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KnightsPrep Advising Information UCF Valencia West UCF Valencia Osceola.

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1 KnightsPrep Advising Information UCF Valencia West UCF Valencia Osceola

2 Topics Instructions for Viewing this Presentation Orientation/Academic Advising UCF Undergraduate Catalog myUCF Degree Audit Registration Knights Email

3 Instructions for Viewing this Presentation Slides will automatically present information to you. Click your mouse or push the right arrow on your keyboard to advance to the next slide. The information will remain on the screen while you finish reading it. Use the left arrow to return to previous slides.

4 Orientation/Academic Advising All students starting classes at UCF Valencia West or UCF Valencia Osceola are required to attend orientation at one of the campuses. There are four academic advisors for the two campuses: – Lisa Cruz 407-582-5500 – Melissa Hanbery 407-582-4190 (Osceola) 407-582-5500 (West) – David Berland 407-582-5500 – Carol Black 407-582-5500 While all of the advisors can help any student, there are specific advisors for some of the majors. They are listed below: – Elementary Education: Melissa Hanbery – Electrical Engineering: David Berland – Architecture: David Berland

5 UCF Undergraduate Catalog The UCF Undergraduate Catalog is a document produced each year by UCF that lists all academic programs, all classes, and all rules and regulations for UCF. The catalog changes from year to year and specifies exactly what students must do to complete their degree. The catalog is your contract with UCF on what you need to complete. If the requirements for your major change in future catalogs, you are only required to complete the requirements from your catalog. The following slides show how to search for and download the Undergraduate Catalog. It is recommended that all students download the catalog to their personal computer in order to have an easily accessible copy.

6 To find the catalog, first go to This page, or one similar to it, will come up. When you get to the site, click on the Academics link circled here in

7 Once you have clicked on the Academics link on, you will get to this page, or one very similar. To find the Undergraduate Catalog, please click on the Undergraduate Catalog link circled in

8 This is where you can download the Undergraduate Catalog. The catalog is updated each year in June or July, but you should only download your catalog. You will be shown later how to tell which catalog you are in.

9 Other useful links on this page include Majors & Academic Programs where you can see a list of all majors, minors, and certificates and Course Descriptions which lists every course, a description of it, and its pre-requisites and co-requisites.

10 If you ever need to download your catalog and a newer one has been posted, you should go to the Archive link to find your catalog.

11 This page lists catalogs back a certain amount of time. The catalogs listed here are considered the official copies for University purposes.

12 myUCF The myUCF portal contains lots of important information for students. You are encouraged to log in to the system at least once per week. The portal is accessible by going to the following web address in your browser: – When in the portal, you should only use the provided links and never use the back or forward buttons in your browser. Using these buttons will log you out, meaning you would need to log back in to continue. The following slides will show you how to navigate the myUCF portal.

13 To sign in to the myUCF portal, enter your PID and PID Password. If you do not know your PID, use the link highlighted on this slide: What is my PID?

14 While there are many different things to do in myUCF, we are going to focus on the Student Self Service link. This link contains most of the things that you will need to do within the portal.

15 Academics: This section contains all of the information and options for enrolling in classes, getting academic information, and anything else having to do with your actual academics.

16 In addition to enrolling in classes, you can do the following in the Academics section of Student Self Service: -Change your major. -Find your class schedule. -Look at your degree audit. -Drop, Swap, and Withdraw from classes. -Get enrollment verification. -Apply for Grade Forgiveness. -See your grades. -File your intent to graduate. -Request transcripts. -View your Transfer Summary Report.

17 The Finances section of myUCF has everything about how much you owe UCF and how much UCF owes you.

18 Your personal information is listed in this area. It includes your mailing address, permanent address, phone number, and Knights email address. You should always keep this information up to date. If you need to change information, most of it can be done in this section. The one exception is a name change: If your name is listed incorrectly, please speak to an academic advisor as soon as possible.

19 Holds are indicators which can affect your ability to enroll, receive financial aid, graduate, or get transcripts. Whenever you have a hold, you should get it solved as soon as possible. Each hold will have a details link to give you more information about the hold. You currently should have an Orientation Hold which will be removed once you have attended orientation and an orientation advising appointment.

20 The To Do List typically has to do with Financial Aid or other tasks you may need to complete. Any time a To Do List item appears, you should take care of it as soon as possible. Some To Do List items can turn in to Holds if not taken care of in a certain amount of time. To Do List items will have a details link to give you more information about the item in question.

21 The Enrollment Dates section tells you when you are able to register for future semesters. While you will be able to register after completing orientation this first time, you will need to search for when you can register for future terms. Clicking on the details link will tell you the date and time that registration starts for future terms. Registration is then open for you until the end of the first week of classes for that term. Students who get good grades may have the option of registering for multiple terms at the same time.

