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BCGCA3005B Construct Ceiling Frames. Intoduction.

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1 BCGCA3005B Construct Ceiling Frames

2 Intoduction

3 Ceiling Frame is the structure between the top of walls and the roof Enclose the Room Frame Consists of Ceiling Joists, Ceiling Trimmers, Hangers, Hanging Beams Used in Skillion, Gable, Hip Roof



6 Ceiling Joists Horizontal Members with ends rested on top wall plate Generally spaced at 450mm or 600mm Initially ceiling material will determine spacing Sizes and Grading are determined from Span Tables Ceiling Lining may be nailed directly to Joists

7 Provide Lateral Tie between opposing Rafters Ceiling Joists Typical Residential Design (Coupled Roof) Portal Frame Design Walls Require Alternate Bracing Butressing

8 Definition – Coupled Roof

9 Non Coupled Roof

10 Installation of Ceiling Joists Tops of Ceiling Joist may be trimmed so as not to protrude

11 AS Ceiling Joists Ceiling Joists shall be spaced to support ceiling linings For Coupled Roofs Ceiling Joists run in same direction as rafters Be in single lengths or spliced Same spacing as Rafters

12 Ceilings Provide Diaphragm Bracing

13 Ceiling are an Important Structure Support For Ceiling Linings Tie bases of Rafters (Stop Spreading) Straighten Walls (Between Intersecting Walls) Diaphragm Bracing (9000mm Max)

14 Joining Ceiling Joists Be only made at points of support Lapped over support 3 times depth - 6 hand driven nails 75mm x machine driven nails 75mm x or 1 M12 Bolt Butt joined - fish plates to each side - minimum 6 x depth of joist - 19mm x Depth of Ceiling Joist Nailing plates as per manufacturers detail

15 Excercise Complete Question 6

16 Selecting Members Single Span Ceiling Joist A x = 2000mm 450 c to c What size Ceiling Joist is Required ? 10mm Plasterboard Direct Fix

17 Remember First Check the NOTES! What are Ceiling Masses ? Refer Appendix B – AS From Appendix B 10mm Plaster Board = 7.5kg/sqm Therefore OK 450 CentresNext Highest Span above Required 2000mm Span Check Grade ! Refer p99 AS1684.2

18 Selecting Members Single Span Ceiling Joist A x = 2000mm 450 c to c 120mm x 35mm Single Span Ceiling Joist B x = 2700mm 450 c to c. What Size Ceiling Joists are required?

19 Check for Required Grade ! 450 c to c Next Largest span after 2700mm

20 Selecting Members Single Span Ceiling Joist B x = 2500mm 450 c to c 120mm x 45mm Ceiling Joist A & B – AS 1684 requires joists to be Continuous x + y = 4500mm 450 c to c Note – Maximum Span is 2700mm, 4700mm is irrelevant Continuous Spans 10mm Plasterboard Direct Fix

21 Next Largest span after 2700mm450 c to c Continuous Span Check For Required Grade !

22 Compare Single to Continuous Ceiling Joist A & B as Continuous Joist 450 c to c, 10mm Plasterboard 120 x 35 F5 is Sufficient 120 x 45 F7 120 x 35 F5 10mm Plasterboard Direct Fix

23 Exercise Complete Question 5 on Workbook Using MGP 10 select suitable Ceiling Joints Joist X = Joist Y = Using MGP 10 select suitable Ceiling Joints for continuous span Max Span Required Ceiling Joist size = 120 x x x 35

24 Why Continuous Spans

25 Continuous Span

26 Framing Openings in Ceilings AS cl Openings up to 1000mm – same size as ceiling 1000mm up to 3000mm – width increased by 20% for every 300mm of opening

27 Ceiling Openings Example Ceiling Joists 90 x 45 MGP 10 Radiata Pine 1800 Square Opening 1800 – 1000 = 800 (1000mm being maximum allowable to use same members) 800mm divided by 300mm = therefore 3 increments 45mm x 1.2 = 54mm1 st Increase by 20% 54mm x 1.2 = 65mm2 nd Increase by 20% 65mm x 1.2 = 78mm3 rd Increase by 20% Therefore minimum size is 90mm x 78mm

28 Excercise Complete Questions 4 & 5 in the Worksheet



31 What items determine the sizing of Ceiling Joists? Refer to Span Tables Complete Questions 7 & 7.1 of Workbook

32 Hanging Beams- also referred to as Hangers Hanging Beams provide support to Ceiling Joists where walls are available

33 Connecting Hanging Beams to Ceiling Joists Ceiling Dog

34 Connecting Hanging Beams to Ceiling Joists Unitie 4 Timber Connector Nails in Each Member

35 Connecting Hanging Beams to Ceiling Joists Triple Grips 35mm x 3.15 Connector Nails in to each member

36 End Support of Hanging Beams Hanging Beams shall nailed or bolted to a rafter Where more than 2/3 of the Beam needs to be trimmed a ceiling trimmer is required Beam Shall Bear Full Width of Plate on Packing

