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The Italian Delegation ‘Liceo Gaetano de Bottis’

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1 The Italian Delegation ‘Liceo Gaetano de Bottis’


3 Smoking Active smoking is the intentional inhalation of tobacco smoke by a smoker. Smokers puff directly from the cigarettes. Passive smoking is the involuntary inhalation of smoke from tobacco products. Such smoke is called secondhand smoke (SHS) or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

4 Active and passive smoking causes serious and invalidating consequences for human body and environment: About people die each year because of smoking; About adults die every year because of passive smoke.


6 Tobacco is the largest cause of avoidable death in EU accounting for over half a million deaths each year and over a million deaths in Europe as a whole. It causes: 25% of all cancer deaths. 15% of all deaths in EU.


8 Even if tobacco sales are banned to minors, the largest part of them takes up the habit of smoking under 16 years old. Many of them, by their 20s, wish they had never started.

9 Someone who starts smoking aged 15 is three times more likely to die
of cancer due to smoking than someone who starts in their late 20s.

10 Most of the smoke from a cigarette goes into the air.
Children with parents who smoke inhale the same amount of nicotine as if they themselves smoked cigarettes per year…

11 …each year, around 17,000 children under the age of 5 go into hospital with complaints caused by smoke from their parents’ cigarettes.

12 72.000 Europeans suffer from passive smoke in their houses.

13 7000 people suffer from passive smoking in workplaces and enclosed places such as restaurants, bars, pubs and casinos.



16 Just one cigarette can cause nicotine addiction.
In fact the nicotine from one cigarette is enough to saturate the nicotine receptors in the human brain. Nicotine alters the structure and function of the brain just within a day of the very first dose.


18 A cigarette contains about 4000 toxic chemicals but the composition does not appear on the packets.
These are the main toxic chemicals contained in a cigarette and their common use.



21 List of smoking diseases
Bronchitis and Emphysema Lung cancers Heart diseases Strokes Impotence Asthma Other cancers…

22 Smoking and 2° Hand Smoke kill more people each year than Alcohol, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, Homicide, Suicide, Car Accidents, Fires and AIDS combined: Smoking 400,000 Accidents 94,000 2nd Hand Smoke 38,000 Alcohol 45,000 HIV/AIDS 32,600 Suicide 31,000 Homicide 21,000 Drugs 14,200

23 Damage can be reduced with nicotine replacements such as gums and patches with small percentages of nicotine.

24 To fight nicotine addiction people can turn to medications that do not contain nicotine, such as Bupropion.

25 Everyone believes to know the dangerous effects caused by smoking, but unfortunately only who has really tried them on his skin, really knows the consequences of this even more widespread habit. Here is Bryan’s story…

26 Bryan started smoking when he was just 13, building up to more than two packs a day. He talked about quitting from time to time, but never seriously tried…


28 ...never thinking that 20 years later it would kill him and leave a wife and children alone.


30 He figured that only older people got cancer
He figured that only older people got cancer. Not people in their 30s, not people who worked in construction, as a roofer, as a mechanic.

31 He had no health insurance
He had no health insurance. But he was more worried about his mother, 57, who had smoked since she was 25.


33 Bryan knew how hard it is to quit
Bryan knew how hard it is to quit. But when he learned he would die because of his habit, he thought maybe he could persuade at least a few kids not to pick up that first cigarette.

34 Maybe if they could see his sunken cheeks, how hard it was becoming to breathe, his shriveled body, it might scare them enough.


36 certainly What to avoid in your Life…


38 Tobacco and Ethichs The consumption of tobacco causes a rise of poverty in developing countries. In fact 75% of smokers in the world live in developing countries and use the 4-5% of their families’ incomes to buy tobacco.

39 The 72% of all children, in the 100 countries that produce tobacco, works in tobacco plantations or for some multinationals. They are involved in 22 different work activities…and can contribute to a third of the labour input…. But what’s the other side of the coin?

40 Children exploitation !!!
Why don’t we protect less developed countries from tobacco industry and apply European standards to all activities of Europe-based companies, indifferent to the final destination of goods?

41 IN CONCLUSION What are any good reasons to go smokefree ?

42 Health advantages If you go smokefree:
You will reduce your risk of developing illnesses; You will protect the health of those around you; You will reduce the chances of your children suffering from asthma; You will improve your fertility levels; You will improve your breathing; You will enjoy the taste of food more.

43 How will your lifestyle improve?
You will save money; You will no longer smell of stale tobacco; The appearance of your skin and teeth will improve; You will feel more confident in social situations; Your home will smell fresh

44 5 cigarettes A coffee 10 cigarettes An ice cream 1 packet A sandwich 3 packets A film at the cinema 5 packets A pizza at the restaurant 7 packets A cd 16 packets A t-shirt 22 packets (about a month) Trainers 36 packets Fill up 65 packets (about 3 months) A Hi-Fi 83 packets Bicycle 360 packets (about a year) Moped

45 The EU and a large part of Member States have been implementing new smoke-free legislation to protect non-smokers. The Commission has been consulting on what to do for the most comprehensive EU-level action towards a smoke- free Europe.

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