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Pay and Leave.

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1 Pay and Leave

2 What We Do Provide Policy Guidance and Training
Resolve Pay and Leave Issues Manage the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program Manage the Leave Restoration Program Oversee T&A Function


4 Where is the Information?
Search: “P&Ps and Manuals” Flexible Work Schedule Premium Pay Admin Leave & Excused Absence Leave Administration

5 Web Sites con’t Select “Subject Index” Select “P” for Pay or “L” for Leave

6 Agenda Leave Policies and Programs Flexible Work Schedules Premium Pay
Travel Compensation Family Medical Leave Policies

7 Annual Leave Accrual Rates Leave Category Changes Leave Ceilings
Terminal Leave Approval

8 Forfeiture and Restoration of Annual Leave
1. Annual Leave must be scheduled NLT 3 pay periods prior to end of the leave year 2. Cancellation of Annual Leave a. Exigency to Public Business b. Administrative Error c. Employee Illness d. Employee Essential in a National Emergency 3. Request & Approval to Restore lost AL

9 Lump Sum Pay for unused: Annual Leave Compensatory Time Earned
Restored Annual Leave Credit Hours ************************************************************ Paid upon: Retirement Leaving Federal service or Entering into active military service Must pay back if employee returns to Federal service too soon

10 Sick Leave Accruals When Leaving Federal Service Approval

11 Advanced Leave Annual Leave: Limited to the amount the employee will accrue in the remainder of the leave year. Sick Leave: A maximum of 240 hours, even for Family Care sick leave. Employees do not have an entitlement to advanced leave. Waiver for unearned leave. May Buy Back; May repay with credit hrs.

12 Time and Attendance Timekeeper Back-up Timesheets certified
Master Record Schedule Change of Schedule Comp-Time, Use or Lose, and Error Reports & Leave Audits

13 Flexible Work Schedules
Tour of Duty Core Time Flexible Time Gliding Time Meal Time Maxiflex

14 Communication of Pay and Leave Policies
Core Times Gliding Time Setting/Changing Schedule (Maxiflex)(In Training) Time sheet responsibilities (turning in, accuracy, audits) Meal time Credit, overtime, comp-time (approval of earning and using) Leave policy (notification of requesting leave, OPM-71) Advancing Leave Policy Flexible Workplace Program

15 Schedule (TOD) 7:30 - 4:00 (example)
Core Time 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Flexible Time Bands 6 a.m a.m. & 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Gliding Time of 1 hour Meal Time ½ hour from 11– 1 Maxiflex Allowed on a case by case basis

16 Credit Hours Approval Employee Requests to Work in Excess of Scheduled TOD (PT) Supervisor Approves Standing Pre-Approval SES and Intermittents not Eligible

17 Credit Hours Maximum balance at end of Pay Period is 24 Hours
Maximum Balance for Part-Time Employee is ¼ of Tour of Duty Balance is Carried Over from One Leave Year to the Next

18 Credit Hours Upon Separation from Federal Service is Paid to Employee at Regular Hourly Rate Credit Hours Cannot be Earned for Transit Time

19 Holidays Full-time Employees (8 hours)
Holiday Premium Pay for FT Employees "In Lieu of" Holidays Part Time Employees Credit Hours

20 Premium Pay 1. Overtime 2. Compensatory Time Off 3. *Religious Comp-Time 4. Holiday Premium Pay 5. *Night Pay Differential 6. Sunday Pay Differential 7. *Environmental (FWS) Differential 8. *Hazard Pay GS Differential

21 Overtime & Comp-Time Management Directed In Excess of Tour of Duty
Exceeds 8 hours in a Day for Part Time Employees.* Unlimited Amount Can Accrue Except for Bi-Weekly Limitation 2 Hours Call Back Minimum

22 Non-Exempt Employees Have Choice of Overtime or Comp-Time
Paid at 1½ Times Their Regular Rate of Pay

23 Exempt Employees Management Decides Between OT & Comp-Time, Except for Employees Earning Less Than the Salary of a GS-10 Step 10 (GS-11-06) OT Pay is Capped at the Rate of a GS-10 Step 1, or the Hourly Rate of Basic Pay, Whichever is Greater (GS-12-06)

24 Bi-Weekly Premium Pay Limitation
Cannot exceed the Bi-Weekly Pay of a GS-15 Step 10 or, If Greater Level V of the Executive Schedule Aggregate Limitation on Pay Level I of the Executive Schedule

25 Sunday Pay Differential
Must be regularly scheduled to work on Sunday. Sunday premium pay may be paid only for periods when an employee performs work on Sunday. Part-time employees are entitled to Sunday premium pay

26 General Schedule Employees Night Differential
% When an Employee works between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. to complete an 8-hour daily tour of duty.  % This is a 10% differential      % Night pay for paid leave only when the biweekly leave is less than 8 hours. % Is entitled to night pay when excused from night work on a holiday or another non-workday  

27 Family Leave Policies Family and Medical Leave Act
Sick Leave for Family Care & Bereavement Sick Leave for Adoption Expanded Family and Medical Leave Organ Donation Leave Transfer Program

28 Family Medical Leave Act “FMLA”
Need 1 Year of Federal Service For Self or Family Member* 12 Weeks of LWOP* Within a 12 Month Period From Invoking the Act Proof of Serious Health Condition 62 – “Sick Leave Used FMLA” in WebTA 61 – “Annual Leave Used FMLA”

29 Sick Leave for Family Care and Bereavement
For Family Member* 62 - Family Friendly Sick Lv in WebTA Maximum 480 Hours per Leave Year 480 Hrs for Serious Health Condition 104 Hours for General Health Care May be Advanced up to 240 Hours

Limited to the extent leave is needed for with adoption agencies, social workers, and attorneys; court proceedings; required travel; and any other activities necessary to allow the adoption to proceed. Employees may not use sick leave for bonding purposes unless their absence from duty is ordered by the court or the adoption agency. Sick leave used for adoption is not counted against sick leave for family care and bereavement.

31 Leave Transfer Program
1. Personal Medical Emergency 2. Family Medical Emergency

32 Recipient Uses all Annual and entitled Sick Leave
24hrs of LWOP or Advanced Leave Apply within 90 days of medical emergency Maximum 2087 hours of donated leave for FT Set aside leave accrued as much as 40 AL and SL

33 Donor May donate no more than one-half of AL they will earn in the leave year, exceptions are allowed. May donate annual leave to employees in other Federal agencies. May not donate leave to immediate supervisor. May donate through webTA

34 Training and Premium Pay
No premium pay for training Federal Holidays – No Weekends – No RDO’s – No No credit time Exceptions: The employees training is required by the agency and the employees performance or continued retention in his or her current position will be adversely affected by non-enrollment in such training. (PIP not IDP) Time spent by an employee performing work for the agency during periods of training shall be considered hours of work.

35 Leave Without Pay (LWOP)
Leave Accrual SCD WGI’s Retirement Benefits Health Benefits Life Insurance

36 Other Leave Provisions
Military Leave Court Leave Juror, witness in a government case Excused absence Emergency dismissal or closure No leave charged on workday when facility is closed prior to the beginning of the workday AWOL Time Off Award

37 Leave criterion which are pro-rated for Part-time employees
Credit Hours Military Leave Emergency Military Leave Time Off Awards FMLA Sick Leave for Family Care & Bereavement

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