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The LGBTQQIA-XYZ Alphabet brought to you by the WOU Safe Zone Committee.

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1 The LGBTQQIA-XYZ Alphabet brought to you by the WOU Safe Zone Committee

2 Who we are CM Hall Trainer for WOU Safe Zone Work with Campus Pride, a national LGBTQQIA campus student leadership organization Staff at WOU Graduate of WOU I love this topic area. Worked for pay and as volunteer on LGBT political and equality issues professionally for 14 years in Oregon and nationally. Megan Habermann Trainer for WOU Safe Zone Life long ally and advocate, currently advise student Gender & Sexual Diversity Advocate and help oversee WOU Stonewall Center Staff at WOU Graduate of Univ. of WI- Green Bay and Univ. of Rhode Island (but an Oregon Native!) Made personal commitment with my partner to not get married until marriage equality is a reality for all

3 Who/What is the WOU Safe Zone? Students, staff, and faculty make up the WOU Safe Zone The WOU Safe Zone Committee works with the LGBTQQIA campus group, Triangle Alliance Safe Zone trainers can come into classes, clubs, and residence halls to facilitate educational programming on LGBTQQIA topics

4 Sexuality—and LGBTQQIA Terms Goals for today: Education on the proper use of these sexual orientation, gender identity and expression-related terms Gain sensitivity in how these terms can be used to inflict distress or empower Invite you to learn more and come to a Safe Zone Ally or Trainer Training Session

5 LGBTQQIA—XYZ… What??? Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans (Transgender, Genderqueer…) Queer Questioning Intersex Ally

6 Terminology Activity You will each be given words and/or definitions. Work together to find their match. Discuss these terms as a group. Ask questions.

7 Debrief Activity Any new terms that surprised you? What terms are you still fuzzy about? Any other general LGBT-related questions I can answer?

8 Where you can go from here… Sign up to attend a 2-hour Ally Training. Sign up to attend an 8-hour Train the Trainer Session and become a trainer. Come to a Safe Zone meeting. Stop by a Triangle Alliance meeting. Ask questions. Seek out info from folks who display the WOU Safe Zone logo. Come out as an ally. Display the SZ logo.

9 WOU Safe Zone Mission The Western Oregon University Safe Zone program seeks to form a network of students, faculty and staff committed and trained to provide safe, non-judgmental and supportive contacts for all WOU community members regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer (GLBTQ) issues. It is symbolic of a willingness and a commitment to provide an atmosphere of unqualified acceptance and assistance. What about this mission can you incorporate at MHCC?

10 The WOU Safe Zone is YOU! Sign up to attend a Safe Zone training! Become a Safe Zone ally! Become a Safe Zone trainer! Join the Safe Zone Committee!

11 Where to find out more? Resources: wfc/index.html

12 THANK YOU! Thanks to Amy Hammermeister Jordan and Shawn Sellers! Thanks to all of you for listening Have fun—this is a great class with a rockin’ prof! Enjoy these Safe Zone buttons and stickers…

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