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Nursing 474 for RN-BSN Students* *Turn on your speakers to hear the details….

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2 Nursing 474 for RN-BSN Students* *Turn on your speakers to hear the details….

3 Understanding the 474 Clinical This may be the first clinical course youve been required to take as a requirement for completing your BSN Degree. Why this course?

4 Why Public Health Nursing? Whats different?

5 How can I prepare for the course? The Course is designed in 3 sections. – The Clinical Course: Agencies are assigned as close to home as we can find. You will work with a clinical preceptor to meet course objectives. – The Aggregate (Community)Project: This is an independent project that utilizes the tools of community assessment and plan for a group in a community you are interested in…or are familiar with. – The seminar: This is a chance to see what your colleagues are doing and learn from other areas of community health.

6 First the Clinical Section You are required to attend an on campus orientation. For summer 2013 the orientation is scheduled for June 3 rd. We will meet from 9am to 3pm to go over all of the course requirements and activities.

7 About the Clinical Course You are required to complete 135 hours of clinical to receive the academic credit for the course and that provides eligibility for the California PHN Certificate.

8 Distribution of Clinical Hours 85 hours at an agency (5 in orientation) 40 hours of project 10 hours of seminar (1 hour in orientation) Total hours=135

9 The First Step

10 Immunizations and Insurances Right now…you can help assure success in the public health nursing clinical by making sure all conditions for participation are finalized. DO NOT WAIT Students will not be allowed to participate under any conditionsif they havent completed the appropriate immunizations, background checks, certifications and insurance documentation.

11 How do I find out about the clinical placement There is an RN-BSN request form that you can fill out online. It is essential that you fill out this form to qualify for a clinical placement. linicalrequest linicalrequest

12 About the Form The form is a way to let us know where you are located so we can make every effort to keep you close to home. The form is also a chance for you to detail your previous experiences in community nursing. The form provides us with contact information and specialty preferences to design a clinical that is interesting and rewarding for your nursing career.

13 Contracts and Contacts and Conflicts Oh My! We have contracts with many agencies throughout northern California and will work to keep you close to home. If you know of an agency where you have a preceptor or administrative contact and would like to complete your clinical hours, please find out the contact persons information so we can begin a contract. You cannot participate in an agency where the CSU Chico School of Nursing does not have a contract. You may not participate in an agency where you are currently employed.

14 Contracts dont grow on trees… Contracts sometimes take months so if you are concerned and want to work in a specific location, please send the information right away so we can begin contract negotiations.

15 How many days do I have to complete? The clinical is designed to run over a 10 week period. This is based on 8 hours per day for 10 weeks…(your 80 hours).* There is some flexibilitynot in the hours required, but in how you complete the hours. This is also based on the agencies ability to have a student at a particular time. *There is an option to participate in a different way for part of the clinical experience….stay tuned.

16 So how do you plan? Plan on participating for 80 hours at a public health agency over a 10 week period in the summer. You will be assigned to an agency as close to your home as possible. You may not work on weekends or holidays. Typically agencies have Wednesday or Thursday set aside for students so you can safely plan on those days.

17 Okay…what about the project? The project is an independent activity where you will complete the nursing process using the community as client model. Examples of past projects include: – Hygiene in schools – Work with homeless populations – AIDS walk organization and implementation – Parish Nursing projects – Health Fairs

18 More about the project You need to plan on 40 hours to work on your projectthis is in addition to the 80 for the agency experience. The hours spent on the project can be at your convenience. It is possible to work weekends or other times to complete the required project goals. A presentation that highlights your project is due at the end of the semester.

19 Theres more…The third part of the clinical is the Seminar You will spend the equivalent of 10 hours in seminar and doing the child abuse content required for the PHN certificate. Each student will do one case presentation for seminar and other students will comment on the case, sharing insight and information. The purpose of the seminar is for each student to experience more areas of public health by hearing other students cases.

20 Success comes from completing all 3 sections of the clinical, the 135 hours and completing activities designed to assure you meet course objectives. Plan now for how you will make time for this important capstone experience…

21 There is an alternate way to complete the clinical hours for 8-10 students.

22 An Alternative Way to Complete Course Hours 40 hours in a clinical agency 40 hours in simulation, gaming and virtual world activities 40 hours of community project 10 hours of virtual world seminar.

23 Whats involved thats the same? The required hours are the same The objectives are the same

24 Whats Different? 40 hours of clinical time will be spent doing activities using simulation, virtual games or other technologies. – 2 days of simulation (June 4 and 5) – 10 hours of gaming activities (4 activities done at your own pace) – 14 hours of virtual world activities (Four 3-hour blocks, plus 2 hours of orientation)

25 Clinical Agency Time? You will only spend 40 hours in a clinical agency. This time can be compressed to allow more flexibility. For example you could do all 40 hours (5 days) with an agency in one week or spread over up to 5 weeks.

26 Project Time The project time is exactly the same.

27 Seminar You will meet (in-world) with other students and have the seminar live. Students will still have to complete the written case study, but will not have weekly discussion comments due.

28 How do you qualify for the alternate path? You should be moderately comfortable with technology and have a good computer and internet connection. Reserve June 4&5 for on site simulation at the Rural SimCenter and Virtual World orientation. Contact Becky Damazo as soon as youre sure you want to participate.

29 Everyone needs to fill out the RN- BSN Community Health Clinical Request Form

30 Questions? Email Becky Damazo

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