22 Degree Audit What is a degree audit? – A degree audit is a check list of what must be completed in order to graduate from UCF with your chosen degree. – By tracking your grades, the degree audit tracks your progress in your classes and shows what you have left to complete in order to finish your degree. – Your academic advisor will help you to read your personal degree audit when you come in for your orientation advising appointment. – The following slides show how to run your degree audit on your own.

23 To run your degree audit, log in to the myUCF portal and go to Student Self Service. Under the Academics section, the drop down box has the option of Degree Audit. Select this option and then select the >> to continue.

24 Your information. Note that your ID is your PID without the first letter.

25 Your College. Common college abbreviations include: CAH: College of Arts and Humanities COS: College of Sciences CBA: College of Business Administration COHPA: College of Health and Public Affairs CON: College of Nursing EDUC: College of Education ENGR: College of Engineering and Comp. Sci. Your major. Your catalog year. The full version of the catalog year, in this case, would be 2011-2012. If you ever change majors, you will be changed to the current catalog. Always ask an advisor before changing majors to ensure you are not caught by surprise.

26 When you are ready to run your degree audit, select the Submit Report button. A small dialog box with a message will come up, to which you can simply select Ok.

27 To see your degree audit, you must go to the Results tab after hitting the Submit Report button.

28 To view your audit, click on the View Audit link under Audit Results. If the link does not show up right away, click the Refresh button until it does.

29 Registration The following slides will guide you through how to prepare yourself for registration at orientation. – If you took virtual orientation, you will be able to complete the registration process after you have met with an advisor and have had all holds removed from your account.

30 Click on Student Self Service to start the registration process.

31 Click on the Enroll button in your student center to start the enrollment process.

32 This is your shopping cart. Just like shopping online, you will add items here and then check out (Register) when you are finished searching.

33 If you already know the five digit class number of the class you want, enter it here and select enter. Note that Class Number is different than Course Number. An example will be shown in a few slides.

34 To search for classes to take, select the Search button.

35 There are numerous ways to search for classes. If you know the specific class you want, you can enter the three letter prefix and the four digit course number. To search for classes only offered on a particular campus, be sure to set the location. Always make sure the course career is set to Undergraduate.

36 In this case, we will search for a Business Law class (BUL 3130: Legal and Ethical Environment of Business) being offered at the UCF Valencia West campus.

37 There are number of things to notice when you search for a class: Title of the class TITLE OF CLASS: Make sure you have the correct three letter prefix and four digit number. You can check this by looking at the title of the class. All sections of a class will be listed below the class title.

38 There are number of things to notice when you search for a class: Location TITLE OF CLASS: Make sure you have the correct three letter prefix and four digit number. You can check this by looking at the title of the class. All sections of a class will be listed below the class title. LOCATION: If you only want to take classes on a specific campus, such as UCF Valencia West, make sure the location is the one you want. Other locations could include other regional campuses or the UCF Main Campus in East Orlando.

39 There are number of things to notice when you search for a class: Instruction Mode INSTRUCTION MODE: There are several types of instruction mode. Make sure you pick the one that works best for you. Some common ones include: (P) Face to Face: Normal class meeting time with professor lecturing in the classroom. (V) Video Streaming: Watch lectures as online videos. Class work typically online. (M) Mixed Mode: This is a mix of face to face and web class. Some of the class is held in the classroom, the rest is online. (WWW) Web Class: All class content is delivered online without live or videoed lectures.

40 There are number of things to notice when you search for a class: Class Number CLASS NUMBER: The five digit class number is the number you will use to register for the class if you search before going to the registration screen.

41 The class number shown here is the specific number for this section (0V50) of this class (BUL 3130). Notice that the Class Number (92447) is five digits long while the Course Number (3130) is only four digits long. A NOTE ABOUT CLASS NUMBER VS. COURSE NUMBER…

42 There are number of things to notice when you search for a class: Section Number SECTION NUMBER: This indicates which section of the class you are looking at. Clicking on this link takes you to more detailed information about the class.

43 To see more information about a class, click on the link for the section number you are interested in.

44 This page contains lots of information about the class including the number of available seats, class notes, a catalog description, and pre-requisites required to get into the class.

45 To add this class to your shopping cart, click on Select Class.

46 After confirming this is the class you want to add to your shopping cart, click on the Next button.

47 The class you have just selected is now in your shopping cart. To remove it, select the garbage can next to the class name.

48 To continue with the registration process, select the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.

49 Registration If you attended virtual orientation and you have had all of your holds removed, clicking on the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button will allow you to finish registering. If you are not successful registering, you may need permissions to get into a class. To get permissions, you must speak to an advisor. If you are watching this presentation before orientation, you will be able to complete the registration process at orientation.














63 Knights Email All information found in these slides can be found at: – _Student_KM.pdf _Student_KM.pdf This user guide was created by Computer Services and Telecommunications (CS&T) at UCF.


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