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brought to you by the WOU Safe Zone Committee

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1 brought to you by the WOU Safe Zone Committee
Trans. Training brought to you by the WOU Safe Zone Committee

2 Introductions Name Program of study or academic interests
Where are you from? Why are you here (what do you want to get from this session)?

3 GLBTQ—XYZ… What??? Lesbian Gay Bisexual
Trans (Transgender, Genderqueer…) Queer And a few more… Questioning Intersex Ally

4 Who is the WOU Safe Zone? Students, staff, and faculty make up the WOU Safe Zone The WOU Safe Zone Committee works with the LGBTQQIA campus group, Triangle Alliance Safe Zone trainers can come into classes, clubs, and residence halls to facilitate educational programming on LGBTQQIA topics

This will help with understanding the different pieces of trans. identity -Sex BIOLOGY-your “parts” -Gender SOCIETAL ROLES-your identity -Sexual Orientation ATTRACTION-who you are attracted to MAN FEMALE GAY STRAIGHT BISEXUAL

6 Common Terminology This is only a summary – we’ll provide a handout with a more inclusive list. Androgyny – person who identifies as both or neither of the two culturally assigned genders. Assigned gender – announced by doctors (“It’s a boy/girl”) based upon anatomy and based on this, how you are to grow up. Cross-Dressing (Transvestite) – person who wears clothing considered typical for another gender on occasion, but doesn’t desire to change their gender. F2M/FTM (Female to Male) – female-bodied at birth who identifies as a male or lives as a man.

7 Common Terminology Gender Queer – term used by some who may or may not fit the spectrum of trans or be labeled as trans, but who identify their gender and/or sexual orientation outside the assumed “norm.” Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) – Permanent surgical refashioning of the genitalia to resemble the genitalia of the desired gender. Hir/Ze – pronouns for the trans community. Hir replaces her/him Ze replaces he/she Hormone Therapy – administration of hormones to affect the development of secondary sexual characteristics of the desired gender. Possibly lifelong process.

8 Common Terminology Intersexed – individual born with full or partial genitalia of both genders or ambiguous genitalia. Surgery common in infancy to gain a single gender assignment. M2F, MTF (Male to Female) – Male bodied at birth who identifies as female or lives as a woman. Pansexual – Person attracted to person of any gender or physcial makeup. Passing – ability for a person to present themselves in another gender than which they live full-time. Trans – Umbrella term to use for anyone who defies bipolar gender and sexual definitions. Transphobia – irrational fear of those who blur or break traditional cultural or stereotypical gender roles – often assumed to be queer.

9 Concerns for Trans. Individuals
What are some issues you would expect trans. students might face on our campus? Bathrooms Dating Clothing Work Family So many more…

10 Basic Trans. Issues 213 people suffered anti-trans offenses in 2004 – assaults, harassment, vandalism (reported numbers). 91% of them were young people of color. 92% were biologically male but presented varying degrees of femininity. 10 states and Washington DC have passed hate crime laws that extend to gender identity and expression. Does Oregon? YES! More than 70 colleges and universities include gender identity and expression in a non-discrimination statement or anti-harassment policies Does WOU? What resources does WOU have for trans. Individuals? Are there gender-neutral bathrooms on campus?

11 Washington DC statistics & data
N=248 refers to a trans person who “needs assessment” HIV Prevelance was 25% with 32% in birth men Substance abuse was very high – 48% and only 51% had sought treatment for it 38% had reported suicidal ideation and nearly ½ had made an attempt 43% had been victims of violence or crime with 13% having been sexually assaulted. 51% reported hormone use at some point in lives with 35% currently taking and 72% getting the hormones from friends or on the street. Employment, housing and job training were the most commonly-reported immediate needs of the sample. White race p<.001 and female at birth p<.01 were more likely to have access to sex reassignment surgery opportunities. Source: A Needs Assessment of Transgendered People of Color Living in Washington DC, International Journal of Transgenderism, p 31-47, Vol 8, #2/3, 10/11/2005

12 Where does Oregon fall? Historic change for Silverton, Oregon!
Oregon Resources Salem Trans Website

13 Role Plays Job interview
Two people are interviewing a job applicant for a non-profit organization community organizer position. The applicant’s appearance is gender ambiguous. One interviewer thinks the applicant is male and other thinks the applicant is female. They refer to the applicant using different pronouns. The applicant is vague about former jobs and former employers and seems uncomfortable about giving references or discussing previous training or education. Conduct a brief interview, dismiss the appliicant and discuss the applicant’s merits/disadvantages. Use the different pronouns, discuss how you are confused and what this means for your business.

14 Role Plays Dating One trans and one non-trans person.
Each person will have to choose: Gender identity: man, woman, trans, etc. Trans identity: non-trans, MTF, FTM, transition, passing, not passing. Sexual orientation: gay, straight, bi, other You will find yourselves in a gym working out. You meet this person, find something different about the person and start to flirt. There is something appealing about the mix of gender expressions. The person may be quite passable, and s/he/ze has to decide what and when to tell the other about his/her/hir gender identity, history, genitalia, scars, etc. as they continue (or can’t continue) to date each other.

15 How can we all work towards achieving this mission here at Western?
WOU Safe Zone Mission The Western Oregon University Safe Zone program seeks to form a network of students, faculty and staff committed and trained to provide safe, non-judgmental and supportive contacts for all WOU community members regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer (GLBTQ) issues. It is symbolic of a willingness and a commitment to provide an atmosphere of unqualified acceptance and assistance. How can we all work towards achieving this mission here at Western?

16 The WOU Safe Zone is YOU! Sign up to attend a Safe Zone training!
Become a Safe Zone ally! Become a Safe Zone trainer! Join the Safe Zone Committee!

17 Where to find out more? Resources:

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