myoMOTION 3D kinematic system based on inertial sensor technology - completely wireless with optional data logger 3 to 16 sensors – (clinical max 7 sensors) 100 Hz sampling rate (research up to 200 Hz) Small wireless sensors with up to 30m transmission distance Orientation & anatomical angles with linear acceleration and velocities in the Research version OPTIONS Clinical MyoMotion up to 7 sensors, 100 Hz Research MyoMotion up to 16 sensors, 200 Hz Optional Data Logger for up to 8 hours recording

15 Suggested Combinations Recommended lab setups by complexity and price categories Clinical Assessment Package Gait Lab Package Full Human Performance Lab Portable Human Performance Lab MyoVideo – 2 HD Cameras MyoMuscle – 2 or 4 channel Clinical DTS EMG MyoPressure-T - instrumented treadmill MyoVideo - 2 HD cameras MyoMuscle – 8 channel Desktop DTS EMG MyoPressure-S – Insole system MyoMotion – 3D angle lower body system (7 sensor) MyoMuscle – 4 or 8 channel DTS EMG (belt recever) MyoVideo – 2 camera HS (100 fps) MyoPressure-T – instrumented treadmill MyoMotion – 3D angle full body system (16) MyoMuscle – 16 channel Desktop DTS EMG

16 Software Features

17 Applications Fundamental Biomechanics Gait Analysis Clinical Assessments Ergonomic Studies Sports + Athletic Training Biofeedback Animation and Virtual Reality Pre/Post Surgery


19 Market Leading Solutions optimized approach Market Leading Solutions in measurement and training devices enabling an optimized approach to analysis and therapy concepts.

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