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Master of Nursing Program. Session Objectives  Become familiar with the MN application process  Understand admission requirements (prerequisites) 

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1 Master of Nursing Program

2 Session Objectives  Become familiar with the MN application process  Understand admission requirements (prerequisites)  Know what to expect if admitted  Learn about costs and funding your education

3 Program Overview  Master of Nursing Program: What is it?  Designed for people who have a non-nursing undergraduate degree  Particularly well-suited for those who wish to pursue a PhD or DNP in nursing (advanced practice specialty)  Eligibility for licensure as an RN after 16 months – no specialty  Comparable to what some schools call an accelerated BSN

4 Program Overview  54 total credits  Graduate-level work  Full-time+ schedule  Traditional day program – class/clinic from about 8am-5pm M-F  Recommend not working  16 months – 4 consecutive semesters  Begins in fall semester only  Includes summer session  Graduate at the end of the following fall semester  Will articulate with the DNP curriculum  Approximately 3-4 courses from the MN program will directly transfer into the DNP program

5 Applying to the Program  Requirements for Application  Baccalaureate degree from accredited institution in non-nursing area of study (completed no later than June 1, 2011 for fall 2011)  Successful completion of prerequisite courses  Interview (by invitation only)  English proficiency test scores (if applicable)  Competitive Entry  64 spots in the program (increased from 48 in 2009)  Successful applicants typically have a ~3.5 GPA from degree granting school  Admission based on holistic review, not just grades; however, grades are still important!

6 Applying to the Program  Fall 2011 Deadline: January 15, 2011 4:30pm CST  School of Nursing Application (online)  Minimum five prerequisite courses complete  Application fee ($60)  Two essays  Résumé (no cover letter necessary)  Two letters of reference (with forms)  Official transcripts from all institutions attended  English proficiency scores (if applicable)

7 Prerequisite Courses 9 Prerequisites General Chemistry Human Anatomy Human Physiology (10-yr age limit) Microbiology (10-yr age limit) Pathology (10-yr age limit) Human Nutrition Lifespan Growth & Development Abnormal Psychology Inferential Statistics  5 courses must be complete by application deadline  Remaining courses must be complete prior to entry (August)  Non-science background? We recommend having at least 3 sciences courses as part of the 5 needed to apply  Use

8 Prerequisite Courses  Course content must match the requirement  minimum of three credits (nutrition is the exception – 2 cr)  taken for a letter grade  Adhere to time limitations for physiology, microbiology, and pathology  Take at an appropriately accredited college/university  If taking at the U of MN, go through the College of Continuing Education as a non-degree student (  Web-based/distance courses are acceptable  Community colleges are acceptable; however, it is recommended that you take some of the prereqs at a 4-year school  Use petitions & coursework evaluation requests sparingly!  4-6 weeks to process and return decision  Forms are on School of Nursing web site

9 What We Look For in an Application Academic Record Quality of Essays depth of content, form, expression, writing ability, ability to clearly answer essay questions Resume/Background employment & volunteer experience, specialty training, diversity experience Quality References Good Interpersonal Skills Preparation amount of thought that has gone into decision to apply; reasoning behind choice and timing; financial, emotional, logistic preparation Insight Regarding Career Choice perception of nursing profession, knowledge of current state of health care, exposure to field of nursing Overall Potential good match for program, previous experience, maturity, academics, diversity, etc. In no particular order – we implement a holistic review process:

10 Admitted Students  Intent to Enroll form and $500 tuition deposit  Completion of all remaining prerequisite courses by the end of summer session 2011  CPR Certification at the Health Care Provider level  Criminal background check (state law)  Physical examination certification  Documentation of immunizations  U of MN HIPAA training

11 Profile  2010 total applications: 283  Up 12% from 2009  Up 20% from 2008  Up 53% from 2007  Number interviewed: 103  Accepted applicants:  Average cumulative GPA: 3.55  Average prerequisite GPA: 3.72  87.5% women, 12.5% men  9.5% persons of color (12.5% unreported)

12 Costs & Financing  Tuition is based on a per-credit rate  2010-11 rate is $518/credit, new rates set in July for next academic year (  University fees are approximately $2000/semester  Books are approximately $1500 for all 4 semesters  $90 stethoscope, required scrubs @ $30/set, $22 lab coat  Health insurance is required  U of MN insurance is approximately $1200 per semester  Must provide Certificate of Credible Coverage from your provider to waive University insurance

13 Costs & Financing  School of Nursing scholarships  One application; more than $450,000 available  For admitted and current students only  Fairview Health Services opportunity  Portion of tuition covered in exchange for work after degree completion and RN licensure  Other scholarship resources   Annual Registry of Grant Support  Federal financial aid for non-degree students  Financial aid (loans) available for designated prerequisite coursework

14 Contacts  Office of Student Finance  (612) 624-1665 or toll free (800) 400-8636    School of Nursing  (612) 625-7980   College of Continuing Education  (612) 624-4000 

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