37 Isometric View Complete Exercise 8 of the Work Book

38 Restraining Deep Hanging Beams What is a Deep Beam ?Where depth is Greater than 7 times the Width

39 Hanging Beams Packing Full Width of Plate. Build up to top of Ceiling Joists Where Beam is longer than 3000mm stud required directly below Where this occurs at Gable Ends, no ceiling joists to brace end wall The Beam will also act as a Binder Gable Ends

40 Binders refer AS cl At Gable Ends walls do not have Ceiling Joists to Brace them

41 Work Book Complete Question 9

42 Selecting Member Sizes Hanging Beam Refer Question 10 Ceiling Joist Span = 3600mm Hanging Span = 4500mm

43 Check Notes What is Ceiling Load Width ?

44 Hanging Beam is similar to having a wall in same location Without Hanging Beam all Load is transferred to walls

45 What is Ceiling Load Width ?1800mm What is the Hanging Beam Span ?4500mm Required Beam 190 x 45 MGP 10

46 Complete Workbook Q10

47 Counter Beams called Hanging Beams in the TAFE GUIDE Reduce Span of Hanging Beam At 90º to Hanging Beams Supported on Walls With stud directly below if longer than 3000mm Trimmed for Roof Finishes Similar to Hanging Beams

48 Intersection of Hanging & Counter Note – Counter Beam is Supporting Hanging Beam

49 Intersection of Hanging & Counter

50 Hanging Beam Counter Beam Packer to Provide Clearance to Ceiling Complete Q11 & 11.1 in Workbook

51 Counter Beams Reduces Span of Hanging Beam x/2 Without Counter Beam, Hanging Span is x Once Counter Beam is installed, Hanging Beam Span is now x/2 Load Flow

52 Selecting Member Counter Beam Span = 3600mm Hanging Beam Length (x) = 6000mm

53 Check Notes X= 8000mm Beam Span 4000mm Check Grade Counter Beam Spacing = x/2 There may be more than 1

54 Determine Suitable Counter Beam Complete Questions 11 & 12 F8 MGP 12 F14 F x x x x 45 or 2/120 x 35 Counter beam span 3600 Hanging Beam Length (x) 6000


56 Combined Strutting/Hanging Beams Reduce Span of Ceiling Joists and Purlin Supported on Walls With stud directly below if longer than 3000mm Roof Load Strutted down to Hanging Beam

57 Check Grade Check Notes Roof Masses First we need to determine what ceiling load it carrying?

58 Ceiling Load Width (CLW) Ceiling Joist Span (x) = 4200 Hanging Beam Span = 6000 Rafter Span (B) = 4500 Therefore CLW = 2100 Sheet Roof Remember what we are trying Work out is what load is the member carrying

59 Next we need to calculate what roof load it is carrying?

60 Roof Area Support Sheet Roof Why A ? Strut Down to Beam from Purlin(Roof) Struts down to top plate distance between these 2 struts is A Therefore strut takes load ½ way between other supports 5000/2 = A A = 2500 Ceiling Joist Span (x) = 4200 Hanging Beam Span (A) = 5000 Rafter Span (B) = 4500

61 Roof Area Support Why B? Rafter is supported by Purlin Ceiling Joist Span (x) = 4200 Hanging Beam Span (A) = 5000 Rafter Span (B) = 4500 Rafter Load is Transferred thru Purlin Strut Ridge Strut, Top Plate Therefore Beam takes load ½ way between supports (4500/2) = 2250

62 Next we need to calculate what roof load it is carrying? (Rafter Span) x ( HB Span) =5.625 Remember Ceiling Load Width = 2100 Required Hanging Beam Span = 5000 Required Hanging Beam Span = 5000mm

63 Combined Strutting/Counter Beams Reduce Span of Hanging Beam Supported on Walls With stud directly below if longer than 3000mm Roof Load Strutted down to Hanging Beam


65 Strutting Beam No Ceiling Support Load Flow

66 Complete Q13

67 Alternate Ceilings P288 Flat Roof Construction


69 Exposed Grid Ceilings Page 289

70 Exposed Grid Ceiling


72 Concealed Fixed Suspended Ceiling Page 290

73 Direct Fix Systems Page 290

74 Estimating Determine No of Ceiling Joists / 600= = =

75 Place Hanging & Counter Beams Single Span greater than 200mm



78 Ceiling Trimmers 6650 ÷ 600 = = to Close = ÷ 600 = 1.3 = to Close = ÷ 600 = 5.6 = to Close = = x = = 21.6 Say 6.0 = = ÷ 600 = = to Close = 13x2 = 26


80 Determine Hanging Beams


82 Counter Beam 3.400


84 Ceiling Dogs One at every Hanging Beam Two at Ceiling Joist Joints Every Time a joist crosses a beam


86 Planning

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