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Coordinated Safety Response Team CSRT A Multi-Agency Approach.

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1 Coordinated Safety Response Team CSRT A Multi-Agency Approach

2 Formation of the Team Building Regulations – deployment of dedicated resources (Safety Response Unit) Determining agencies First CSRT meetings Establishment of issues Discuss Strategies

3 Determining Team Members… Calgary Police Service ALERT – Green Team South ALERT – Safer Communities & Neighborhoods Alberta Health Services City of Calgary – Animal & Bylaw Services City of Calgary – Building Regulations (SRU)

4 CSRT – dismantled MGOs Dangers (Physical): Negative Impacts including growth of mould on walls, floors and ceilings The weakening of structural components and surfaces due to high humidity levels Impaired air quality due to the presence of mould and chemical residues. A large hole cored through the foundation wall that exposes the premises to penetration of water.

5 CSRT – dismantled MGOs Dangers (Physical): The continuing potential for poor air quality due to the presence of mould and chemical residues that will affect the health and safety of occupants. Exposed electrical wiring creating the potential for electrical shock The state of disarray of the premises and unsanitary conditions Alterations to the mechanical system

6 CSRT – dismantled MGOs Dangers (Situational): Criminal activity after the bust Vagrants use of structure Entry by juveniles Local criminals using house as base of operations Increased call volumes for Police and Bylaw Increased likelihood of a fire occurring Increased likelihood of a fire fighter being injured Decreased property values Property sold as is and not remediated

7 Fires in vacant buildings are more likely to have been intentionally set than other structure fires. Forty-three percent of reported vacant building fires during this period were intentionally set, compared to 10% of structure fires overall. Vacant buildings accounted for 25% of all intentionally set structure fires. Vacant building fires pose a threat to firefighters. During the ten-year period 1998-2007, a total of 15 firefighters were fatally injured at the scene of vacant structure fires. On average, 4,500 firefighters were injured at vacant building fires annually during 2003-2006. These account for 13% of the reported firefighter injuries incurred at structure fires per year during this period. NFPA Report – Fires in Vacant Buildings

8 Vacant October 31, 2011 – Vacant Building Fire

9 Early Strategies Review of Current State (UPI information) Stakeholder meetings Mortgage holders Property Mgmt Companies Remediators and Environmental consultants Insurance providers CSRT mail-out (Jan. 2011)

10 CSRT Cover Letter… To: OWNER of ____________________________. Your property was used for the purpose of a marijuana grow operation and has therefore been dismantled by Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) Green Team South. Please carefully read the following information that has been prepared by: The Calgary Police Service, Alberta Health Services, City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services and the City of Calgary Building Regulations. These agencies are members of the newly formed Coordinated Safety Response Team (CSRT), a team dedicated to providing safe and liveable communities for the citizens of Calgary. Read each document thoroughly to ensure you completely understand the implications of the information presented. The City of Calgary SAFETY CODES OFFICERS NOTICE outlines the specific requirements of your Environmental Restoration Permit. The intent of this information package is to make you aware of the safety risks you are posing to the community and to ensure that you remediate your property within a reasonable time. It is critically important that you act now by contacting the Coordinated Safety Response Team to begin the remediation process.

11 New Approach – Unsafe Green Blitz launch point (Sept 27/11) Fencing, securing, and placarding Use of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) Order use Next Steps…

12 AddressDate of DismantlementStatusMGA Order No. 27-Sep-11 Placard and Fenced MGA2011-0032 27-Sep-11Placard and Fenced MGA2011-024 27-Sep-11Placard and Fenced MGA2011-027 27-Sep-11Placard and Fenced MGA2011-029 27-Sep-11Placard and Fenced MGA2011-031 27-Sep-11Placard and Fenced MGA2011-023 27-Sep-11Placard and Fenced MGA2011-026 27-Sep-11Placard and Fenced (September 29, 2011) MGA2011-030 28-Sep-11Placard and fenced MGA2011-022 28-Sep-11Placard and Fenced MGA2011-018 28-Sep-11Placard and Fenced MGA2011-036 28-Sep-11 Not Fenced or Placard Outdoor grow No order requiredMGA2011-021 28-Sep-11Placard and Fenced (October 7, 2011) MGA2011-020 28-Sep-11 Not Fenced or Placard 8 plants no order requiredMGA2011-019 28-Sep-11 fenced on 29thMGA2011-025 28-Sep-11 Placard and Fenced (fence provided by owner) MGA2011-037 04-Oct-11 fenced and placardMGA2011-033 CSRT – Green Blitz activities

13 WHY??? Protect the community Raise awareness of the unsafe nature of the property Gain control of the site to ensure: no unauthorized entry authorized remediation is completed CSRT – Signage

14 Process: MGO dismantled MGA Order prepared, copy sent to owner and mortgage holder(s) MGA Order placed on site Structure secured (entry doors boarded), fenced, and signage placed. Cost placed on Tax Roll Early findings: Community members call in for information and to report activity 2 comments on the fence to date (unsightly) Owners are using the contact information CSRT – Signage

15 CSRT – dismantled MGOs

16 3-1-1

17 Moving Forward… Continue with current strategies Securing dismantled MGA Order issuance Medical MGO inspections Implement ERP change Engage stakeholders Bldg. Regs-SRU to add resources

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