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2 This is for you But please remember, before you start… Keep it short (Not all at once) Keep it light … humorous Keep it personal (use your own words/stories) But be DIRECT

3 As an Introduction

4 To my Sons This is cutting in to your XBox time !!

5 But to my daughter …

6 My Daughter You need to experience my affection You should expect to be treated chastely and courteously by other men There should be some discussion/enforcement of dressing modestly

7 Stuff as your Dad Few relationships are more important than my role with you I am wired to be the Guardian My differing role as you grow older This is not a directive to find a date

8 Group Dating versus 1 on 1 Safety in #s (Good) vs. Peer Pressure (bad?) Non-obtrusive observation No commitments

9 Some Guidelines on Dating Before High School High School After High School Who asks who for a date? Should you date a Non-Catholic? Difficulty in setting ground rules What about an in-active Catholic? Danger Zones

10 Spiritual Practices Daily mass and Reception of Holy Communion Monthly or even weekly confession Daily Rosary Wearing Brown Scapular and Miraculous Medal Fasting and Self-Denial (Penance) Reading Scripture Daily Praying to know your vocation – Patron Angel of the Youth: St Raphael the Archangel

11 Whats too far? (Have I sinned?) Directly Stimulating Actions Indirect Actions – Impure Intent – Pure Intent – Near Occasions of Sin (or setting the Stage)

12 3 Basic things to keep in mind while Dating Never seek out anything solely for the pleasure it brings to us Never desire to sin or lead another into sin Realize that your boyfriend or your girlfriend is neither a past-time nor a sport

13 Last Notes Love at First Sight Pizza Love Electronic Media Savior Complex

14 Thats it! For Now …

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